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Danish Film Alert for tonight :) If you're able to catch the Sundance channel I canrecomment Babettes Feast which is coming on later tonight. I know I'll have the VCR ready record :)
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Friday, November 9

It has been a weird day. I woke up very early (4am), managed to get a couple of hours of sleep and now I'm tired again. But I cannot go to sleep now or I'll wake up at some ungodly hour and my sleep pattern will get screwed even more. At least there isn't anything I absolutely need to do, so I can just hang around and keep myself from passin out :)
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Thursday, November 8

Ok now everything is switched over and seems to be working I think I can take a break. Please let me know if anything seems to be funky. I only have IE 5.5 to check the pages.
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There is something in the webring codes at the buttom which makes some funny characters, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is. I figured it out and changed some character which wasn't in the chosen font.
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Wednesday, November 7

No room for the cats at their usual kennel for Thanksgiving. :( The easiest would be to take them with us, but unfortunately MIL is allergic to cats so that's out of the question. Wonder what we end up doing because we have promised the kids we would get down there this year. I offered to stay at home while Bob makes the drive, but he would hear nothing of that. *sigh* Damn, damn, damn. This is not good and I bet it's going to be even more diffecult for Christmas. We really have to go because Chrissie can give birth anytime in December and that one of things we just cannot miss out on.
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Tuesday, November 6

SMG Design is back and with a new linkware set which is perfect for a blog/journal type of page.

In other news. The local election is finally over and maybe we can get rid of those tv ads where the two candidates running for Mayor are spending more time blasting each other than trying to get elected. The mayor (a republican) had gotten the aid of Al (B)Gore because she had aided him in his local campain. She didn't get relected.
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