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AORTAL Link: This Child's Journey Need no further explanation.
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Wednesday, August 1

People have started to ask what is up since I haven't been blogging much the last couple of weeks and what's up with the immigration process. I'm still alive and kicking. The immigration process is still going forward in frull force. We have a meeting with the lawyer monday afternoon where we hopefullly can pick up the finished application. Then we just have to waith for my new passport to arrive from Denmark so I can get stamps and other fun stuff in the new one instead of the old one which is about to expire. Should be another week or two before it arrives, so after that we can hand in the application at any time and then the waiting game begins for real. Hopefully I 'll get the work permit then and there so I can start applying for work (if I feel like it), but most important with the work permit I can get a SSN and work towards a drivers license (watch out) and be a little less dependent on Bob taking me where I need to go. :)

I haven't been online much lately because I managed to pull some muchles (sp) in my back which made it extremely painful doing anything but lying flat on my stomac. Fortunately I am feeling a lot better and can do a little housework (much to the joy of dear dh) and have some online time :)

And I'm still smokefree and enjoying being able to breather without the problems I had earlier this year. *doing a little dance of joy*

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Monday, July 30

The quote Jeff makes in todays version of Lucid Confusion speaks millions to me. Thanks Jeff, for reminding me to smile.
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