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Saturday, March 31

Still here, still awake and still in badly need of some sleep. I almost ended up in the ER earlier today, because my breathing just got worse and worse and took my directly into hyperventilation and what not. I am ok for not, but very very shakey and trying not to stress my body too hard until it hopefully catches up with needed sleep etc. A very scary experience which I hope never to repeat again.
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For several months, actually since I got over here back in 97, I have had problems with sinuses/allergies which progressively have gotten worse and worse. Right now I'm sitting here gasping for air because I fell asleep (more likely passed out) and spent most of the nap on my back. Whenever I do that it seems like my lungs get totally stuffed up and it'll take days getting to where I can breathe without feeling like I'm trying to cough up my lungs. Most times I manage to get things cleared up for a couple of days until next time I spend most of the time sleeping on my back. I'm really at the end of the rope. I don't remember when I had a good night of sleep. Some days it feels like my whole body is shutting dowen because it never gets time to rest in between incidents.
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Friday, March 30

Ack I just took a good long look at the graphics for Crunchblog and I really need to do something about 'em. They are way too dark. Maybe sometime this weekend.
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I had so much to write about, but for some reason my mind keeps getting derailed whenever I try to formulate what I want to say. I get like that every now and then. Most times it ends up with Bob claiming that I'm blowing his mind and saying I'm a bad influence on him. I wonder why? ;P
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Thursday, March 29

Don't have anything to speak about, except that I'm feeling vulnerable. Kinda the feeling of seeing all your dreams falling apart infront of you and there is nothing which can be done. Hopes were high, but not today.
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Wednesday, March 28

Anyone who knows what is going on with Moyra? It has been a very long working hiatus.
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Someone in a newsgroup shared this awfully cute catpicture and I just had to pass it on. It might be old news to some, but to me it's new :)

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Di I am so damn sorry. Wish I could do something to help you guys out :(
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I really, really, really look forward to the taxseason ends. Right now I'm getting spam upon spam upon spam (you get the idea) about super cheap loan or credit card uptions for people who needs the cash to pay their taxes. Like it's going to help any getting a loan or yet another credit card, then people will have that debt to worry about until next time tax season comes around and they have to worry about how to pay taxes etc. It's the circle without end.
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Wow it has been so long since I have done anything fraphics related, but it looks like the reappearance of SMG Design sparked the creative juices into gear. It feels good getting something done instead of sitting here staring at the blank canvas. :)
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Ohhh Flat Earth Games have loads of nice fonts. :)
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Tuesday, March 27

A little bit of crossed fingers (or what you belive in to cross or do for good luck) for my eldest stepdaughter would be much appreciated. Right now she is waiting to hear if she has been accepted into college. *tugging for you kid*
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So much bevel that I almost feel squared :)
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YES!!!! SMG Design and Lifestories are back in action after having been out for nearly two weeks, due to an error in the configuration of some software at Tripod. Now I can finally start planning some much needed updates :)
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It is so fundamentally wrong to let stuff like that happen.
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Mousie talks about being silent and silent towards friends. Sometimes silence is the best thing other than being committed or funny drugs. I know I need those times where I take time for me instead of having to concentrate about what might or might not be going on in the lives of my frieds.
It's ok to be silent.
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KittyKitty.... is back in action and it looks good :)
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Monday, March 26

The following article Comorbid Conditions of Obesity outlines some of the most serious health risks seen in connection with obesity (extreme overweight). I knew being overweight could be serious, but not this serious. I am currently researching weightloss surgery as just one of many options and this one, despite being very technical in the language, really is an eyeopener and thought provoker. I know it was for me. It takes a free registration to get to read it.
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Sunday, March 25

c o l o r i z e d p i x e l s is a great sight for sore eyes :) Go take a look for yourself.
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I see someone is ranting and raving about email and peoples expectations about being answered in a reasonable amount of time. *tsk* *tsk* *tsk* Why don't you mention names or go directly to people like you asked me to do. And yes I'm still waiting for a reply too.

