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Saturday, December 1

Just a little Christmas like environment. It's probably going to be all I'll get done this year too.
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Thursday, November 29

I am really having a problem with Immigration Incentives like this from the government. It is hard and takes long enough as is, to get a visa but if special programs like this comes around it'll take even longer for those of us who is going through the process the prescribed way. Funny how Bush and everyone else are saying how we should go about our lives the normal way, but when we try to do so we're punished by being pushed even further back the line. Wonder how much of a delay this is going to be :(
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I am still here and still trying to kick the flu-bug out of my system. At least it didn't set itself on the lungs, but mostly in my sinuses. Didn't know they could contain that much sn*t. It's like a buttomless hole. Keeps running and dripping and running and dripping and running and running *g*
I am still trying to figure out what to say about our Thanksgiving weekend. So much happened that I really need to write about, but since I'm not sure how many people and who is reading this, I cannot say much (if anything) right now. Only thing I can say is, that the cops was involved at least once. :(
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Tuesday, November 27

Advil, orange juice and camomile tea is my best friends these days. Gawd I feel misrable, but I think the fever finally broke this afternoon. I do not make a good patient or take well to not beeing well. *whine* *whine* *whine*
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I am tired, my head is hurting and I've got the flu. So far it doesn't feel too bad, but if it decides to go in my lungs I'll be in trouble. So naturally I'm doing all I can from keeping it away from there.
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Monday, November 26


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Things did turn out to be very interesting over the Thanksgiving holiday, but I cannot write about it here just yet. Blake is a wonderful little healthy baby and we cannot wait to go down and see him again at Christmas :)
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