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Ack we got the pictures taken today. At least I don't look like the drughead I do in my passport. Maybe I'll even get around to share online, if the the bribe is big enough. :P
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Thursday, July 19

In Loving Memory..

Sr. Clara Maria Kallan, OSB

29.10.1925 - 23.12.1999

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Einhorn to be extradited at last. Took them long enough, but I'm glad to see he'll finally get what he deserve.
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I am going to be in deep poo if I don't find/get the birthdate and place of my dad. We need it for the application, but I have no clue about when or where he was born. *trying not to panick*
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I did make that phone call I was dreading yesterday (early this morning). DH is kind shocked that a women in America doesn't like to talk on the phone. He said that most women seems to be born with a phone in their hands. Not me *g*
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Wednesday, July 18

This is the most funny thread I have read at Metafilter in a long time. Yes I took the test but it showed totally different results from when I took it the first time I saw the link, so I guess you can say I'm just normally fu*ked up :)
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This really makes me feel confident about how my immigration application is going to be handled. :(
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Another only in America happening. Half of a good p & b sandwiche is the mess. Shees what will be next? Secound thought, don't tell me what will be next.
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When I was younger I used to have this dislike of making phonecalls and talking on the phone in general. A time came where I was forced to make phonecalls because of a job I had and eventually I learned to overcome my fear. Now the time has come again when I have to start making phonecalls and interact with people in other ways of characters on a screen. I am finding some of the same fears, from way back, hitting me again. I don't like the thought of it and my mind is racing, trying to find other ways to get the infor needed, appointments made or to get out of having to make those phonecalls at all. My mind knows there is nothing to fear and yet it's also trying to figure out ways not to do it.
Looks like there is a few things I have to relearn now personal mobility is in the horizon again. *sigh*
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Tuesday, July 17

Al I have not smoked for 3 Weeks 2 Days 23 Hours 48 Minutes 49 Seconds. Cigarettes not smoked: 479. Money saved: $59.98. Life saved while not smoking 3 Days 7 Hrs 58 Mins 26 Secs, but I'm not really counting *g*
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Monday, July 16

Playing with PSP and following some of the many excellent tutorials out there is my favorite destresser next to snuggle up in bed with the kitties.

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