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Ick! I'm sitting here trying to finish the sketches for a new font I've been working on and off for a while and the neighbor in the next apartment building over is making something which almost sounds like the drill of a dentist. Ick!! Makes it very hard to concentrate. Did I mention that I don't like dentists?
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Wow html compliant spam in my inbox. That's a new one, not the spam but that it's html compliant.
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Nick's Fonts is a wow. Found the link via kitty
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A Blue Nature is this weeks AORTAL link.
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Thursday, June 21

There is news in the gallery tonight. She's a bluish version of a poser elf like creature I'm working on. Still lots of work to do on the full colored one.
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Ignorant people *enough said*
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Have you ever gotten one of those emails from a close relative where just reading the subject makes your heart pound thinking that something really, really bad has happened? I did today from my brother with a subject line saying something like "Bad news in Denmark". It got my mine going from zero to 100 faster than any car can do it, because to me the only kind of bad news I can get from Denmark would be the death of my mother. However that wasn't the case this time. It turns out that my brother had had an accident at work and had have broken a few bones in one of his feet. He'll be out of commission for at least 4 weeks. And, as he said, because this happened so close to vacation time (forced one), he'll most likely get those 3 weeks at a later date when he want them. Lucky bastard, but I'm still going to "kill" him for scaring me like that *g*
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Wednesday, June 20

Ohhh Mareisses Invisibilities looks great :)
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Jema is talking about insults and that made me think. Do you have a favorite insult or insulting saying that you like to use?

Mine is two which I got from my brother way back in time.

May your ass itch and your arms be too short.
May your socks shrink.

Not really insults or at least not insults which really can be taken too seriously *g*
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Looksee who managed to sneak in :)

This is the kritter which managed to convert me from being strictly a d*g type of person to be a cat person. The blanket used to be his favorite until we got a quilt for the livingroom a couple of weeks ago. He haven't moved many feet from it since then :)
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A few minor updates/uploads has been made to SMG Design, which again have taken the alotted amount of space close to the max. I really got to find another solution or place to put the graphics page. Will probably end up putting it together with my personal page, since I have 150 MB's over there and I've only used about 6 of them until now.
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Tuesday, June 19

I was just going through the list of blogs/journals to see what each of them was or wan't up to and somehow I've got that uneasy feeling about quite a few of them. I cannot explain just what it means, just a feeling of something about to go terribly wrong in one way or another.
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Monday, June 18

Kick-ups is an insanely addicting game. Found via Jish
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It bites waking up with a nightmare just a couple of hours after you have gone to bed. I don't know what I was dreaming, just that I woke up scared sh*itless. At least it was good for something. I finally have a CSS template for my personal page working in all browsers which also is html compliant according to When those pages finally have been converted "In the blink of an eye.." is next. Right now the validator reports so many errors that it's a miracle it's displaying at all *g*
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Coding, coding, soding. Why does is have to be so darn problematic. I finally get an idea for something original( at least to me) and then I cannot get the sh*t to work the way I want it. While I'm at it I also hate doing introductions on a page. I never know what to say. If the other idea had worked I would have been around that problem quite easily.
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Sunday, June 17

This is the pain I'm afraid to numb in fear of not being able to feel at all.
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Hmmm html comment tags are not good to use with blogger. *darn*
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I have gotten some reactions to the piece I wrote about pregnancy and the outlook of never becoming a mother. Many reactions have been from people who are wishing a successful outcome (ie that I do manage to beome a mother). But there will never be a successful outcome unless the present possiblities are expanded greatly.
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If I had gotten Zyban/Wellbutrin for depression and not to stop smoking I would have been off the by now. My mood is misrable. Going from highs to lows etc. At least I am familiar with it. *sigh*
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Just call me a glutton for punishment. I downloaded the Opera browser so I can get an even better idea about what the different pages look like. Not too bad, but but not good either. Looks like I have to make a little bit of tweaking here and there to make it look almost the same in IE, NN and Opera.
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AORTAL link of the day: Pristine is the home of a gentle soul, a warriors personality and a good friend.
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