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Damn I feel like the bull infront of the red cloth right now. Don't make me charge, because it won't be nice if I do.
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I looked at the stats for the "Am I real or not" poll I have down below and they kinda makes me wonder. Unless any family have been reading and voting no one really knows if I'm real or not, and yet those who have voted have all said yes. How can you be sure that I'm not just another internet hoax, someone pulling the collective legs of the entire internet community or a cleverly written program which makes a post every so often? How do you all know? I'm not sure if I'm a real human playing a real robot or a real robot playing a real human or something somewhere in between.

It is sad the recent incident have managed to make so many people doubt not only themselves and their own words and actions, but also doubt everyone else. I don't think the community ever will be the same. We will still see people publish their words, but they will always bear the tint of doubt and mistrust. I'm seeing it already. I'm seeing people questioning themselves, trying to prove their own existence over and over again and fighting each other in the process. It is making me sad.
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I've been sitting here for the last hour trying to type a few words about something which is so heavily on my mind these days, but I cannot publish them for eveyone to see and read. It involves close relatives and I know if those words gets published it will make things very difficult for us all. I guess the only thing I really can do is to supress what is on my mind and hope that I will forget the up-close personal pain which is involved. I know it is no healty to do so, but it is the only choice I have unless I want to make everyone feel misrable. :(
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I was following a discussion somewhere, with people talking about the communication the had with people who had been visiting/reading their websites/blogs. I couldn't understand why they seemd to get so much mail just because of their sites, until it dawned on me, that I didn't have a working email link. Duh! Anyway, there is NO excuse anymore. The link is down between the counter and the link back to blogger.
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Why is it that everytime I don't have a whole lot to say (if anything at all), I feel like redesigning one of my sites? The more they grow, the more work I have to do, since I am still stuck having to do everything by hand instead of being able to use one of the programming languages which would make things a lot easier for me. Maybe one of these days I'll be able make it easier for myself, instead of having to change 500+ sites by hand. :(
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Towel Day in memory of Douglas Adams.
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Wednesday, May 23

Ack I need to go and go mindnumb infront of the tv for a while. Spending this much time online the last couple of days have quite litarally worn me to the bones. I need to get off this chair and give my back a much needed rest. You you on the flipside (maybe)
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I looks like hubby might avoid surgery right now. Yesterday the surgeon said he didn't want to use surgery except as a last resort if the shoulder couldn't improve with physical therapy. that is good news and at least we don't have to worry about hubby being off work while healing for surgery (yet)
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New "Am I real or not" poll in the sidebar :) Go cast your vote.
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I don't think I'm going to say much more about the whole "Kaycee"/Debbie incident, since it is in the hands of those being able to prosecute if it comes down to that. But the more I get to know about what has been going on, the more I'm sitting here being baffled to no end. It really amazes me how "Debbie" was able to pull it off for so long, without making any really big mistakes along the way, but what really get to me is WHY did she do it int he first place. Why did she spin off Kaycee as a cancer patient when she discovered what her daughter and friends where doing? I wonder if we ever will get the whole story about this, or if it will be one of those where people will continue to say their what ifs... Very spooky indeed.
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Tuesday, May 22

Btw I have both IM and ICQ if anyone wants to chat. Mail me if you want either screen name or UIN
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Man the whole Debbie/Kaycee story is growing to scary dimentions, very scary dementions. The Debbie person now claims, that it was a couple of girls which was hanging around the house who played the CC role. According to Debbie, her own daughter wasn't involved. Debbie took over the sscenario when she realised what the girls were duing and blew it even more out of dementions. There is so much to tell here, so please go and read for a better summary than I'm able to give. All I can say is, that it's going to be freaking huge.
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Monday, May 21

Seniors marry on roller-coaster. Now that's a way to do it :)
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Ack this is one of those days where I wish I had 1. a drivers license and 2. money on hand, because I just discovered that Blockbuster have a fair selection of Danish/Nordic movies. I have been searching high and low for a while to find a way to get my hand on Danish movies but haven't had to monies to buy a VCR which can play both PAL and SECAM and convert between the two formats. The cheapest one I have seen is about $600 which isn't an amount of money I have for every day spending. One of these days I'm going to talk Bob into renting some of those movies and then I'm going to spend time infront of the tv going more square eyed than I am from sitting infront of a computer monitor all day long :) Hmm my birthday is coming up soon (June 9th), so maybe there's something there ;P
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What an erie site, but also very facinating.
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ROFL My heart skipped a couple of beats when first seeing this page :)
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I have been spending a great deal of the weekend reading and following this message thread and later this one, when the news about Kaycee/Debbie broke. I never invested too much in the blogs, other than linking to them and making the odd comment here and there, and I am not sure what to think about it all. Yes, somewhere I was captiwated by the spirit shown in the writings of Kaycee, because she seemed to be someone who had an enormous appetite on life despite suffering from a deadly illness. She made my own struggles seem small in comparison and put some things into perspective. But obviously I was duped or had like most other people who had invested greater or smaller amount of energy in "Kaycees" ordeal.
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S i m p l y C h a t t e r W e b l o g is a new read for me. Beautiful through and through :)
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Sunday, May 20

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