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Recipes with a big twist. Visit at your own risk.
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I've got my keys back again. After having been without , , for more than 3 years I finally have them back where I can use them. Those 3 letters are the big difference between Danish and English and it is almost impossible to communicate in my native language without them. There are workarounds, but it takes more time and time away from communicating. Hubby has even talked about getting a costum set of keys made for my keyboard so I can switch between the Danish and US character set seemslessley. :)
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Thursday, May 3

I am so very envious. EV is going to Denmark soon. Grab a couple of cold ones for me (he most likely won't read this anyway)
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Wednesday, May 2

I miss smelling blooming flowers and freshly cut hay, instead of the fumes of overpriced gas.
I miss hearing the birds sing instead of the screetches of bent metal.
I miss the big waters and winds of the ocean instead of wind howling through every nook and cranny in a badly built apartment building.
I miss sitting in the garden instead of in a car on a parkinglot.
I miss blue skies instead of black clouds of smog.
I miss open fields instead of narrow cities where the next door neighbor hear you fart 10 minutes before you actually do it.

To quote Rolling Stones, "We gotta get out of this place"....
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A domain as a birthday present for a dog!?!?! The mind boggles. Think I have to file this one in the "Only in America" category which holds so many of the other puzzling differencies between here and there.
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I've been working on lots of new stuff for both SMG Design and New Horizons. Feels nice doing something on those pages for a change, since it has been so long and they have been left out in the cold for a while.
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Tuesday, May 1

Did you know that May 1st is International Workers day ? Go and do something.
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Monday, April 30

Thank you Mousie for noticing my bad/sad mood. I'll reply to your mail soon, when I find my vision and my voice again :(
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A lot of stressful things seems to be happening in peoples lives lately. One would almost think that it's some kind of new virus sweeping the place, because of so much happening to so many at the same time. Wish there was something I could do for you folks.
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Sunday, April 29

I am starting to feel discriminated against every time I go online.

You see I'm not an American Citizen, but I live in the US. I'm not living in Denmark, but I'm a Danish citizen (for as long as it lasts). I don't own my own domain(s). I uitilize popup banners on my pages to get a mostly uninterrupted look and feel of my pages. I use Blogger and not Greymatter. I cannot charge people for the use of my designs. I do not have a job or children of my own blood. I live in a rented apartment. I am mortal and not ageless. All of these things are starting pop up as reasons for other people to exclude me from participating in various activities.

Why do I care? Because I am human. A human in the need of interacting with other people.
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I"m sorry Icelyn. :(
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