Thursday, March 14

If anyone is still reading Crunchblog at Tripod, please change your links to I will cancel the account sometime over the coming weekend.
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Monday, January 14

Goodbye Blogger and hello Movable Type :) Yes, hubby and I finally managed to finish our negitiations about a domain and is the end result. I've been very busy for the last 24 hours trying to get everything set up over there and ready for primetime. If it doesn't resolve please use until further notice. the new home of Crunchblogger will be at, so please change your links accordingly.
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People never, ever make any kind of html code which is not structurally sound and can be validated. Do the right thing from the beginning when you're learning. I'm in the process of cleaning up the worst errors of my past coding history. It's a nightmare trying to navigate through the jungle of badly used tags and definitions and it's going to take forever before I'm all said and done.

Please do yourself a favour and take the time it takes to do it right the first time.
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Big news coming in a day or two :)
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Reasons for getting paid hosting:

Tripod now have a bandwidth limit of 1 GB of traffic a month and they only offer 20 MB of website space (I don't know if the space limit is for new costumors or it'll be for oldies too)
Topcities (Where my graphics and other personal pages are) gives you 150 MB of space, but only offers 1 GB of traffic a month and you cannot upload anything bigger than 900 Kb in size. And there's limits to how fast you can upload things.

Neither of these hosts offers any cgi worth speaking about (A few preinstalled scripts is all) and they have the most hedious banners/pop-ups.
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Sunday, January 13

I sat and watched as he was talking on the phone and laughing at something which was said at the other end. Something which obviously was very, very funny (If I'm to believet the laugh). I listened when he hung up and proceeded to tell me that nothing was new, but just the same old, same old. And then I started to cry the silent tears as so many times before because the feeling of being left out, of not being important yet again had hit home. He never tells me anything anymore and I sometimes wonder why I keep trying.
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