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PersonalArchivesLinksHome Friday, November 16
Ahhh weekend already. :) And Bob's only got two workdays next week :)
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Tuesday, November 13

Just want to say welcome to those of you who find your way over here from "The Tripod Insider". :) And I didn't even have to pay any bribery to get mentioned hehe
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It has been a bummer of a day today. There was an envelope from Omaha, Nebraska today and ofcourse I got my hopes all up and running hoping that the INS would have started to move at the speed of light. Ofcourse that wasn't the case. It was only a new CC for hubby to replace the one which expires soon. Just in case you haven't noticed yet I just want to mention that I don't do well in the patience department.

Then I spent a couple of hours washing strands for a cross-stich project I'm working on for the grandkid :) Man, that's a lot of work. They should ship that stuff prewashed, instead of having the costumors do it themselves. That stuff is expensive enough as it is. Ahh well, at least it's drying, but it's going to be the last time I'm going to get those preassembled kits. Too much work compared to the do it from scratch.
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Matt has taken some amazing pictures. Personally I wish this was a sight I got to see for real instead of just on pictures. Maybe some day it will happen, but for now I'll just be grateful for people who find the same beauty in taking pictures like this.
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Monday, November 12

Things I have written about more than once are starting to surface more often than I care to admit and I know why. Because I'm still sitting here in the same chair as I did a year ago, I still don't have the means to get out and about on my own and experience new stuff worth writing about. And still nothing is happening which can change these circumstances. Maybe I should just take one long hiatus and come back when things are actually happening instead of trying to keep this going. It's like trying to keep a car running at 65 mph with an empty tank of gasoline.
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