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Darn I wish hubby would call or email me to tell how the appointment went earlier today, but nada, nothing and probably won't be until he get home from work tonight. I hate waiting and specially not for news about something which can affect the next many months so much. Damn it.
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It is a nightmare trying to find soemthing interesting on the tv in the spring and summer months. Everything is reruns of the reruns of the reruns etc. Very little material is something which haven't been sent before. Maybe I ought to find one of those obscure channals I never watch and force myself to take a look. :)
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Hubby goes in for the MRI today. Please cross your fingers, that it will not be something they cannot fix and that he won't be out of comission for too long.
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Thursday, May 17

Clinton hit by egg in Poland They should have used something messier than an egg. Wonder if it was a rotten egg? ;P
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Ees they're mowing the lawn right now and it's making one heck of a noice. Wish they could do it when neither hubby or I am home, but then they wouldn't be able to keep it under the allowed 8" (city code)) since I'm not getting out on a regualr basis.
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Awww what a cutie :)
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Finally(danish language page)) are they getting rid of the Danish version of "Wheel of Fortune". The hosts were worse to listen to than the blonde women turning letters.
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Go take the poll and let me know if I'm on the right track in what I'm doing here or if I should stop blogging.
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*yawn* early morning here. The cats decided the bed needed to be included in their practice for the next Indy 500. It happens every morning somewhere between 5 and 5.30am and usually I am able to to go back to sleep, but not today. Guess I'll have to try and catch some sleep later in the day.
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Wednesday, May 16

I am tired, but sleep doesn't give me the rest I need. When I woke up this morning it actually felt like I had had a good night sleep, but a couple of hours later the tiredness hit me like a train in motion. One minute wide awake, the next sitting up sleeping.
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Tuesday, May 15

:( Till we see you again Kaycee
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I am having the worst cravings and jitters today. I want a cigaret so badly, but I also want to be able to breathe without worries and concerns. God have mercy on anyone coming cross me the wrong way. I feel like I am ready to jump the gun.
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Oops just noticed I had forgotten to republish the archives when I changed layout and graphics. Sorry 'bout that. ;P
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Monday, May 14

People must be having some real issues with Aetna Health Insurance. It is on a second place of the 10 most frequent search terms used when "In the blink of an eye..." shows up in the search engines. I really hope the hits is from people doing research as possibile costumors of Aetna and not because they're having major problems getting Aetna to provide what their doc finds necessarry. Hubby and I were lucky, that we got our issues with Aetna solved pretty quickly, but we have heard that more people within the company are still having problems. :( Hope they get it solved pretty soon.
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Darn I thought I could stop checking pages so closely in NN 4.7 when I do new things, but about 10% of those visiting my various pages are using NN 4.7 so I guess I have to wait a little while longer.
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PopCap are the creators of Bejeweled at MSN Zone. Currently I'm playing Mummy Maze, and for some reason I cannot get past level 6. I must be cursed.
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A while back I wrote about how I had stopped smoking, but I didn't make it :( Hubby had been smoking outside, but then moved to do it inside again and then I just couldn't help myself to a cig. But I'm trying again. Hubby suggested that he started to only smoke outside again. I really hope I can manage it this time around. Smoking was/is not the cause of all my breathing problems, but it sure will make it easier if I can eliminate them this time around. Please cross your fingers that I'll make it this time.
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*sigh* I got some long awaited cd's from my brother today, but our system cannot deal with 80 min cd's very well (yet) so it looks like we'll have to invest in new hardware. That is ok, but it won't happen anytime soon (I think) and there are some real goodies I wanted to play with. :(
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Yes it looks like we might be back in action *crossing fingers for Ev to actually having fixed things* Now what was it I wanted to blog about.... Another case of permanent CRS.
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Sunday, May 13

My mom has always been the one who has had the plesant duty of waking up us kids in the morning. She knew I never liked it and was really very happy when I got old enough to get up and out the door on my own, even though she always kept a close eye on me to make sure I got out the door in time. She has and always will be like that, so it was weird not having her watch over me the same way when I moved to the states. At least I didn't think she would. But at least once every month I get a phone call from her and it is always around the time when it's time to wake up and get going. I think she enjoys it a little bit, still being able to wake me up and make sure I'm awake, ok and ready for the day :) Happy Mothers day.
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