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Monday, July 30

The quote Jeff makes in todays version of Lucid Confusion speaks millions to me. Thanks Jeff, for reminding me to smile.
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Saturday, July 28

YAY The Gaylery is back :)
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Friday, July 27

Guess I got fooled into thinking that she could be called a friend. That wasn't the case. :(
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What's Your Story? looks like an interesting page. I def want to read more.
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Monday, July 23

I was just thinking, that despite all my fears of things not shaping up it does seems to be happening right now. I still don't have a job, but that is really just a matter of time right now. All documents needed to do the first filing is gathered and we just need to get the lawyer to do the final stuff so we can make the drive and hand over the application. And healthvise things are also starting to look better than they have done in a long time. I might just be able to survive this after all (not withstanding the stress after we file papers with the INS).
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I have seen the original series and Stephen King probably is the right person to adapt it for the american market :) Can't wait to see what he do with it.
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But doesn't the Pope realise that by stopping stemcell research you also devalue and violate human life.
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Sunday, July 22

AORTAL Link: USDA Nutrient Database
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I should be fast asleep this time of day on a Sunday, but for some reason I woke up and was almost ready to go about business. *yawn* Hope this doesn't become a habit.
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Saturday, July 21

Ack we got the pictures taken today. At least I don't look like the drughead I do in my passport. Maybe I'll even get around to share online, if the the bribe is big enough. :P
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Thursday, July 19

In Loving Memory..

Sr. Clara Maria Kallan, OSB

29.10.1925 - 23.12.1999

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Einhorn to be extradited at last. Took them long enough, but I'm glad to see he'll finally get what he deserve.
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I am going to be in deep poo if I don't find/get the birthdate and place of my dad. We need it for the application, but I have no clue about when or where he was born. *trying not to panick*
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I did make that phone call I was dreading yesterday (early this morning). DH is kind shocked that a women in America doesn't like to talk on the phone. He said that most women seems to be born with a phone in their hands. Not me *g*
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Wednesday, July 18

This is the most funny thread I have read at Metafilter in a long time. Yes I took the test but it showed totally different results from when I took it the first time I saw the link, so I guess you can say I'm just normally fu*ked up :)
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This really makes me feel confident about how my immigration application is going to be handled. :(
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Another only in America happening. Half of a good p & b sandwiche is the mess. Shees what will be next? Secound thought, don't tell me what will be next.
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When I was younger I used to have this dislike of making phonecalls and talking on the phone in general. A time came where I was forced to make phonecalls because of a job I had and eventually I learned to overcome my fear. Now the time has come again when I have to start making phonecalls and interact with people in other ways of characters on a screen. I am finding some of the same fears, from way back, hitting me again. I don't like the thought of it and my mind is racing, trying to find other ways to get the infor needed, appointments made or to get out of having to make those phonecalls at all. My mind knows there is nothing to fear and yet it's also trying to figure out ways not to do it.
Looks like there is a few things I have to relearn now personal mobility is in the horizon again. *sigh*
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Tuesday, July 17

Al I have not smoked for 3 Weeks 2 Days 23 Hours 48 Minutes 49 Seconds. Cigarettes not smoked: 479. Money saved: $59.98. Life saved while not smoking 3 Days 7 Hrs 58 Mins 26 Secs, but I'm not really counting *g*
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Monday, July 16

Playing with PSP and following some of the many excellent tutorials out there is my favorite destresser next to snuggle up in bed with the kitties.

