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I am the American flag

Since the beginning of America I was there
through battle cries and teary eyes
I was there in world war one
I heard the terrors of world war two
I showed my colors to Japan
and then brought them to Korea
my journeys did not end
before I knew it I was flying in Vietnam
not long ago I visited dessert storm
I have been to the moon and back again
and though I saw wars in the past
never did I expect this blast
yet still I stand tall
I am the American flag
I stand tall for the men who died
I stand for freedom and righteousness
I stand for the innocent
I stand tall for our pride
I am the American flag
World war did not tear me down
foreign pest did not destroy me
neither will acts of hate
Still I stand tall for my America
I am the American flag
by MKP
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Friday, September 14

Today I just feel like crying, letting the tears flow :(
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Wednesday, September 12

I am starting to feel tired, so utterly tired in both body and mind. Yet again I've been watching and listening, but all my body want to do is to lie down and rest. When I close my eyes, trying to get a little bit of rest, all I see is the smoke coming from the twin towers before I eventually pass out but only to awake an hour or two later without feeling rested at all. I am just sitting there staring into eternety, motionless, hearing them talking but not what they're saying.
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Tuesday, September 11

This is so unbelievable. I'm sitting here watching the tv and listening to the words spoken, but I cannot grasp it all because of the magnitude of the events at Pentagon and The World Trade Center. People whoever of you who is able to go and donate blood, plase do so. I would, but the local Red Cross Chapters put a new rule on the books yesterday saying that people who have been in Europe or the UK in a certain amount of time since 1980 is not allowed to donate blood because they;re afraid of MadCow disease. :(
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Sunday, September 9

The End

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