On a different note. Now they claim I doesn't exist in their memberdatabase. Hmmm makes me wonder why I'm able to get my account information when I request a lost password, or why I'm able to change account information. I think they're screwed a little more than they want to admit. Reminds me so much about another socalled free webhost which lovingly is being called Unfortunatecity.
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Saturday, March 24

On another note. We now have both taxreturns in house and a nervewrecking couple of months/years can begin. :)
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Friday, March 23

Great and now blogger is eating my posts :(
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Glitch wipes out some Tripod pages48 hours my butt. It's been more than 168 hours now. Wonder if I should put a count-up clock on this page until they either restore my pages or my FTP access to those pages.
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It is getting harder and harder to be polite when communicating with the people at Tripod. Damn.
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Thursday, March 22

I am starting to think that I will not get SMG Design or Lifestories running on Tripod again. I still cannot log into either account and all attempts at communicating with the folks at Tripod are ignored :( At least I can publish to Crunchblog....
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Wednesday, March 21

We have this woman who keep calling us, asking for Elma or Alma. There is none of that name here, but obviously she cannot under stand that he calls are unwanted. *sigh* Guess I have make it even more clear next time she tries to call.
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I was reading KittyKitty.... and found out that I am not the only one watching that rpogram. I am trying to cut down the amount of time I spend watching that kind of programs though, because I find myself getting more and more angry every time I watch them. There was one segment tonight where I heard an 18 year old boy (and yes her was a boy) saying that he and his 14 year old girl friend were ready to become parents, which was why they had gotten themselves pregnant and now was in the MW to have their baby. I have yet to see any 14 year old girl being ready for motherhood. bleah!

Don't even get me started on those women who get pregant while having some kind of substance abuse. I have been working with the kids of such mothers. Many of those kids are going to have problems for the rest of their lives :(
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Tuesday, March 20

*sigh* Looks like I have to take another minor reak from doing too much computer related work. My wrist is hurting again. :(
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YES!!!! We're back in action, well almost since I'm still missing my graphics site and another journal.
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Did I tell you of the prediction I made a while back that predicted that when we got closer to the time where we get our tax returne back, we would also get a letter from Bobs ex asking for more money? Well we got that letter yesterday and somehow I just have the feeling this year won't be my year either. Agreed we are obligated to pay some for our yongest, but that's partly what the child support is for. Sometimes I have the feeling that Bobs ex thinks we have a buttomless purse, ready to send money every time she sends one of her little letters. I guess it will be same procedure as last year. Damnit!! I am not sure I want to wait another year ormore for this shit to get going.
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There's news that Tripod supposedly had a technical glich this weekend which made them delete a bunch of sites. They should be working on restoring them, but how can they restore them if they are deleted? The mind boggles.....
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Monday, March 19

Those few people who have been following CrunchBlog on a semi-regular basis is going to have a lot of catching up to do when or if I ever manage to get everything back up again. Just because Tripod is f***** right now doesn't mean that I cannot keep blogging, I just got to have a lotte patience a wait with the publishing part.
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Ack Crunchblogger had disappeared from Tripod when I checked on it this morning. Again it was the same excuse that I supposedly had violated the TOS, however there is also romurs going around that Tripod is under a major hacker attack. That certainly would explain why so many sites have disappeared in the last couple of days/weeks, however they still need to let the members know exactly what is going on instead of having abuse (which is where they want people to mail them when we find out pages missing) telling us that our pages were flagged by their robot. Yes I do realise that it might not been a great idea businesswise to tell they've been attacked by hackers, but on the other hand will they have much business left if they don't tell people what is going on with theirpages so they have a chance of correcting what supposedly is wrong with their pages.

I don't think I will ever understand what is going on with some of those socalled free hosts, even though I have had a couple of chances to look behind the mirror at a couple of them. Yes they do need to make money to stay in operation, but they also need a place where people want to settle down and make a base for the web hosts to earn money from. If there's no pages diaplayed there no place where the companies can display their banner ads. I guess it's one of those cases where you are damned if you do and damned if you don't.