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Saturday, July 14

I am chocked. We went to get some good walking shoes for me and I was actually able to find some which fitted me right off the shelf. This is the first time I haven't had to go from store to store, trying pair after pair of shoes. I've never been able to do that. Of course we had to pay more than I have ever payed for a pair of shoes, but I have the feeling it will be worth it. :) Now I just want to walk, but dh says I need to wear them at home for a couple of days, so I can walk 'em in.
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Friday, July 13

Something Awful. Don't go to this page if you get easily offended.
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AORTAL Link of the week: Tanager Place
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Man gets 3 years for 'road rage' dog death, but sometimes it just doesn't look like it is enough.
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This possible Option Tax Revote in Linn County, Iowa is yet another case of:" We'll not accept the results, but keep putting it on the ballot until we get the result we want."
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*sigh* Another sleepless night. I was in bed when my mind started to race, trailing all the possible and impossible outcomes my immigration case might or might not get. I'll be a basketcase before this is said and done. Hubby didn't think they would accept a lookalike sockpuppet as a substiture for me when the interview comes up sometime later this year (hopefully).
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Thursday, July 12

I absolutely love to watch HGTV and get ideas I know I'll never be able to realise in a rental setting, but why does all shows have to deal with expensive remodelings or building from scratch which not many people are able to afford anyway? For once I would love them to focus on building new homes below $100.000 or even better below $90.000 which isn't part of a habitat for humanity project they take on for the good advertising value. Nothings is wrong with habitat for humanity. I think it's a great idea, but not everyone has an income low enough to participate, but doesn't have an income high enough to buy a basic home of their own. I would love to see them deal a little bit more with those people who isn't poor enough neither rich enough if you know what I mean.

In case you hadn't guessed it I'm having one of those days where I'm really, really tired of rented apartment living where you cannot do anything to make it feel a little bit more like home and get things to fit or put those things away which doesn't fit. I'm tired of listening to people spinning their wheels and burning tires in the parking lot, while listening to the neighbors upstairs stomping around like elephants. I'm tired of having a bathroom which doesn't have any shelving to place stuff on. Since we moved here, we have had our toiletries in a basket sitting in the hallway. I'm tired of having an AC which can only cool off less than half the apartment and I'm tired of a kitchen which has the amount of counterspace you need a guidedog to find. Since we moved in we haven't been able to use all 4 burners on our stove and the closet doors in the office has yet to be fixed (with the result of kitties trying to climb the mountain of boxes). This is by far still the best place dh and I have lived together, but it is starting to get on my nerves. I hope that getting a workpermit and permanent residence will mean more changes than just a change in my legal status, but with the way things have been going I do not have any hopes. :(
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Wednesday, July 11

Why is it, that just as soon as I took the websets offline I get loads of ideas for new stuff?
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This seems to be the year of happenings for me, but I am not totally sure I like dealing with so much all at the same time. One particular thing I've been waiting for to happen for a very long time (not the child issue) will finally start happening this coming monday. It will be a nervewrecking time with a lot of uncertainties, doubt, frustrations and all of those kind of emotions. Hopefully the outcome will allow me to finally get a life other than the one consistng of sitting in this apartment day in and day out, not knowing where the future will take me/us.

Please cross your fingers, say your prayers, light your candles or what you feel like doing for a good and speedy outcome for dh and I. It will deeply appreciated.
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Tuesday, July 10

*sigh* :(
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Monday, July 9

Poor Snip. I know about allergies. TG I've got somethign whcih works great for me, but if I forget to take one dose or one puff it's sneezing and weazing etc. No fun at all.
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I am having a serious problem these days. I seem to be breaking everything I touch. This weekend it was one of our ovensafe glashdishes and today I manged to break two drinking glasses. Made dh ask me to try and not break anything while he was at work. I wonder if it has anything to do with all the changes I've been going through lately or if it's just plain bad luck?
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I am feeling so very tired this morning. Almost like I was run over by a fright train during the night, but dh says the kitties have been quiet. Guess I just wasn't totally ready to wake up when I did. Hopefully I'll wake up during the day because there's things I need to get done and distances which needs to be walked :)
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Think I have changed links in all the places I needed to. Still need to do the gallery, but I need to redesign so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Latest No-Smoking-Stats
I have not smoked for 2 Weeks 1 Day 2 Hours 34 Minutes 32 Seconds. Cigarettes not smoked: 302. Money saved: $37.77.Life saved while not smoking 2 Days 2 Hrs 21 Mins 27 Secs :)
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Sunday, July 8

