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Icelyn that bites. Hope at least you find some kind of consolation about the whole thing.
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Thursday, April 26

There are times when I think that the whole jump from being single without a clue about the future, to being married with two older (late teens early 20s) children is someones way of finally getting to the worse/better of me. I am not ready at all to deal with the affairs of older teens. We didn't grow up together and I haven't had time to practice on all of those parental duties that I sorta have as a stepmom. Am having a really hard time figuring out when not to get involved in things involving the kids and their dad (and partly me too) or leave it the heck alone.
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The network at hubbys work was down yesterday, which was why I didn't hear anyhing from him. Right now we're waiting to find out if it's a tear in the rotator cuff (something he has had before), bonespurs or a form of artheritis. Artheritis is the least desireable outcome since they'll not be ablet o fix it for good, whereas a rip in the rotator cuff or bonespurs can be fixed in the OR. An OR trip will mean that he'll be out of commission for at least 3 months and on long term disability. Right now I cannot think of how it will affect us other than a few practical things will be very troublesome for us, because I cannot drive. Ahh well.

Hubby also got the same doc that I got and yet again he showed a next to purfect besidemanner and also managed to straighten out some less fortunate actions of our previous doctor. Thank god this guy truly is family practice oriented as opposed to our old one. :) (If anyone of you is living in the Cedar Rapids area and is looking for a new PCP let me know).
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Wednesday, April 25

6 hours and counting.
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Hubby went to the doc 3 hours ago to get his shoulderjoint checked out and I have yet to hear anything back about what eventually is wrong with it this time. I hate waiting and not knowing what is going on.
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Tuesday, April 24

I am restless tonight. Can't find rest sitting down, doing nothing. I also feel like I could eat a horse. I'm not really that hungry, but somehow I just feel the need for gracing all day long. It got to have something to do with that rump Al was talking about earlier *g*
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Please pray or do whatever you do in situations to help Kaycees colours alive a little bit longer. :(
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I have just had the monthly telephone chat with my mom and she sounds like she is doing really, really good. THat is really a big relief knowing that, specially knowing just what is wrong with her and how bad she's been doing in the past. For now it takes a huge load off my shoulders and I can worry less about not being able to go visit like other people would be able to do with their families. My hope, though, is still that Bob and I will be able to travel to Denmark within the next year but a big puzzle has to be solved before that can happen.
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Note to self: Do not read View from the heart until after I've got something to eat :) *drool*
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Monday, April 23

Icelyn is different, very different. I like it :)
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They (Aethna Health Insurance) finally managed to get a billing statement right. That is really a switch from what we have been experiencing earlier, but I guess there is room for improvement in even the worst cases :) Now we just need the list of providers which we should have had at the beginning of the year and which was pushed back to the middle of March.

As a sidenote... It looks like a lot of people have been doing their own research on Aetna Health Insurance (They only work as a claims handler for DHs employer), because that is one of the most frequent searchterms bringing people to this site.
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Archive and blog links are back up.
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I have removed the archive and blog links until I get a seperate page up and running. Not what I wanted, but better than what I have right now.
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*Scratching head* Obviously that dropdown menu code doesn't work here on Tripod, at least I get an error when trying to use it. Darn it. Back to the drawing board and make a page o'links and archives. Not what I wanted, but obviously yhe only thing I can get to work around this place.
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Sunday, April 22

I might become a grandmother before 30 which really makes me feel old all of a sudden. Now it's just hoping that Chrissie can manage to carry her baby full term this time.
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Goodnight, sleep well and sweet dreams :)
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