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I am a member of a couple of online social groups. In one opf them I'm a member of what is called the "Slumber Party Commetttee (sp) where the purpose is to go around and sign member guestbooks like we were in the middle of a friendly pillow fight. And actually it's kinda funny and a good way to get to know a few more people. But lately I have found that I really have to watch what I'm writing as a comment. For instance I was just about to write something to the effect of " out it's a bird... it's a plane..." etc Not the big deal if it wasn't because of September 11. Am I the only one who find myself changing my language just because of what happened back in September?
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Friday, October 19

I am still not feeling well. Very tired all the time, like all I can do is hold my body up and that doesn't seems to go over too well either. Wish I knew what was going on, but right now I have no clue. *sigh*
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Thursday, October 18

Yuck. Waking up even before the devil gets out of bed feeling like total sh*t and like the content of my stomack is about to come out the wrong way. (yeah I know not very nice information) The cable tv went down last night and its still not up and running :( It's going to be a long day.
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Wednesday, October 17

Hubby survived the first round of layoffs, but we cannot be totally sure what is going to happen until the end of November.
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Tuesday, October 16

It is really hard writing or trying to be somewhat creative when you have a cat sitting next to you which is doing his best to distract you by purrring up a storm right into your ear. Sometimes when he gets really comfy it almost sounds like he is popping popcorn. You know the continous rrrrrrrrrr while he sits there with his eyes half closed, nose half in the air and chest pushed forward to make sure the scritches gets in to all nooks and crannies and doesn't miss a spot. It's the kind of contentment only a very trusting and safe cat would show. Just like when he is hanging like a ragdoll (no he is not of that breed) sprawled over my lower arm totally sure that I'll keep carrying him around and not drop him on the floor.

I do so love my kitty :)
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Ack I was just checking the referrer logs for my personal site (New Horizons) and it turns out that the page shows up as the #1 hit when someone is making a search for genitial pictures on Yahoo. This is desturbing. I would have expected the blog to show up but not a simple personal page which has nothing of that nature. Why would anyone show off pictures of genitals anyway? (Dirty minded bastards)
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Nothing new about the incident at hubbys work, but he said it's most likely someone pulling a prank on the company since they're about to announce who is going to get sacked as part of the first part of the lay-offs.

I'm trying so hard to let this get to me, but it's hard when it hits so close to home and when I talk to my mom on the phone and hear the fear in her voice. I am not telling her just how scared I am of everything going on, because I know how much she worries (and because of her medical conditions doesn't quite get it all). Better to just letting her know it's ok and then save my worries for my brother and Bob.
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Monday, October 15

Damn things are getting a little too close for comfort now. I was just listening to the local news when I heard the name of DHs employer and unknown substance/package in the same sentence. Turns out that they had found unknown/accounted for packages at two loading docks in two other facilities belonging to the company. No telling yet what it is, but it's not good because his employer are working on government contracts for the airforce :( This way too close for comfort.
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Why is it that all help seems to be going to NY when the rest of the country is suffering from the aftermath of September 11 too? Yes I know Ny was hit and many people died and that they should get help, but NY is not the ONLY place.

On a more positive note... I got mail today, from a long lost and very missed friend. :) We met in grade school and were spending most of our time together since then. Then we went each our own way to college (and I moved here) and we lost contact. Now we have established contact again and I hope we can keep it up this time. *waving* *Vinker* hi/hej til Susanne :)
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Why is it, that as soon as I've finally have gotten an idea for a general style for something I might or might not be working on, I cannot find certain core design elements?? I mean, how hard can it be to find a picture or two. I've got plenty of them on cds but none of them seems to be the right ones. *sigh* The hunt for inspiration and creativity continues.
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Sunday, October 14

Sometimes when I'm reading other blogs/journals I have the feeling that I shouldn't be reading what I read, that it wasn't really meant for my eyes. Still I guess that if people didn't want me to read it, they would not have put it online and where I can find it. Just a very weird feeling.
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