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PersonalArchivesLinksHome Friday, November 2
The vedict is in. I am not compatible with any kind of keyboards. I have just managed to drown yet another one. *sigh* And the only relacement we have right now is not in a perfect working condition either. So if I get a little quiet for a couple of days you know why. Hubby is not going to be happy when he gets home tonight.
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Thursday, November 1

I cannot believe that I'm actually in the process of giving my graphics pages an identity of its own. I thought I was more or less done with that stuff, but I've been playing on and off and all of a sudden something just clicked for me :)
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It is so much fun watching the differences in our two cats. Flash, our male 4 year old, is a big snuggle bug who almost never complains about anything. You can do almost everything to him and he just puuurs. Not even when he has to go in the carrier do we her a peep out of him. Shadow, our 1 year old female, on the other hand is a big pottymouth who likes to give us a piece of her mind whenever she likes. Specially when we have to put her in the carrier we get to know what she think of us *g* They are like night and day.
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Wednesday, October 31

Sometimes I really wish I could speak a few chosen words to hubbys employer. He is working on a unit which goes into all aircrafts in the USAF. They have been working on this for quite a while and even before this new defence contract was awarded to Lockheed Martin they were way behind on their work. Then a couple of days ago Lockheed Martin is awarded a major defence contract where the same unit will go into all airplanes produced during the life of that contract. This means even more work for the team hubby is working at. Yet his employer has the nerve to say that they will still lay off more people and no new jobs will be created due to this new contract. *dumbfu*ks* It only took two weeks before they gave hubbys team back all overtime they could push. Overtime which were taken away because of layoffs and cutbacks due to September 11. I can easily see where this will go before soon. 10 - 12 hour days 7 days a week. It sure aint much time I get to spend with him. Maybe I should get some pictures taken so I won't forget what he looks like.
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Monday, October 29

I haven't really got anything to say other than the same old stuff which everyone probably is tired to hear me talk about already, so I'll just shot up and go sit in the corner.
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