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PersonalArchivesLinksHome Saturday, March 24
On another note. We now have both taxreturns in house and a nervewrecking couple of months/years can begin. :)
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Friday, March 23

Great and now blogger is eating my posts :(
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Glitch wipes out some Tripod pages48 hours my butt. It's been more than 168 hours now. Wonder if I should put a count-up clock on this page until they either restore my pages or my FTP access to those pages.
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It is getting harder and harder to be polite when communicating with the people at Tripod. Damn.
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Thursday, March 22

I am starting to think that I will not get SMG Design or Lifestories running on Tripod again. I still cannot log into either account and all attempts at communicating with the folks at Tripod are ignored :( At least I can publish to Crunchblog....
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Wednesday, March 21

We have this woman who keep calling us, asking for Elma or Alma. There is none of that name here, but obviously she cannot under stand that he calls are unwanted. *sigh* Guess I have make it even more clear next time she tries to call.
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I was reading KittyKitty.... and found out that I am not the only one watching that rpogram. I am trying to cut down the amount of time I spend watching that kind of programs though, because I find myself getting more and more angry every time I watch them. There was one segment tonight where I heard an 18 year old boy (and yes her was a boy) saying that he and his 14 year old girl friend were ready to become parents, which was why they had gotten themselves pregnant and now was in the MW to have their baby. I have yet to see any 14 year old girl being ready for motherhood. bleah!

Don't even get me started on those women who get pregant while having some kind of substance abuse. I have been working with the kids of such mothers. Many of those kids are going to have problems for the rest of their lives :(
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Tuesday, March 20

*sigh* Looks like I have to take another minor reak from doing too much computer related work. My wrist is hurting again. :(
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YES!!!! We're back in action, well almost since I'm still missing my graphics site and another journal.
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Did I tell you of the prediction I made a while back that predicted that when we got closer to the time where we get our tax returne back, we would also get a letter from Bobs ex asking for more money? Well we got that letter yesterday and somehow I just have the feeling this year won't be my year either. Agreed we are obligated to pay some for our yongest, but that's partly what the child support is for. Sometimes I have the feeling that Bobs ex thinks we have a buttomless purse, ready to send money every time she sends one of her little letters. I guess it will be same procedure as last year. Damnit!! I am not sure I want to wait another year ormore for this shit to get going.
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There's news that Tripod supposedly had a technical glich this weekend which made them delete a bunch of sites. They should be working on restoring them, but how can they restore them if they are deleted? The mind boggles.....
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Monday, March 19

Those few people who have been following CrunchBlog on a semi-regular basis is going to have a lot of catching up to do when or if I ever manage to get everything back up again. Just because Tripod is f***** right now doesn't mean that I cannot keep blogging, I just got to have a lotte patience a wait with the publishing part.
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Ack Crunchblogger had disappeared from Tripod when I checked on it this morning. Again it was the same excuse that I supposedly had violated the TOS, however there is also romurs going around that Tripod is under a major hacker attack. That certainly would explain why so many sites have disappeared in the last couple of days/weeks, however they still need to let the members know exactly what is going on instead of having abuse (which is where they want people to mail them when we find out pages missing) telling us that our pages were flagged by their robot. Yes I do realise that it might not been a great idea businesswise to tell they've been attacked by hackers, but on the other hand will they have much business left if they don't tell people what is going on with theirpages so they have a chance of correcting what supposedly is wrong with their pages.

I don't think I will ever understand what is going on with some of those socalled free hosts, even though I have had a couple of chances to look behind the mirror at a couple of them. Yes they do need to make money to stay in operation, but they also need a place where people want to settle down and make a base for the web hosts to earn money from. If there's no pages diaplayed there no place where the companies can display their banner ads. I guess it's one of those cases where you are damned if you do and damned if you don't.

I still haven't decided what to do with my pages. I'm still kinda hoping that it do turn out to be just a hacker attack and that my accounts will be reinstated, because I'm already having nightmares at the thought of having to inform everyone about where my pages have moved to as well as updating links to guestbooks, counters, webrings and god knows what else. I guess I'll get around to it eventually, but it would be easier if I could get the old Tripod addresses back as they were.
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Sunday, March 18

I'm sitting here not really knowing what to do with myself and my sites. Do I want to try and find yet another "free" place for them or do I want to keep what is still working until Tripod eventually decides they also have to go and let that be the end of my internet publishing career? It's like I have been ripped apart by the roots and there is nothing I can do to stop the bleeding. I need to be creative and showcase some of the creativity. I need to be creative so I can live, can grow as a human, but I guess only a few can or will understand this.........
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If you're going to walk on thin ice, you might as well dance.
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