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PersonalArchivesLinksHome Saturday, March 31
Still here, still awake and still in badly need of some sleep. I almost ended up in the ER earlier today, because my breathing just got worse and worse and took my directly into hyperventilation and what not. I am ok for not, but very very shakey and trying not to stress my body too hard until it hopefully catches up with needed sleep etc. A very scary experience which I hope never to repeat again.
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For several months, actually since I got over here back in 97, I have had problems with sinuses/allergies which progressively have gotten worse and worse. Right now I'm sitting here gasping for air because I fell asleep (more likely passed out) and spent most of the nap on my back. Whenever I do that it seems like my lungs get totally stuffed up and it'll take days getting to where I can breathe without feeling like I'm trying to cough up my lungs. Most times I manage to get things cleared up for a couple of days until next time I spend most of the time sleeping on my back. I'm really at the end of the rope. I don't remember when I had a good night of sleep. Some days it feels like my whole body is shutting dowen because it never gets time to rest in between incidents.
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Friday, March 30

Ack I just took a good long look at the graphics for Crunchblog and I really need to do something about 'em. They are way too dark. Maybe sometime this weekend.
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I had so much to write about, but for some reason my mind keeps getting derailed whenever I try to formulate what I want to say. I get like that every now and then. Most times it ends up with Bob claiming that I'm blowing his mind and saying I'm a bad influence on him. I wonder why? ;P
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Thursday, March 29

Don't have anything to speak about, except that I'm feeling vulnerable. Kinda the feeling of seeing all your dreams falling apart infront of you and there is nothing which can be done. Hopes were high, but not today.
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Wednesday, March 28

Anyone who knows what is going on with Moyra? It has been a very long working hiatus.
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Someone in a newsgroup shared this awfully cute catpicture and I just had to pass it on. It might be old news to some, but to me it's new :)

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Di I am so damn sorry. Wish I could do something to help you guys out :(
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I really, really, really look forward to the taxseason ends. Right now I'm getting spam upon spam upon spam (you get the idea) about super cheap loan or credit card uptions for people who needs the cash to pay their taxes. Like it's going to help any getting a loan or yet another credit card, then people will have that debt to worry about until next time tax season comes around and they have to worry about how to pay taxes etc. It's the circle without end.
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Wow it has been so long since I have done anything fraphics related, but it looks like the reappearance of SMG Design sparked the creative juices into gear. It feels good getting something done instead of sitting here staring at the blank canvas. :)
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Ohhh Flat Earth Games have loads of nice fonts. :)
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Tuesday, March 27

A little bit of crossed fingers (or what you belive in to cross or do for good luck) for my eldest stepdaughter would be much appreciated. Right now she is waiting to hear if she has been accepted into college. *tugging for you kid*
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So much bevel that I almost feel squared :)
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YES!!!! SMG Design and Lifestories are back in action after having been out for nearly two weeks, due to an error in the configuration of some software at Tripod. Now I can finally start planning some much needed updates :)
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It is so fundamentally wrong to let stuff like that happen.
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Mousie talks about being silent and silent towards friends. Sometimes silence is the best thing other than being committed or funny drugs. I know I need those times where I take time for me instead of having to concentrate about what might or might not be going on in the lives of my frieds.
It's ok to be silent.
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KittyKitty.... is back in action and it looks good :)
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Monday, March 26

The following article Comorbid Conditions of Obesity outlines some of the most serious health risks seen in connection with obesity (extreme overweight). I knew being overweight could be serious, but not this serious. I am currently researching weightloss surgery as just one of many options and this one, despite being very technical in the language, really is an eyeopener and thought provoker. I know it was for me. It takes a free registration to get to read it.
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Sunday, March 25

c o l o r i z e d p i x e l s is a great sight for sore eyes :) Go take a look for yourself.
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I see someone is ranting and raving about email and peoples expectations about being answered in a reasonable amount of time. *tsk* *tsk* *tsk* Why don't you mention names or go directly to people like you asked me to do. And yes I'm still waiting for a reply too.

On a different note. Now they claim I doesn't exist in their memberdatabase. Hmmm makes me wonder why I'm able to get my account information when I request a lost password, or why I'm able to change account information. I think they're screwed a little more than they want to admit. Reminds me so much about another socalled free webhost which lovingly is being called Unfortunatecity.
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