I still haven't decided what to do with my pages. I'm still kinda hoping that it do turn out to be just a hacker attack and that my accounts will be reinstated, because I'm already having nightmares at the thought of having to inform everyone about where my pages have moved to as well as updating links to guestbooks, counters, webrings and god knows what else. I guess I'll get around to it eventually, but it would be easier if I could get the old Tripod addresses back as they were.
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Sunday, March 18

I'm sitting here not really knowing what to do with myself and my sites. Do I want to try and find yet another "free" place for them or do I want to keep what is still working until Tripod eventually decides they also have to go and let that be the end of my internet publishing career? It's like I have been ripped apart by the roots and there is nothing I can do to stop the bleeding. I need to be creative and showcase some of the creativity. I need to be creative so I can live, can grow as a human, but I guess only a few can or will understand this.........
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If you're going to walk on thin ice, you might as well dance.
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Friday, March 16

I have heard from more people who have got their sites deleted by Tripod but got them reinstated again because said is was a mistake. I guess there is still a bit of hope, though I'm not so sure if I really feel like uploading everything again. Seems like my graphics and other pages have been through so much lately that I'm not sure if I really feel like trying to get them up and running again. Time will tell.
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SMG Design and Life Stories have been taken offline indifinte :( Obviously Tripod is ona deleting spree, so until I find a permanent home over which I have total control those two sites are down.
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Whoever said that using CSS for layout purposes would give more time to correctly mark up the actual content is dead wrong. I've been spending the last couple of days tweaking and tweaking and... I'm sure you get the idea. Maybe because using more CSS than just removing the underlining of links is pretty new to me and I still have a lot of experimenting to do. I've been through a load of different layouts and many different ways to do those layouts, so that even they look the same the code behind is totally different. Again more time spent on layout than content.

Only problem is, that now I have to keep working with CSS or I'll forget before I can spell HTML. But I kinda like it and it's a challange for me to learn new stuff, since I officially cannot enroll in any classes or courses while waiting for the immigration stuff. Now if I had the space and room to go on and learn some of the other weblanguages things would be even better, but that has to wait a little (or long) while yet.
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It has been snowing here on and off since yesterday afternoon. I had almost given up hope about seeing more snow this season, even thought Bob kept saying that it's not unusual for this area to have snowstorms at easter time. We haven't gotten at much as I would like, but right now anything is good. :)
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Thursday, March 15

I'm walking around like the lion in a cage too small and just feeling the unrest and impatience building up like a volcano about to blow. I cannot concentrate about finishing the countless projects I have started or begin working on those I really want to do. It feels like, for every round I take in the cage, someone or something are tightning the straps and restricting my movement a little bit more. I need to break out, I need to live, I need to be alive and breathe the air outside my prison.
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*sigh* Just a really, really bad day. Hope things improve sometime soon, because it's getting harder and harder not to give up the hope.
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Wednesday, March 14

Yes those are my names below.
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Mousie pointed me to Name St USA and it came up with the following about my names:

~ meaning ~
Friend of beauty
~ motivation ~
Motivated by tranquility and peace
~ character ~
Direct and to the point
~ feelings ~
One who is sympathetic to others
~ intelligence ~
Thirst for knowledge
~ spiritual ~
Is free spirited
~ nature ~
One who is down to earth
~ inherent ~
Noted for your curiosity

and Sara:
~ meaning ~
~ motivation ~
Aims to achieve their goals.
~ character ~
Constant with their decisions
~ feelings ~
Intimacy is important to you
~ intelligence ~
Speaks with authority
~ spiritual ~
Has a free spirit
~ nature ~
A sunny disposition
~ inherent ~
A love of freedom
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Tuesday, March 13

Is it just me who is always having a hard time coming up with something for the frontpage? I've written a few blurps, but somehow it just doesn't look right. I need something more eyecatching than 5 lines of text and a few links to subpages.
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I decided to make a total remake of New Horizons instead of playing around with Crunchblog and it is almost done (not uploaded yet), but I'm considering to merge Crunchblog, Life Stories and New Horizons into one account so I don't have to remember pw's and un's for all of them.
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Monday, March 12

