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Thursday, August 30

Ignorant, narrowminded nincompoops who have no respect for other people, their work and how they want their work to be used. Copyright means copyright and a no means no do not use the art for your project eventhough you do not like the way the no was given. I am so very tired watching people who get a no from artists to use their art for stationery and other webrelated activities, throw one tempertantrum after another. You are not going to get any positive permissions if you resort to namecalling. The artists are having something which you would like to use, so you darn better treat them good enough to make them want to allow you to use that art. The ball is in your corner to play and the outcome depends on how you play it.
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Wednesday, August 29

DH is going to want my head for introducing him to yet another brit comedy :) I've been talking and talking about Black Adder, but we've never managed to catch any of the episodes on BBCAmerica until tonight, so I'm taping a bunch of them for him to have fun with later *g*
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No thank You Al, for taking the time to write. :)
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Finally got my new passport today, so now there is one less thing to worry about for the next 10 years (The lenght of time the passport is valid) and it might just be the very last Danish passport I'll have in my possession :)
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Tuesday, August 28

There is a new link on the sidebar. It's a short listing of my INS timeline and where we are in the process.
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YES!!! We're officially on our way. INS cashed our check only 4 days after we had filed the applications in person. Usually the first NOA follows shortly after, so we'll see how fast/slow they are in my case :)
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This freaking huge cat is NOT a photoshop job and he is about to get entered into Guiness World book of records. Poor cat :(
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Monday, August 27

I got to brag a little bit :)

I have not smoked for 2 Months 3 Days 21 Hours 57 Minutes 54 Seconds. Cigarettes not smoked: 1298. Money saved: $162.29. Life saved while not smoking 1 Wk 2 Days 23 Mins 2 Secs
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Awww I wish I had either a digital camera or a webcam right now. I did some laundry earlier and right now it's just sitting in the basket cooling off. Flash, our oldest cat, is sprawled out on top of the pile looking very, very comfy and content like he is trying to cover as much of the basket as possible. He's got a thing for warm clothes and you can always be sure that he'll be where the warm clothes is within max. 2 minutes of them coming out of the dryer. :)
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If there is anything which can make me really cranky it's the constant buzzing of the AC running in the background. Ours is an old piece of junk, but we cannot get anything done about it, unless our landlord decides he want to do it and from other people in the building we've heard that it can be a problem. Wish we were in a place with central air and heat. but I don't think that'll happen until the day we hopefully*crossing fingers and toes etc* have our own house.
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Thursday, August 23

Ack I really, really need to spend some more time taking care of my webpages. I had almost worked out a new layout/design for the gallery when I had to look to see which buttons would be needed. Turns out I already redesigned it awhile ago and don't need to do it this time around. Maybe a little reorganising, but not a full redesign.
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I am so tired tonight, but if I go to bed now I know I'll wake up at some ungodly hour like 4 or 5am in the morning which is way too early. I'm still having a really hard time motivating myself to get out and get some walking done. For me it's hard to do all on my own without anyone cheering on or following along every so often. *nudging dh, but he doesn't show much interest* . DH's work does have a rec center which relatives can use and I'm strongly planning to do so when I get the dl and can get around on my own. Yes he could take me, but the program IU'm interested in right now is around 10 am which leaves him with only a couple of hours of sleep. Not a good idea.

*sigh* just not in the greatest of moods right now.
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Weeeee There's a patch to upgrade PSP to version 7.04 :) Might be an idea to wait a little until the first rush have slowed down. Their servers are bogged down right now.
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Wednesday, August 22

Darn I had a whole lot to write about, but as soon as the screen loaded my mind went blank. It has done that a lot lately. I still need/want to redesign, but I still haven't got a clue about where to take it. Guess I'll just let it be until something pops into my mind.
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Tuesday, August 21

Ack I think I need to go to bed. I was just listening to a foodprogram on tv and she something about about putting something toasted on something. I heard it as putting roasted penis on *g*
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Monday, August 20

YAY. Looks like it works great. At least the post got posted the way it's supposed to do. Going to be interesting to see where the development will take it :)
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*ouch* *ouch* *ouch* I've pulled a muschle in the right side of my neck and now it hurt from out out to the tip of my shoulder and partly down my back. :( Think I need to go and have an intimate afternoon meeting with the heatingpad.
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Sunday, August 19

I feel the need to redesign, but I have no clue in which direction to take either one of my pages. Maybe I should just try and wait this out, because I know i'll get nothing done when I'm in this kind of mood.
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I think I'm going to take rest of the day off. One can only stand somuch cleaning and cooking in a week :) We'll go for the SSN tomorrow and I still haven't decided whether or not I want to work and in which case what kind of work I'd prefer.
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Thursday, August 16

*sigh* here we go again. Do you all remember the Tripod incidents earlier this year with them closing accounts left and right and then claiming it was a blooper? Looks like it's happening again. I have been in the process of restructuring the space which used to be housing SMG Design. I had uploaded some files a few hours ago only to find out a couple of hours later, that the account has been closed for a TOS violation. This is really getting old, very, very fast.

