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Ignorant, narrowminded nincompoops who have no respect for other people, their work and how they want their work to be used. Copyright means copyright and a no means no do not use the art for your project eventhough you do not like the way the no was given. I am so very tired watching people who get a no from artists to use their art for stationery and other webrelated activities, throw one tempertantrum after another. You are not going to get any positive permissions if you resort to namecalling. The artists are having something which you would like to use, so you darn better treat them good enough to make them want to allow you to use that art. The ball is in your corner to play and the outcome depends on how you play it.
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Wednesday, August 29

DH is going to want my head for introducing him to yet another brit comedy :) I've been talking and talking about Black Adder, but we've never managed to catch any of the episodes on BBCAmerica until tonight, so I'm taping a bunch of them for him to have fun with later *g*
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No thank You Al, for taking the time to write. :)
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Finally got my new passport today, so now there is one less thing to worry about for the next 10 years (The lenght of time the passport is valid) and it might just be the very last Danish passport I'll have in my possession :)
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Tuesday, August 28

There is a new link on the sidebar. It's a short listing of my INS timeline and where we are in the process.
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YES!!! We're officially on our way. INS cashed our check only 4 days after we had filed the applications in person. Usually the first NOA follows shortly after, so we'll see how fast/slow they are in my case :)
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This freaking huge cat is NOT a photoshop job and he is about to get entered into Guiness World book of records. Poor cat :(
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Monday, August 27

I got to brag a little bit :)

I have not smoked for 2 Months 3 Days 21 Hours 57 Minutes 54 Seconds. Cigarettes not smoked: 1298. Money saved: $162.29. Life saved while not smoking 1 Wk 2 Days 23 Mins 2 Secs
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Awww I wish I had either a digital camera or a webcam right now. I did some laundry earlier and right now it's just sitting in the basket cooling off. Flash, our oldest cat, is sprawled out on top of the pile looking very, very comfy and content like he is trying to cover as much of the basket as possible. He's got a thing for warm clothes and you can always be sure that he'll be where the warm clothes is within max. 2 minutes of them coming out of the dryer. :)
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If there is anything which can make me really cranky it's the constant buzzing of the AC running in the background. Ours is an old piece of junk, but we cannot get anything done about it, unless our landlord decides he want to do it and from other people in the building we've heard that it can be a problem. Wish we were in a place with central air and heat. but I don't think that'll happen until the day we hopefully*crossing fingers and toes etc* have our own house.
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