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We just put the kitties in their carriers so Bob could take 'em to the kennel for the weekend and Shadow are letting him know what he consists of :P I'm dying you *&%&(^%)^ how could do this &*%(&^%)& to me you ^&*^)%$^%#$ human. Thank god Flash walks into the carrier himself when we show him the door. He has always been the easy one.

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WOW Go read and see what I mean :)
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Being awake this early in the morning, when hubby and I have to be on the road most of the day, is not amusing. At least I went to bed early yesterday and can probably catch some more sleep in the car. Have a happy holiday everyone.
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Thursday, April 12

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Tuesday, April 10

Techweb > News > missing server >ROFL KInda makes me wonder if I should reconcider going back to school when I get all the paperwork settled.
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Robin comments on a mail she got complaining that she is talking about her dying cat instead saving humans. *sigh* Some people just have a hard time understanding how important pets can be/are for some people.
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This man claims there might be a relation between the domesticated cat and schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Personally I have my doubts and am wondering a little bit about how he is going to take into account the proven facts that pet therapy can work wonders for a bad mental health.
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Monday, April 9

I found this link through my referrers. It is a very heart breaking story which really makes my stomac turn a couple of times :(
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I knew something had to be up when Xoom/NBCi cut their messageboard based support away in favour of mail only support. A sad reality.
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Shit I forgot all about my brothers birthday 2 days ago :( That is not good.
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Bob and I will be out of the house during the coming easter weekend, so it's big laundry day today. Not something which I really enjoy doing, but I get even less enjoyment from running myself to death trying to get everything done a couple of hours before leaving so today it is. I'm getting tired already and doesn't really feel like doing all the work involved. Feels a little bit like I'm not totally over what happened last weekend and still trying to get used to all the meds I have in my body now. Shit happens. Sometimes they call it life and sometimes something else.
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*coughing my insides out* Should never have smoked those two cigs yesterday. Ahh well went 8 whole days without, so back to non smoking conditions for me.
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