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Aortal link of the moment Lost Bird Society
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Yay Lucid Confusion is back in a new location :)
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When posting this entry I have chosen not to smoke for 6 Days 2 Hours 1 Minute 10 Seconds. Cigarettes not smoked: 121.6829. Money saved: $15.21036. :)
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Friday, June 29

Happy Birthday Jema the Mousie. Not quite the day on this side yet, but where she is it's her bday, so go and wish her a happy one :)
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Lately I have had some very disturbing search requests for New Horizons. I don't want to repeat them here, because I don't like getting associated with those particular terms. Just makes me wonder how the heck terms like that can be put in connection with a site so down to earth and with absolutely no controversial content. The mind boggles.
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The web is acting weird, very weird. Links which were working an hour ago are now going to the wrong places or look like they have completely wanished from th face of the earth. I wonder of my ISP is having problems with their routing tables or whatever it is called.
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I am totally in love with the Dragons of Michael Whelan.
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At first it seemed like such a big obstacle, then it got easier and I wasn't thinking, then I realised that I wasn't thinking and started to think and then the cravings came back. I am on day 5 of not smoking and I have just pulled an allnighter where I normally would smoke like a dirty chimney, but didn't do it this time. It is getting easier to not think about it all the time as I slowly learn new ways and distractions to keep me busy. I'm discovering how much time I was using to smoke, time where I now can do other more interesting things. It feels good and I really like being able to breathe a little bit better day by day.
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USGS Earthquake Hazards Program All you ever wanted to know and then some. Interesting reading.
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Thursday, June 28

The Vertical Oracle
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Ahhh this looks much better. Not that I didn't like the other one, but I needed to change something and this was the place which wouldn't take a whole lot of work and drive me nuts before it's done :)

I am on Day 4 and counting and things are still great. Haven't thought about having a cig until I started to write this. I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up the fairly fast pace I've set for myself as distraction. One can only do so much housework before things gets boring.
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This one might be old and well known, but it's still funny and I needed a laugh today :)
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Am I really the only one left who isn't or hasn't been playing "The Sims"? I sometimes feel like an alien when I see people talking about that game, how they did this or that and made these or those extra stuff for the game. Please tell me that I'm not the only one. As it is right now I'll probably get around to try the game sometime next year when everyone else is playing something else. I always seems to be at least a year behind everyone else.
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Wednesday, June 27

Horney little bugger. No matter how delightful you're trying to make yourself look I ain't going to hump you. A spay is in your future.
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That was those 50 MB. Never thought I would be able to use that much space and now it isn't enough for me.
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Day 3 and counting :) Things are starting to settle into a routine here. Hubby asked if he should leave a cigarette for me when he left, but I said no and I have no regrets doing it. I think the worst time for me right now is the mornings even though I never had a cig right out of bed. It will get easier and the Zyban really is helping taking the top of the cravings.
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Tuesday, June 26

National Hot Dog And Sausage Councils website got to qualitfy as this weeks AORTAL link.
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Yesterday was the date I had set as my quit date for smoking. It wasn't so terrible bad because I managed to keep myself busy most of day and getting caught up on sleep.. Today it is a little harder to ignore though. The cravings are really not that bad, but somehow my body is still screaming for the bloody nicotine. For some reason I feel it mostly in the muscles of my arms. Makes for some really interesting typos and selctions in PSP *g*
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Monday, June 25

ARGGGGGGGG Anyone's got a kitty sized straight jacket? She is all over the damn place while meowing like I've never heard her before. Oh yeah she also sat down in the middle of a pile of clothes and peed on 'em. Darn I hate doing laundry, specially when it's so hot and humid as it is here right now and I can't do it at night because we're in an apartment complex. *they're coming to take me away haha....* And I want a cigeratte so bad....
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I think I'll just sit in a corner and cry. When I run out of space at the account there is nowhere else to host my site (that I know of and haven't tried already). So either I'll stop updating and let it sit there as a reminder about dying and dead dot coms or I'll pull it completely offline. People have offered serverspace on their domains in the past, but I really prefer to have my own place, where I can experiment and play around without having to worry about using someone elses bandwidth, but the thought is nice and I'm grateful for the offers I have gotten through the times.

Why am I writing all of this now? I was testing out where I have my personal pages because they have the option about either inline or popup banners but the popup banners is about twice as big as the inline banners and they don't jump behind but stay up front :( Of course I could go with inline banners but that limits the kind of layouts I can do since inline banners pushes everything down. Won't look good if you have all margins set to zero. Damn. I knew it was getting close, but not this close.
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Sunday, June 24

I've just finished redoing New Horizons and it is much better fitting of my personality. I think I might be able to keep that layout/graphics for a while. Now I need to figure out how to get the gallery and graphics page moved over.
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