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Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear me, happy birthday to me :)
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Friday, June 8

I think I need to stop making tubes for my graphics page for a while, or at least I should stop uploading them. I just moved some stuff around, but this week alone I think I've uploaded what I initially had saved by the redesign. Argg.
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I'm beginning to feel that soon it will be time to panic. Rest of it deleted since it's just the same old stuff which never is going to change anyway.
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I downloaded Uleads PhotoImpact because I needed something new and almost unknown to play with. I am impressed by the possibilities I see in the program, but I don't know if it something I want to invest in since I do have PSP already. Ofcourse it would be nice to be able to cross create for both programs. Hmmm......
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Jeff writes about his experiences with Zyban/Wellbutrin. The chance of gaining weight isn't new to me, because that is what happened when I was on Paxil a few years back so most of the possible side effects are known to me (I've most likely had 'em too). I just hope that I won't gain as much weight this time (if at all) as I did with Paxil, but who knows I might turn out to loose some instead :)
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Reblogger is a new alternative to Blogvoices. Might be worth looking into.
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Thursday, June 7

Mousie was the only one curious enough to make a guess to my little mini quiz below. She thought it was the one about only having two pairs of shoes, but that is not it. The false one was the one saying that the shortest amount of time I have ever held a job is 60 minutes. The shortest amount is 45 minutes. I had just graduated gradeschool and had gotten a job (Through the unemployment agency) in a clothing store at the middle of Copenhagen. I never figured out what I did or didn't do, but after 45 min I was fired and was free to walk. I didn't even get paid for the time I was there. I did later get a job where I stayed for more than a year, until I decided that highschool was the way to go for me unless I wanted to sink deeper into the sump.
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I didn't even think that the medical insurance wouldn't cover the Zyban with just the co-pay as it does with everything else, but Bob came home tonight and gave me the news. F*cking hurrah for that. $80 out of our own pocket is what we have to pay, but the insurance will gladly cover medication and treatments for illness, injuries etc caused by smoking. Go figure they won't save money by helping me stop smoking. Ahh well it's just a matter of getting the doc to change the prescription from Zyban to Wellbutrin and we'll have just the co-pay to worry about. At least we can't blame Aethna this time, but extremely bad contract planning at Bobs employer.
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At first I laughed, but cried when I got back home because of the irony of the the doctor spending time telling me about that particular sideeffect of Zyban. Right now it doesn't matter whether the meds suppresses those certain things or not, since he haven't been interested for a long while now (years not weeks). Was that more than you ever wanted to know about me?
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Wednesday, June 6

Anyone interested in the answer? Didn't think so, so I'll just keep it to myself :(
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Somewhere I have nagging feeling that McVeigh knew about those missing papers all the time, but where waiting to just the right time to start playing his cards. Why else would anyone sane (I don't know if he is or not) forsake all his rights back when he said he wouldn't appeal etc. It was too easy for him to do, because he knew (of course I don't know if he actually did).
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Netscape in Media, Not Browser Business Now and that really makes me sad. Damn!
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Just talked with my mom on the phone and she sounded really good. :) I got to wish her a belated happy birthday. (I know should have done it on the day, but...)
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My heart is breaking for Tiffany. Eventhough our situations are very different I can still identify with some of the thoughts and concerns she is writing about.
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Tuesday, June 5

Since everyone else is doing it, why not me :)

01. I am not an American.
02. I only own 2 pairs of shoes.
03. I don't have a drivers license.
04. I haven't held a job for more than a year.
05. I didn't see my dad the last 5 years before he died.
06. I am extremely shy.
07. My shortest job experience lasted for 60 minutes.
08. I have moved more than 15 times.
09. I love thunder and lightning.
10. I have been taken to court by my dad.

9 of them is true and one false, but which one? Mail Me with your guess.
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New link to added in the reads and visits section :)
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Reminder to self: Do some online research for the new meds.
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Had a followup with the doc today regarding the allergies/breathing thing and I came out of the office with even more stuff to add to the daily intake. But hopefully they will not be a pernanent fixture in my daily routine. Zyban should be able to fix that *crossing fingers* I have set a date at a month from now, cos I couldn't do it cold turkey as I was trying to.
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Monday, June 4

SMG design is finally done. Took long enough, but I think it will be easier to handle in the future.
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This Google Search showed up in my referrers and I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry, eventhough I did mention it in one of my posts.
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Right now I am busy doing what I should have done on my graphics page a long, long time ago but I never expected it to grow to the size it has, so I didn't think it was needed. I am talking about an even more tight and narrow organizing of presets, tiles, sets, tubes etc. It's a lot of work and I might have to divide it in two to make room for everything, since I'm almost out of space at the present Tripod account, except that I don't really need yet another account to the many I have already. Would be nice if I could keep everything in one place.
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Sunday, June 3

I'm back, or at least I think I am. Now I just need to get back to the normal scheduled routine, so we can have something resembling a life. It's nice being out and about and having visitors, but I do also like that things continues as normal which they haven't exactly been doing for the last 10 days or so.

Hubby and I have had a dream about building our own place in a very certain spot, which fortunately are avaliable to us, but last weekend we found out that it might not be so for very much longer. Not unless we're willing to pay the kind of money, introducing a riverboat and casino to an area is demanding. Two years ago the place was assesed to about $70 or $80.000, but two years later it is more than $145.000 for a piece of land with a small house in a backwoods area consisting mostly of hillside, very hard clay, rock and sinkholes somewhere along the Ohio river. It kinda feels like seeing a dream, a dream which was within reach, slip away really, really fast and I'm beginning to think that hubby and I will forever be doomed to living in rental units for the rest of our lives. Not that there is anything wrong with rental units, but neither us is very fond of city apartment living. We would very much like to be in a place wheer we don't have to worry about blowing out the next door neighbors windows every time either one of us farts. For now that dream has been put on hold indifinite.
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