So this blog, might or might not disappear. It depends on what Tripod is up to this time. I don't expect any help from this time either.
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Wednesday, August 15

We've had the most wonderful rain all day long. Not too heavy and not too light. Just enough to make things very comfortable after a long period of extreme heat. And it's so nice sitting here listening to the rain falling gently to the ground. Ahhh life feels good right now. ) My next project is to get a SSN and then start to look for a job. I have been looking a little bit in the online classifieds for my area, but unless I have a nursing degree, a CDL or any form of engineering degree there isn't a whole lot to do. I have no worries that I'll find something when time comes.

I have not smoked for 1 Month 3 Weeks 1 Day 22 Hours 54 Minutes 1 Second. Cigarettes not smoked: 1059. Money saved: $132.39. Life saved while not smoking 1 Wk 8 Hrs 30 Mins 50 Secs
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Tuesday, August 14

Yes!!!! after a long drover and lots of waiting I finally have the workpermit in my possesion. The waiting time was quite an experience which I won't talk about here since it probably would make me get many less friendly emails, but if one requirement was for people to have a basic understanding of and ability to communiucate in English the whole INS process would go a lot faster.
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Saturday, August 11

AORTAL Link:Tiny Baby. This is not Anne Geddes, but something similar. The page is in Danish, but if you follow the links to Galleri 1, Galleri 2, Galleri 3 and in each of them click on the small pictures you'll get to see some really great pictures.
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Friday, August 10

This one way I very well could imagine a future house to look like :)

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Just render me confused. I've got ZoneAlarm installed and in the icon sitting in the systray a miniicon kept blinking on top of the Zonealarm icon. I couldn't figure out what the heck was going on and was ready to pull out the big antivirus scanner etc. I poked around to see if any programs had managed to put itself on the access list, but none was there other than those I had put there. It then dawned on me, that I had turned the ZA popup window, which notifies you about possible attempts on intrusion, off. Duh!!!!
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Thursday, August 9

I'm starting to think that Shadow (female kitty) was a politician in a previous life. She is spending so much time covering up or trying to cover up things, her food dish, the water dish, trying to turn the litterbox inside out. It's kinda scaring and I don't think I really feel like following that thought to the end *g*
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Wednesday, August 8

Darn, darn, darn I had hoped I was done and over with the runny eyes, sneezing but it has returned in full force the last couple of days. I know part of it has to do with the piss poor AC we have, but I'm not sure about the rest. I did take some nose drops (RhinoCourt Aqua) for awhile which helped me quite a lot, but then all of a sudden they started to burn all the way up when I used them, so naturally I stopped doing that. *sigh* Looks like we're back to square one again.
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I am really starting to look forward to the day when dh and I hopefully will get our own with central air instead of a single wall unit. The one we have in this apartment makes it misrable for me to be inside, but I cannot be outside either and much less be in the same room as the unit for longer than an hour at a time. I know this might sound like a luxery problem, but I have no where else to go and no means to go elsewhere. Hope we really do get some good rain and thunderstorms soon (like yesterday)
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Tuesday, August 7

Wow I was just talking with my mom on the phone and she told she'd been in contact with one of my old, old friends back in time. I have been wondering about her lately, but had no way of finding her from over here. Turns out she's now married with children :) My mom gave her my snail addy, so maybe I'll hear something from her soon. Can't wait to hear what she's been up to the last 5 or 6 years. Susanne and I went through everything together and was like siamese twins for awhile, but then we lost contact after highschool when she moved to another town to attend college. I can't wait to catch up with her. My mom said that she might try to find me online. *waving to Susanne* Jeg er lige her *g*
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Monday, August 6

I now have a fully completed, ready to hand in immigration application in my possesion. It will most likely get handed over to the INS this coming monday and if everything else goes as expected I'll be able to work from that date on :) I have now begun thinking about my resume (no work on it just yet) and job opertunities in general. Needless to say I am quite nervous about it all. It has been more than 5 years since I graduated with a degree I will not be able to use directly here in the US. I am still trying to decided whether or not I want to work within that field or if I want to try something completely different and if so, how I qualify myself, because I have no other qualifications to show other than the degree which I cannot use. At least I am now so very close to something I have wanted for so very, very long. :)
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Saturday, August 4

AORTAL Link: This Child's Journey Need no further explanation.
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Wednesday, August 1

People have started to ask what is up since I haven't been blogging much the last couple of weeks and what's up with the immigration process. I'm still alive and kicking. The immigration process is still going forward in frull force. We have a meeting with the lawyer monday afternoon where we hopefullly can pick up the finished application. Then we just have to waith for my new passport to arrive from Denmark so I can get stamps and other fun stuff in the new one instead of the old one which is about to expire. Should be another week or two before it arrives, so after that we can hand in the application at any time and then the waiting game begins for real. Hopefully I 'll get the work permit then and there so I can start applying for work (if I feel like it), but most important with the work permit I can get a SSN and work towards a drivers license (watch out) and be a little less dependent on Bob taking me where I need to go. :)

I haven't been online much lately because I managed to pull some muchles (sp) in my back which made it extremely painful doing anything but lying flat on my stomac. Fortunately I am feeling a lot better and can do a little housework (much to the joy of dear dh) and have some online time :)

And I'm still smokefree and enjoying being able to breather without the problems I had earlier this year. *doing a little dance of joy*

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