I think I almost have figured out what to do with everything at SMG Design. The websets will be taken offline, since I've kinda lost interest in doing them and they were never the stringest asset to SMG Design anyway. Most of the goodies have been moved to New Horizons and then I'll prbably give the PSP Tubes their own page/site. It's kinda sad restructuring like this, because I have put so much work into SMG Design, but if I'm not to lose interest completely I need these changes, and I kinda feel good about them because it looks like it might be easier for me to handle :)
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Friday, July 6

Snip's Living In A Bubble, but he does come out to play every now and then *g*
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First day of walking. Not walking very far, but none the less I was walking. It's going to take some getting used to and I do need some better walking shoes, but I think I might be able to make it. Of course it would be nice if I could persuade the other half to join me on the walks. But for now I need to lie down *g*
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I have not smoked for 1 Week 5 Days 41 Minutes 35 Seconds. Cigarettes not smoked: 240. Money saved: $30.07. Life saved while not smoking 1 Day 16 Hrs 5 Mins 46 Secs
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Thursday, July 5

I had my yearly done today and we got to look back through my journal, only to discover that the cholesterol test my old doc ordered two or so years ago was way too high. How can anyone forget to mention something like that? I could have worked on getting it down where it belongs instead of believing that everything was ok. *(#&_)@*#$}_#@(% Now I have to watch that too together with everything else that is going on right now. Darn I don't like having so much going on at the same time. At least I'm still alive (I think)
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Wednesday, July 4

I am frustrated to no end. There is a tutorial site located somewhere at which has some tutorials I really would like to play with. Unfortunately the html has been done in the homestead editor which makes it impossible to save the tutorials for offline viewing/reading. The tut author says that people can use the old copy and paste, but then you don't get the pictures which really is the help you need more than the text. I still need to see what they'll do at printout, but that is not optimal either. ANyone know how to get a hack going so pages can be viewed and saved without the homestead extras?
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Tuesday, July 3

This page makes my eyes a little misty for old times sake. :) Oh the time when surfing the net with the old NCSA Mosaic
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I have not smoked for 1 Week 2 Days 12 Hours 39 Minutes 13 Seconds. Cigarettes not smoked: 190. Money saved: $23.82.Life saved while not smoking 1 Day 7 Hrs 45 Mins 26 Secs
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Monday, July 2

I think I get the clue, that people (whoever they were) want me to keep SMG Design alive. Either that or they didn't have the guts to tell me to kill it ;P In either case I'm going to keep the graphics around one way or another.
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Interview with God
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I want a cig so badly right now, but I also want to be able to breathe without problems for many years to come.The doc should have prescribed a pouncingbag to go with the Zyban.
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I have started to migrate SMG Design with New Horizons. It is not something I really wanted to do, but I was running out of space at the Tripod account, so something had to be done. As of now all presets for BP/SBP, background tiles and fonts have been moved over. The rest will come later.

I have not smoked for 1 Week 1 Day 1 Hour 9 Minutes 49 Seconds. Cigarettes not smoked: 160. Money saved: $20.12.Life saved while not smoking 1 Day 2 Hrs 49 Mins 41 Secs
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The Babbling M is back :)
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Sunday, July 1

I know I'm linking but for some reason I'm always getting a tad nervous when I'm seeing this page in my referrer logs. ;P
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Becky talks about weird things she's tried to eat. Frog's legs and tongue are good (almost drooling here), but I would never dream of grasshoppers, ants, brains or snails. That seems just too gross for me. One of these days though I really got to cook some liver. haven't had it since I got over here, because Bob doesn't want it in the house (that's how strongly he feels about it). Ack and I haven't even gotten any breakdfast yet.
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Theme Magik has some very beautiful themes :)
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