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Friday, October 5
So many times have I had a great new design all figured out and then I come to the navigational parts and it all fall apart because I cannot get a reasonable readable combination of font and color to work in the grand scheme. Maybe I should go and bake some bread instead and make some hot cocoa to go with the bread when it's done. Hmmm sounds like a god idea and consume it all while watching a good movie. :)
Sara . said on 4:49 PM - Blink - Comments

Thursday, October 4

So many times during the last 3 weeks we have been encouraged to turn our life back to normal and go about our lives as we always have done. But how can it be possible when there is nothing to return to since it was all destroyed on September 11 or taken away from us because of different measures put in place to deal with the aftermath.
Sara . said on 5:40 PM - Blink - Comments

Don't have a whole lot to say tonight. Am still keeping the exercising up, but it is getting harder to keep myself motived when I have noone to cheer me long the way.
Sara . said on 12:08 AM - Blink - Comments

Tuesday, October 2

I am starting to get discouraged again. When hubby and I finally were able to submit the immigration application I knew there would be a wait (probably a long one too), but ont he other hand I also knew that things would finally start to move forward a little when getting the workpermit. Things did move a little but only to the poin of getting a SSN and a joint bank account. Rest of it came to sudden stop at September 11 when those planes hit the WTC. For the next 3 months I won't be able to do the DL thing and look for work either. Hubbys employer is going to lay off 2600 (which is not many compared to some companies) people, but since he is in a guarenteed employment period we will not know for sure until early next year whether or not this is going to hit us too. Therefore we will have to act as if he is going to get laid off and adjust our level of activity accordingly.

Guess I'll just have to get used to the thought of being caged up for more months to come :(
Sara . said on 5:52 PM - Blink - Comments

Monday, October 1

Darn blogger. Ate a long post of mine. Guess it not even liked what I had to say, but then I'm also just a lowlevel non American. :(
Sara . said on 4:53 PM - Blink - Comments

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