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Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his rightiousness.
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Friday, February 16

It almost smells like Christmas again, now the cookies are out of the oven and cooling. :)

On another note: I really am trying not to be rude by not forwarding all of those "send this one on to show you're a true friend" type of emails. They are old and have made their rounds so many times that my email program almost screams every time it sees one of them. Friendships should not depend on whether or not your forward such a mail and/or send it back to the one you got it from. Can you imagine the caos it would be if we would have to sit there and send it back and forth or else we would be out of luck (Many of them says to forward within 5 mintes or you're out of luck). It would be like two autoresponders gone bad.
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Ahhh waiting for the cookiedough to taw enough to cut and bake. My stomac is rumbling already :)
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I would love to have the kind of money that enables me to go shopping for this piece of furniture.
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Uh Oh we just got mail from the health insurance handler. All I can say is that Bob is NOT going to be happy when he gets home tonight and see what it is. Dumbasses. Anyone got any good experiences with Aetna Health Insurance? We would sure like to hear if they can do anything good.
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I knew we were going to have a lot of "fun" when Bobs employer changed healthinsurance handler. It seems like they're having an awful time dealing with people for whom they're only going to handle the paperwork and nothing else. They cannot get into their little heads that we're not actually insured by them. Sure hope that neither Bob or I need any complacated treatment or need to go to the emergency room.
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Thursday, February 15

I am finally starting to get more regular sleep than I have gotten for the last couple of months. It is nice, being able to go to bed and fall asleep instead of tossing and turning for a couple of hours before getting back up. Now I just need to also have a good sleep and actually be rested when I wake up. It haven't happened yet, but I hope it will come soon because it takes much of my day trying to wake up and get started on what I need to do.
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Lots of newness in the Terragen section of SMG Design Galleries. Go take a look :)
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I sometimes have my doubts about our youngest cat. It seems like she is spending a lot of time either trying to break into the cupboard where the food is stored, beating up the big kitty (rarely succeeds) or showing her nose up his butt.
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Wednesday, February 14

Another year and another missed/forgotten/ignored aniversary. *sigh*
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Why is it so hard to find a text color which will work with a dark minty greenish background? Black and white are the only ones which I can get to work, but I would rather that I could use a darker greenish shade of my background. Hmmm looks like I have to go back to the drawing table and see if I can come up with something else.
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This is the sad reality of the 1 child only policy practiced in China. The reports says this child was eventually put in a cardboard box and dumped in a trash can.

Damnit I wish I could.......... but that is never to be :(
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Discouraged, but trying to hang on to the last strand of hope........
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Damn my computer lamp just went and of course it's one of those types of lightbulbs where you don't have a spare lying around for cases like this. :(
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And she is out there digging some more. Seems like she is spending a lot of time just digging and digging and digging and digging without doing anything. She is just digging for the sake of digging and to spread littler all over the place. Makes me wish that we weren't living in an apartment building, so we could make an enclosure for the cats and at the same time give her room to dig all she wants. I wonder if we could teach her to dig for gold or some other valuables.
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Sure looks like Blogfinder is going to be a good one. Am already getting a good deal of hits from it :) Yes I'm one of those people who is aiming for as many hits etc as possible. *g* Call me a link'n'hit ho if you must.
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This is my hometowns website. Could have been done a lot better. They even have a forum set up and it looks like you might even get an answer.
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Tuesday, February 13

I am getting less and less from being online. Granted there are a few things I would miss if I weren't, but the net and being online have lost the feel of magic and excitement I had when I first got online. In the beginning it was easy to get to know people and get help (if that is what you needed), but now it seems like most are more concerned about protecting their own little sphere and celebrating the few instead of being open to new and different experiences. There were a lot of talk about the internet/blog community some time ago, but to be honest I don't see it much anymore. What I see is a community based on how well you stand in with a certain crowd or a community based on how much you're willing or able to produce or how controversial you can be. It's a community made up of individuals by individuals and there is less and less space to embrace those who for one reason or another doesn't fit in or do not want to fit in.

I'm not sure why I do spend time thinking of this. Because somewhere I have a hope that there is more room than most or many people want to admit there is, because somewhere I have a hope that people every now and then would be less concerned about their own little sphere and what they personally can get from letting people share or experience a fragment of that space and realise there IS more to the world than their own little confined space.

I want to make a prediction, that I'll get no responses to this other than from those (two) who usually make a comment when I make a commentworthy entry.
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If this isn't going to help raise the literacy level I don't know what. I see a future where this country is ruled by a bunch of illiterate nincompoops (Worse than the ones we have already).
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Monday, February 12

For those who is devestated that Google might not be offering posting abilities I give you this list over web based reading and posting possibilities. But you do get what you pay for :)
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I'm disappointed by people who claim that I am hiding things by commenting on them in this blog, and yet they cannot see fit to respond to me when I give (per their request) further explanations to why I wrote as I did. Who is in hiding now? Ahh well the ball is in their corner and it's their play.
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Oh honey....... ;P
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This announcement Google acquires Deja's Usenet service is probably one of the best things which could happen for usenet :) YEHAWWWWWWW
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*sigh* I hope I'm the only one who is having a slight problem getting access to Cruchblog at Tripod. Posting and all of that fun stuff seems to be without problems, but actually getting the page to load is totally different. Looks like Tripod is starting to have a lot of the same problems which Xoom/NBCi is/was suffering from. One can just hope they will do something about em instead of acting like nothing is wrong.
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Shoot. Didn't get to see Hannibal this weekend because of the snowstorm we got the other day, so Bob wouldn't drive. I hope we manage to get to the movies before they take it off.
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Sunday, February 11

Only I can manage to wake up at 7.15am on a sunday. Of course I cannot go back to bed like nothing has happened. Someone pass the matches so I can keep my eyes open. Trying to keep them otherwise open is way too much work until I've got the first couple of gallons of tea :) *thud*
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