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Friday, September 28

I'm still waitng and waiting and waiting for the INS to give us the first NOA (notice of action). We know the check got cashed only 4 days ofter we had filed the application, but we have heard nothing out of them since then. I know of people who have filed under similar circumstances as hubby and I and they had their GC in less than a year, but ofcourse they also didn't have to deal with the NSC which probably explains it all. but I also kinda have my suspecions that the NOA might be at the lawyers office but they haven't bothered to inform us. If that is the case he will be left wondering what hit him in the butt.

*sigh* I'm just very impatint right now.

Hubby also asked that we wait with the recenter membership for another month while the dust at work settles down a little bit. They're doing the layoff dance there and it's pretty tense there. Yesterday they cut all overtime and people were leaving in protest. Fortunately he should be safe, but you just never know what is going to happen. Guess I just have to motivate myself for another month or so.

Did I mention that we also have been trying to find a decent driving school who gives lessons to adults above 18 but below 55 years old? We have found one, but their program consists of only 4 hours of one on one training. I really, really have my doubts that anyone can get confidence behind the wheel and learn the traffic rules in only 4 hours. That's not possible. Guess hubby either have to bite the bullet and teach me himself or I'll have to forget about getting a DL. :(
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Thursday, September 27

I'm sitting here listening to some of the tunes from "Lord of the Dance" and my feet want to get up and dance, but I have neither the knowledge or fittnesslevel (At least not yet) to do so.
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Today I got a real and up close proof just how the recent incidents have affected people worldwide instead of those of us living in the US. I was talking to my mom on the phone and she is scared, very scared. She knows that physically I am ok, but she is still scared and very afraid that something might happen. She asked if I had got a gasmask yet and then she continued to tell me about how she had trouble sleeping at night and had been spending a lot of time crying because she is afraid that might not get to see me again or meet Bob for the first time. :(

Thank you very much Mr. Osama bin Laden for scaring the living bejeesus out of my mom and make her think that she is never going to see her daughter again. May you rot in hell.
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Wednesday, September 26

The best feeling is:
When you try on an old pair of jeans and you don't have to suck in your stomac to zip them up or walk around the house doing all the day to day stuff. :)

No I have no clue how much weight I have lost, since I was at the doc last time (We don't own a scale), but it certainly feels like the change in diet and a much higher level of exercise is starting pay off. My hope is that it also is helping on the cholesterol levels at the same time.
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Monday, September 24

I am following an immigration newsgroup, to kind of stay on top on what is happening around the country. SOmeone was telling about her dealings with the INS and how they have managed to lose the paperwork and delayed stuff time and time again. She ended the story saying:" Will I ever become a US citizen so I can bug the INS." Kinda fu, but also a very good picture of what people waiting for the INS are subjected to.
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For a long time right after I had arrived in the states and Bob and I had gotten married I was fighting so hard not to get "domesticated". I had just never seen myself as someone staying at home taking care of things while hubby was at work. Lately I have found that despite what I was saing in the beginning I am actually starting to like it a little bit. I'm still looking forward to getting a drivers license, so I can get around on my own and I don't have to be dependent on him for getting things done. I don't know why, but while getting the work permit seemed to be so important I am not all that in a hurry to get a job and get out of the house anymore. I still need to have contact with other humans besides DH, but I know that will come when I get the drivers license. I never thought I should say it, but there it is :)
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Snip is talking about how he's getting the smallest bedroom in the new digs he's going to share with his sis. Didn't you know girls need the bigger ones?? Oh yeah and you really do need some kind of comment system over there. *g*
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Sunday, September 23

There are times when I have to ask myself why I keep do certain things even though I already know nothing, but sadness/annoyance will come out of it, but yet I keep doing it over and over and over again. Maybe it is my hope that if I keep doing those certain things often enough they will become reality eventually.
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Saturday, September 22

The tiredness has finally hit me head first. I have been fighting so hard most of the day to stay awake long enough to get things done. Think my body is trying to tell me that I have had enough after having been blasted with an endless stream of information for the last two weeks. Hubby and I will most likely turn the computers and tv off this weekend and just enjoy the quietness for a couple of days. At least we will try, but who knows what will happen tomorrow.
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Friday, September 21

Another step of the immigration process has been completed today. We finally got a joint bank account opened. Not that it really does matter, but the INS like to see these kind of things. I almost got the woman to fall off her chair when I told her I didn't have a drivers license to use as picture ID :) It almost makes me feel like I am an alien not having a DL.... Wait I am an alien *g*
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I just heard parts of the speach Bush made tonight, and more than ever am I afraid for what is going to happen :(
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Thursday, September 20

