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There are rumors out in the immigration community, that the various DOT of the states have put a new rule on the book which says that immigrants who doesn't have a drivers license from their home country cannot get a US drivers license until they get their Green Card. Some people have been refused with that excuse, and if it indeed is true it is very, very, very bad news for a lot of immigrants residing in the US. This would mean another two years of being housebound without a chance of getting a job, if this is true. Personally I don't think I can stand another two years without the possibility of getting around on my own. I am crossing my fingers, that the cases I have heard about so far had other complications which warrented a denial of a DL.

If the rumours are true I'm not quite sure what the heck I'm going to do. :(
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Wednesday, October 24

I am still here, but have been doing stuff in RL. The other day while on the werge of falling asleep I got an idea for a new dish I wanted to try out. Chickenbreasts filled with Basil pesto and a potato, springonion, bellpepper, onion, mushroomsoup dish on the side. It turned out wonderful, but don't use a whole lot of pesto because that stuff will overpower everything else.

*Vinker hej* til Susanne who is a long lost, but found again friend :)
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Sunday, October 21

God help the United States if the Department of Justice are allowed to make use of such tactics. I'm beginning to doubt whether or not I want to go for N-400 :(
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