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PersonalArchivesLinksHome Thursday, August 23
Ack I really, really need to spend some more time taking care of my webpages. I had almost worked out a new layout/design for the gallery when I had to look to see which buttons would be needed. Turns out I already redesigned it awhile ago and don't need to do it this time around. Maybe a little reorganising, but not a full redesign.
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I am so tired tonight, but if I go to bed now I know I'll wake up at some ungodly hour like 4 or 5am in the morning which is way too early. I'm still having a really hard time motivating myself to get out and get some walking done. For me it's hard to do all on my own without anyone cheering on or following along every so often. *nudging dh, but he doesn't show much interest* . DH's work does have a rec center which relatives can use and I'm strongly planning to do so when I get the dl and can get around on my own. Yes he could take me, but the program IU'm interested in right now is around 10 am which leaves him with only a couple of hours of sleep. Not a good idea.

*sigh* just not in the greatest of moods right now.
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Weeeee There's a patch to upgrade PSP to version 7.04 :) Might be an idea to wait a little until the first rush have slowed down. Their servers are bogged down right now.
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Wednesday, August 22

Darn I had a whole lot to write about, but as soon as the screen loaded my mind went blank. It has done that a lot lately. I still need/want to redesign, but I still haven't got a clue about where to take it. Guess I'll just let it be until something pops into my mind.
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Tuesday, August 21

Ack I think I need to go to bed. I was just listening to a foodprogram on tv and she something about about putting something toasted on something. I heard it as putting roasted penis on *g*
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Monday, August 20

YAY. Looks like it works great. At least the post got posted the way it's supposed to do. Going to be interesting to see where the development will take it :)
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*ouch* *ouch* *ouch* I've pulled a muschle in the right side of my neck and now it hurt from out out to the tip of my shoulder and partly down my back. :( Think I need to go and have an intimate afternoon meeting with the heatingpad.
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Sunday, August 19

I feel the need to redesign, but I have no clue in which direction to take either one of my pages. Maybe I should just try and wait this out, because I know i'll get nothing done when I'm in this kind of mood.
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I think I'm going to take rest of the day off. One can only stand somuch cleaning and cooking in a week :) We'll go for the SSN tomorrow and I still haven't decided whether or not I want to work and in which case what kind of work I'd prefer.
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