Did I mention that I saw the first Christmas ads a couple of months ago? Well, I did and while I do like that particular season I cannot stand seeing those ads in July. December 1st is more than early enough I think. On the other hand, if snow was in the weather forecast I would be jumping up and down like a kid :)
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This is NOT amusing.
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Ahhh nothing as refreshing as a new look. Please let me know if you see anything which doesn't look quite right.
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Something new is on the way very soon. Just making the final adjustments right now and getting ready to upload :) Nice to have a little bit of creativity for a change.
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Last time I was at the docs office he switched me over to some new meds to consolidate it a little bit. It was the same meds just combined into one emd which I then could take a fewer times a day. They've been a great help for me, except that I had to stop taking them last night because I have all signs of an overdose. I'm not really happy about that right now.
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The more I read and learn about the present situation them more I get a sense that we haven't seen anything yet, and what happened last week was just a small scratch in the surface. There are so many unanswered questions and unknowns, that it really makes me wonder if they are going for the right man. My logic tells me that the people doing the different investigations are getting too much "evidence" against one man too fast. It seems to be too easy.
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Wednesday, September 19

I think I'm finally starting to get back into my daily routine. Last week incidents totally knocked them off track. I think the only thing I did manage to keep up with was my walking, all other usual activities such as playing with PSP just couldn't hold my interest long enough for the program to load.
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Sometimes it is so nice to be totally ignorant, even if it only lasts for a second or two.
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Tuesday, September 18

I wish people would stop sticking their heads in the sand and judge everyone, not a native born American, as guilty in the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon. You are hurting Americans as well as non Americans without just cause. For the sake of God please save your fighting powers for the terrorists themselves and those who in any way aides them in their cause. This is just one of the things they hoped to get out of this and it has my puzzled to no end that so many "Americans" are so intent on injustice while screaming for justice for those carrying out the attacks last week.
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Monday, September 17

For the last couple of days I've been watching and reading a lot about how people outside NY and Pentagon are dealing with the issues at hand. What I read and see are making me feel very uncomfortable and unwelcome on American soil. Granted I am not arab looking or a muslim, but how long will it be before people, in their own private and personal retaliation, attacks anyone not a native born and raised American. I have seen signs of it already and it has me scared because this is exactly what the terrorists wanted to achieve. Right now I am not even sure if I should look for work or wait until the tempers have cooled down quite a bit, because I am not sure if I'll be accepted or not. I'm scared, really very scared for the consequenses.
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Saturday, September 15

I am the American flag

Since the beginning of America I was there
through battle cries and teary eyes
I was there in world war one
I heard the terrors of world war two
I showed my colors to Japan
and then brought them to Korea
my journeys did not end
before I knew it I was flying in Vietnam
not long ago I visited dessert storm
I have been to the moon and back again
and though I saw wars in the past
never did I expect this blast
yet still I stand tall
I am the American flag
I stand tall for the men who died
I stand for freedom and righteousness
I stand for the innocent
I stand tall for our pride
I am the American flag
World war did not tear me down
foreign pest did not destroy me
neither will acts of hate
Still I stand tall for my America
I am the American flag
by MKP
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Friday, September 14

Today I just feel like crying, letting the tears flow :(
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Wednesday, September 12

I am starting to feel tired, so utterly tired in both body and mind. Yet again I've been watching and listening, but all my body want to do is to lie down and rest. When I close my eyes, trying to get a little bit of rest, all I see is the smoke coming from the twin towers before I eventually pass out but only to awake an hour or two later without feeling rested at all. I am just sitting there staring into eternety, motionless, hearing them talking but not what they're saying.
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Tuesday, September 11

This is so unbelievable. I'm sitting here watching the tv and listening to the words spoken, but I cannot grasp it all because of the magnitude of the events at Pentagon and The World Trade Center. People whoever of you who is able to go and donate blood, plase do so. I would, but the local Red Cross Chapters put a new rule on the books yesterday saying that people who have been in Europe or the UK in a certain amount of time since 1980 is not allowed to donate blood because they;re afraid of MadCow disease. :(
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Sunday, September 9

The End

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Friday, September 7

Damn, damn, damn. That was not the results I had hoped for :( Looks like I have to do something more drastic this time around or I'll end up as a 30 year old on cholesterol medication for the rest of my life. *shit*
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Wednesday, September 5

If there is any of my readers who is good at coding with scrolling layers and popsups etc all in the same page, making it as browser compatible as possible and slice the graphics so they fit the grand scheme of things I really could use some help. I was playing with PSP on and off all day and have finally come up with something, but I think the coding, slicing and browser comaptible thing involved is way over what I'm able to do. If anyone is willing to help me out I'll be a very happy camper.
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For some reason I really don't feel like getting everything in order so I can get back online for good and continue where I left off. I think I'm starting to be burnt out netwise. *sigh*
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Monday, September 3

Ewwwwwwwwwwwww I just got to look at my pages on a Linux machine. Not good. I need to make changes.
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Good thing: I'm back online.
Bad thing: I've lost all mail and my addressbook, so please if you think you should be in my addressbook please send me a mail asap.

Needless to say that if I could get my fav graphics programs and my hardware in Linux friendly versions I would fdisk in the blink of an eye. *sigh* Computerlife was so much easier back when you only had Dos to worry about.
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Sunday, September 2

Just thought I would let everyone know that I'll be offline for and unknow period of time. We're going to reinstall adn reorganize all our comp stuff. Wish us luck *g*
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