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PersonalArchivesLinksHome Friday, March 16
I have heard from more people who have got their sites deleted by Tripod but got them reinstated again because said is was a mistake. I guess there is still a bit of hope, though I'm not so sure if I really feel like uploading everything again. Seems like my graphics and other pages have been through so much lately that I'm not sure if I really feel like trying to get them up and running again. Time will tell.
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SMG Design and Life Stories have been taken offline indifinte :( Obviously Tripod is ona deleting spree, so until I find a permanent home over which I have total control those two sites are down.
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Whoever said that using CSS for layout purposes would give more time to correctly mark up the actual content is dead wrong. I've been spending the last couple of days tweaking and tweaking and... I'm sure you get the idea. Maybe because using more CSS than just removing the underlining of links is pretty new to me and I still have a lot of experimenting to do. I've been through a load of different layouts and many different ways to do those layouts, so that even they look the same the code behind is totally different. Again more time spent on layout than content.

Only problem is, that now I have to keep working with CSS or I'll forget before I can spell HTML. But I kinda like it and it's a challange for me to learn new stuff, since I officially cannot enroll in any classes or courses while waiting for the immigration stuff. Now if I had the space and room to go on and learn some of the other weblanguages things would be even better, but that has to wait a little (or long) while yet.
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It has been snowing here on and off since yesterday afternoon. I had almost given up hope about seeing more snow this season, even thought Bob kept saying that it's not unusual for this area to have snowstorms at easter time. We haven't gotten at much as I would like, but right now anything is good. :)
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Thursday, March 15

I'm walking around like the lion in a cage too small and just feeling the unrest and impatience building up like a volcano about to blow. I cannot concentrate about finishing the countless projects I have started or begin working on those I really want to do. It feels like, for every round I take in the cage, someone or something are tightning the straps and restricting my movement a little bit more. I need to break out, I need to live, I need to be alive and breathe the air outside my prison.
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*sigh* Just a really, really bad day. Hope things improve sometime soon, because it's getting harder and harder not to give up the hope.
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Wednesday, March 14

Yes those are my names below.
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Mousie pointed me to Name St USA and it came up with the following about my names:

~ meaning ~
Friend of beauty
~ motivation ~
Motivated by tranquility and peace
~ character ~
Direct and to the point
~ feelings ~
One who is sympathetic to others
~ intelligence ~
Thirst for knowledge
~ spiritual ~
Is free spirited
~ nature ~
One who is down to earth
~ inherent ~
Noted for your curiosity

and Sara:
~ meaning ~
~ motivation ~
Aims to achieve their goals.
~ character ~
Constant with their decisions
~ feelings ~
Intimacy is important to you
~ intelligence ~
Speaks with authority
~ spiritual ~
Has a free spirit
~ nature ~
A sunny disposition
~ inherent ~
A love of freedom
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Tuesday, March 13

Is it just me who is always having a hard time coming up with something for the frontpage? I've written a few blurps, but somehow it just doesn't look right. I need something more eyecatching than 5 lines of text and a few links to subpages.
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I decided to make a total remake of New Horizons instead of playing around with Crunchblog and it is almost done (not uploaded yet), but I'm considering to merge Crunchblog, Life Stories and New Horizons into one account so I don't have to remember pw's and un's for all of them.
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Monday, March 12

Hmmm doesn't look too bad, but something is missing. Expect to see a lot of ups and downs the next couple of days, while I play around :)
Looks like there is going to be some problems with the archives *scratching head*
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Working on something, but I dunno if it'll work with Crunchblog. I guess time eventually will tell :)
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Sunday, March 11

I sometimes wonder if I gave up too much and did it too easily.
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