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Thursday, November 29

I am really having a problem with Immigration Incentives like this from the government. It is hard and takes long enough as is, to get a visa but if special programs like this comes around it'll take even longer for those of us who is going through the process the prescribed way. Funny how Bush and everyone else are saying how we should go about our lives the normal way, but when we try to do so we're punished by being pushed even further back the line. Wonder how much of a delay this is going to be :(
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I am still here and still trying to kick the flu-bug out of my system. At least it didn't set itself on the lungs, but mostly in my sinuses. Didn't know they could contain that much sn*t. It's like a buttomless hole. Keeps running and dripping and running and dripping and running and running *g*
I am still trying to figure out what to say about our Thanksgiving weekend. So much happened that I really need to write about, but since I'm not sure how many people and who is reading this, I cannot say much (if anything) right now. Only thing I can say is, that the cops was involved at least once. :(
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Tuesday, November 27

Advil, orange juice and camomile tea is my best friends these days. Gawd I feel misrable, but I think the fever finally broke this afternoon. I do not make a good patient or take well to not beeing well. *whine* *whine* *whine*
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I am tired, my head is hurting and I've got the flu. So far it doesn't feel too bad, but if it decides to go in my lungs I'll be in trouble. So naturally I'm doing all I can from keeping it away from there.
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Monday, November 26


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Things did turn out to be very interesting over the Thanksgiving holiday, but I cannot write about it here just yet. Blake is a wonderful little healthy baby and we cannot wait to go down and see him again at Christmas :)
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Tuesday, November 20

Holy Cow, things are starting to get interesting really, really fast. I can't/won't give all details but lets just say that nemesis has come to bite a couple of people in the ass pretty good. Our Thanks Giving holiday with the family ought to be very interesting to say the least. I'll just hope that both Crissy and Blake will be able to stand strong. (Actually I know they will)
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We got a call from both Crystal and her mom this morning (6am our time) that there are some problems with Blake. It appears that the blod vessel that connects the two large arteries coming out of the heart, the aorta and the pulmonary artery haven't closed up as it should do after birth. They'll be transferring him to a childrens hospital in the area (Kosair Childrens in Louisville, Ky) for further testing and treatment. Please pray that this will turn out to be non serious or at least very minor.
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Monday, November 19

I am totally zonked out tonight. Have been playing with Linux all day long, trying to get a better understanding about it and Gimp (which eventually will be the graphics program of choice if Jasc doesn't port to Linux). Don't have much else to say. Hubby and I'll hit the road sometime Wednesday aand be gone til late Saturday or Sunday. I so look forward to meet Blake Garrett :)
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Sunday, November 18

It's a Boy :) My stepdaughter gave birth to Blake Garrett Saturday morning by C-section. He was weiging in at 4 lbs 10 oz. He decided to come around 3 or 4 weeks too early, but is doing good according to everyone involved. He'll stay in the hospital until he reaches 6 lbs.

Now someone please help me from panicking at the thought of being a granny before the age of 30 *g*
Pictures will NOT be going up for public display (And we don't have any yet either).
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Friday, November 16

Ahhh weekend already. :) And Bob's only got two workdays next week :)
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Tuesday, November 13

Just want to say welcome to those of you who find your way over here from "The Tripod Insider". :) And I didn't even have to pay any bribery to get mentioned hehe
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It has been a bummer of a day today. There was an envelope from Omaha, Nebraska today and ofcourse I got my hopes all up and running hoping that the INS would have started to move at the speed of light. Ofcourse that wasn't the case. It was only a new CC for hubby to replace the one which expires soon. Just in case you haven't noticed yet I just want to mention that I don't do well in the patience department.

Then I spent a couple of hours washing strands for a cross-stich project I'm working on for the grandkid :) Man, that's a lot of work. They should ship that stuff prewashed, instead of having the costumors do it themselves. That stuff is expensive enough as it is. Ahh well, at least it's drying, but it's going to be the last time I'm going to get those preassembled kits. Too much work compared to the do it from scratch.
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Matt has taken some amazing pictures. Personally I wish this was a sight I got to see for real instead of just on pictures. Maybe some day it will happen, but for now I'll just be grateful for people who find the same beauty in taking pictures like this.
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Monday, November 12

Things I have written about more than once are starting to surface more often than I care to admit and I know why. Because I'm still sitting here in the same chair as I did a year ago, I still don't have the means to get out and about on my own and experience new stuff worth writing about. And still nothing is happening which can change these circumstances. Maybe I should just take one long hiatus and come back when things are actually happening instead of trying to keep this going. It's like trying to keep a car running at 65 mph with an empty tank of gasoline.
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Saturday, November 10

Danish Film Alert for tonight :) If you're able to catch the Sundance channel I canrecomment Babettes Feast which is coming on later tonight. I know I'll have the VCR ready record :)
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Friday, November 9

It has been a weird day. I woke up very early (4am), managed to get a couple of hours of sleep and now I'm tired again. But I cannot go to sleep now or I'll wake up at some ungodly hour and my sleep pattern will get screwed even more. At least there isn't anything I absolutely need to do, so I can just hang around and keep myself from passin out :)
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Thursday, November 8

Ok now everything is switched over and seems to be working I think I can take a break. Please let me know if anything seems to be funky. I only have IE 5.5 to check the pages.
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There is something in the webring codes at the buttom which makes some funny characters, and I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is. I figured it out and changed some character which wasn't in the chosen font.
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Wednesday, November 7

No room for the cats at their usual kennel for Thanksgiving. :( The easiest would be to take them with us, but unfortunately MIL is allergic to cats so that's out of the question. Wonder what we end up doing because we have promised the kids we would get down there this year. I offered to stay at home while Bob makes the drive, but he would hear nothing of that. *sigh* Damn, damn, damn. This is not good and I bet it's going to be even more diffecult for Christmas. We really have to go because Chrissie can give birth anytime in December and that one of things we just cannot miss out on.
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Tuesday, November 6

SMG Design is back and with a new linkware set which is perfect for a blog/journal type of page.

In other news. The local election is finally over and maybe we can get rid of those tv ads where the two candidates running for Mayor are spending more time blasting each other than trying to get elected. The mayor (a republican) had gotten the aid of Al (B)Gore because she had aided him in his local campain. She didn't get relected.
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Friday, November 2

The vedict is in. I am not compatible with any kind of keyboards. I have just managed to drown yet another one. *sigh* And the only relacement we have right now is not in a perfect working condition either. So if I get a little quiet for a couple of days you know why. Hubby is not going to be happy when he gets home tonight.
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Thursday, November 1

I cannot believe that I'm actually in the process of giving my graphics pages an identity of its own. I thought I was more or less done with that stuff, but I've been playing on and off and all of a sudden something just clicked for me :)
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It is so much fun watching the differences in our two cats. Flash, our male 4 year old, is a big snuggle bug who almost never complains about anything. You can do almost everything to him and he just puuurs. Not even when he has to go in the carrier do we her a peep out of him. Shadow, our 1 year old female, on the other hand is a big pottymouth who likes to give us a piece of her mind whenever she likes. Specially when we have to put her in the carrier we get to know what she think of us *g* They are like night and day.
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