Hmmm doesn't look too bad, but something is missing. Expect to see a lot of ups and downs the next couple of days, while I play around :)
Looks like there is going to be some problems with the archives *scratching head*
Sara wrote on 3:58 PM - Link - Comments

Working on something, but I dunno if it'll work with Crunchblog. I guess time eventually will tell :)
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Sunday, March 11

I sometimes wonder if I gave up too much and did it too easily.
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Thursday, March 8

KayCee is finally out of the hospital :)
Sara wrote on 6:12 PM - Link - Comments

Keep Smiling Lish
Sara wrote on 11:35 AM - Link - Comments

If you're able to watch Starz! Cinema you should tune in tonight at 7pm central to watch Babettes Feast. It's one of the few Danish produced movies which has managed to get an Oscar :) A very interesting movie.
Sara wrote on 10:49 AM - Link - Comments

I've been wondering why they didn't let the students, who supposedly knew about the shooting beforehand, back at school yesterday. Didn't those 3 students also loose their friends? Weren't they just as chocked and traumatised as everyone else? But yet they're not allowed to grieve with their friends. At least they were open and honest about what they knew. I think the post Columbine hysteria is going a little too far now.
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Wednesday, March 7

It is so sad they managed to get the Ergonomics rule killed.Bastards! Makes me wonder how they're going to compensate their misstresses for Repeated Stroke Injury. ;P
Sara wrote on 10:26 PM - Link - Comments

Monday, March 5

Fallen Angels and a broken circle. What a mess. Have more to say about this, but need to gather my thoughts first.
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Sunday, March 4

I am not ready for the weekend to be over already. Need to spend a few more days with just Bob and the kitties while doing nothing but hanging around the house. Unfortunately it will be a couple of weeks or so before that will happen and then it'll probably be with reast of the family at various trimes. I like my family, but right now I just need a get-away with Bob and to be papmpered a little bit more than normal. That Hershey Spa experience sounds more and more attracting.
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Friday, March 2

Scenic-Route: Paint Shop Pro: TUTORIALS is not the way to do a tutorial. Specially not one which is so basic in nature as this one. It'll scare a newbie away faster than I can count to one.
Sara wrote on 8:59 PM - Link - Comments

Whenever you fail or miss out on something you always have tomorrow. Every dawn is a symbol of renewal, telling you to get up, go out and try again.
Thought A Day (c)1999, JAM
Sara wrote on 3:55 PM - Link - Comments

Thank God it's friday. Don't think I could go another day waiting for the weekend to come and it looks like we'll have fairly warm weather too, so maybe there will even be a chance of getting out of the house for a little while too :)
Sara wrote on 1:16 PM - Link - Comments

Thursday, March 1

Ack CSS is a pain to learn, but I might just have a very basic understanding about it. Now if I could figure out how to position things so I don't have to put the different elements in a table to make it look like I want. But it will be a while before I introduce CSS to Crunchblog.
Sara wrote on 11:19 PM - Link - Comments

I'm sitting here wondering whether Bob and I ever will manage to get a visit from family (Other than our yongest daughter) out here in Iowa. He has been here for 4 years and I have been here for 3 and it is still the two of us doing all the travel and 12 hour drives. Would be nice just once in a while to see things happen the other way round. Granted we don't have a whole lot of space for people, but there is enough for visitors and actually quite a few interesting stuff to do in the area. I dunno......
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Ahh man I'm envious now. My brother just sent some pictures of the newly remoddeled apartment he and his gf is moving into right now. It sure looks good. Not a very big one, but it looks like the space has been put to good use, though I'm not sure I could live with a kitchen that small. Oh yeah and I'm happy I don't have to do all the moving. They live in the same complex and have to do a lot of running up and down the stairs from the second floor to the ground floor.
Sara wrote on 2:52 PM - Link - Comments

Tired, gouchy, allergic to pain, fighting infection in foot, brain is taking a leak on me, back is itching and I'm living in Iowa too, but hopefully not forever.
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