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*sigh* here we go again. Do you all remember the Tripod incidents earlier this year with them closing accounts left and right and then claiming it was a blooper? Looks like it's happening again. I have been in the process of restructuring the space which used to be housing SMG Design. I had uploaded some files a few hours ago only to find out a couple of hours later, that the account has been closed for a TOS violation. This is really getting old, very, very fast.

So this blog, might or might not disappear. It depends on what Tripod is up to this time. I don't expect any help from this time either.
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Wednesday, August 15

We've had the most wonderful rain all day long. Not too heavy and not too light. Just enough to make things very comfortable after a long period of extreme heat. And it's so nice sitting here listening to the rain falling gently to the ground. Ahhh life feels good right now. ) My next project is to get a SSN and then start to look for a job. I have been looking a little bit in the online classifieds for my area, but unless I have a nursing degree, a CDL or any form of engineering degree there isn't a whole lot to do. I have no worries that I'll find something when time comes.

I have not smoked for 1 Month 3 Weeks 1 Day 22 Hours 54 Minutes 1 Second. Cigarettes not smoked: 1059. Money saved: $132.39. Life saved while not smoking 1 Wk 8 Hrs 30 Mins 50 Secs
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Tuesday, August 14

Yes!!!! after a long drover and lots of waiting I finally have the workpermit in my possesion. The waiting time was quite an experience which I won't talk about here since it probably would make me get many less friendly emails, but if one requirement was for people to have a basic understanding of and ability to communiucate in English the whole INS process would go a lot faster.
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