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KayCee is finally out of the hospital :)
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Keep Smiling Lish
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If you're able to watch Starz! Cinema you should tune in tonight at 7pm central to watch Babettes Feast. It's one of the few Danish produced movies which has managed to get an Oscar :) A very interesting movie.
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I've been wondering why they didn't let the students, who supposedly knew about the shooting beforehand, back at school yesterday. Didn't those 3 students also loose their friends? Weren't they just as chocked and traumatised as everyone else? But yet they're not allowed to grieve with their friends. At least they were open and honest about what they knew. I think the post Columbine hysteria is going a little too far now.
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Wednesday, March 7

It is so sad they managed to get the Ergonomics rule killed.Bastards! Makes me wonder how they're going to compensate their misstresses for Repeated Stroke Injury. ;P
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Monday, March 5

Fallen Angels and a broken circle. What a mess. Have more to say about this, but need to gather my thoughts first.
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Sunday, March 4

I am not ready for the weekend to be over already. Need to spend a few more days with just Bob and the kitties while doing nothing but hanging around the house. Unfortunately it will be a couple of weeks or so before that will happen and then it'll probably be with reast of the family at various trimes. I like my family, but right now I just need a get-away with Bob and to be papmpered a little bit more than normal. That Hershey Spa experience sounds more and more attracting.
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