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I am doomed to dream of floorplans tonight and forever. No, Bob and I do not have any actual plans (or money (but I wish we had)) to build our own house, but we do spend a lot of time talking about expectations to a house and the individual rooms. For a long time I have been surfing online real estate agents, as well as homebuilder sites, in search of interesting floorplans and virtual tours to get ideas of what we want and don't want in a house when the day comes when we do get to build our own. Tonight I found a free CAD program and since I downloaded I've been buried deeply in trying to visualise basic plans for what we want. :)

The kitchen, livingroom and master bedroom/bathroom are those rooms, both of us are going to give extra special attention because to us they're the most important ones.
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I'm getting tired of this look already. The stripes in the background is totally confusing to my eyes. Ahh well it looked good in the beginning. I think I need something minimal instead of big with bold colors just screaming at me and asking me to turn away from it. Hmmm.... if only I had the inspiration to do anything.
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Friday, February 9

Uh oh the light has started to blink, so maybe I'll get the chance to become totally and utterly disconnected from rest of the world for a while. It's kinda an attractive idea, but as Bob says "It's a pain in the ass", with so much being out that we can do nothing but curl up on the bed and hope the kitties doesn't decide to go horseracing across it.
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I don't have my own webcam, but SkyEye2 from one of the local Tv Stations shows what it's like here right now :)
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And now we have a shitload of snow and ice, but of course Bobs employer doesn't see fit to close the plant even everyone else in the area has done so. Bastards.
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We don't have a single speck of snow yet, but they're closing schools left and right.
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If you thought Bejweled was addicting, then you should try JT's Blocks at Yahoo Games. I take no responsebility for lost time.
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We're always happy to put a little crunchness into life :)
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Thursday, February 8

Someone needs to take the guys in this Smile, burglars, you're starring on a Web site - - Page One story out of the genepool. hehehe How stupid can they get? Link from Metafilter.
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The Face of a Pedophile who has recieved many sentences for sexual abuse of children between the age of 6 to 11 years old. Unfortunately Denmark doesn't have a life sentence for abuse like this and therefore he has been able to do it over and over again. :( Link is in Danish.
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Did a little cleanup here and there :)
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Since when was it written into law, that everything MUST have a fat shiney inner bevel? It gives me nightmares looking at it.
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Life is good when friends who have been LTNS are reappearing again :)
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Men are like kids. They only hear and do what they want. Off to empty the dishdrainer that I asked him to empty 2 days ago, so I could get dishes done instead of having to do them on the spot when I need something.
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I'll never get to understand what drives people to make an action like this. It makes me sick to my stomac, knowing that some people are treating innocent kids like this when there's so many people willing to adopt or take care of an unwanted child.
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You know if you don't want a reply to your email, don't write me in the first place complaining about what I have written online. And this time I aint mentioning any names.
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Wednesday, February 7

If I didn't know better I would have thought I'd been in California for a couple of hours with the long power-out we just had. Thank god I wasn't doing anything when it went, but we do need to have some candles or a flashlight ready for next time this happens.
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For all you Mac fans :)
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The world seems to be slow as of late. Either that, or my sense of time and movement have been redefined to something else or my expatations and patience are not what they used to be.

On another note. I talked with my mom on the phone today and for the first time in a while she actually sounded like she was doing great. The only thing she had to complain about was, that she had to go to the hospital tomorrow for the annually checkup on her heart. She had to get up already at 6am (her time) to be ready when the transportation was there to pick her up at 7.20 am. I really feel for her, because neither of us have liked to get up that early in the morning.
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Darn it. Wiped all passwords from my machine :( Supposedly McAfee and ZA caught a virus in my mail yesterday, but the computer is acting funny today. If anyone is getting funny looking email from me, please leave a comment at the blogvoice thingie.
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I wonder if my mail is broke again?
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This proposed bill SF 54 ...establishing an age ceiling for hiring fire fighters an... is flat ass discrimination.
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Tuesday, February 6

*tapping fingers on the table* Going to be interesting to see if anything comes out of that. ;P
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Thank God for a good firewall and Virus scanner which catches everything :)
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Woof Woof
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Fact of the day: It is impossible to make a straight selection when sneezing.
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If you don't feel like going Greymatter there is also The Journaling Script. Haven't tried it, but it looks simpler than Greymatter (at least to me).
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Please let me know if there is any problems with this layout.
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It's a shame that some people don't understand and respect the power they, themselves have in regards to certain matters.
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Ahhh they finally got the dryer fixed, so we don't have to run everything through two cycles to get it dry :)
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Same shit on a different day.
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A beautiful day, but with a windchill of only 2 so I'm staying put inside even though I would love to get outside every now and then.
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Yikes. Waking up in the middle of a program about mosquitos is just too freaking scary, especially when they've have done their best at zoomin on on those little SOB's. I'm itching just by there mere thought of them.
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Monday, February 5

A beautiful woman loved growing tomatoes, but couldn't seem to get her tomatoes to turn red. One day while taking a stroll she came upon a gentleman neighbor who had the most beautiful garden full of huge red tomatoes.

The woman asked the gentleman, "What do you do to get your tomatoes so red?"

The gentleman responded, "Well, twice a day I stand in front of my tomato garden and expose myself, and my tomatoes turn red from blushing so much."

Well, the woman was so impressed, she decided to try doing the same thing to her tomato garden to see if it would work. So twice a day for two weeks she exposed herself to her garden hoping for the best.

One day the gentleman was passing by and asked the woman, "By the way, How did you make out? Did your tomatoes turn red?"

"No" she replied, "but my cucumbers are enormous."
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Not even 9am here and I've already got quite a lot done(Not housework *g*) Life is good and the backpain ain't too bad right now.
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Advil the painkiller, is my very, very good friend. Ouch!
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Ahhh I love having new toys to play with and now I can learn SSI and all the other nifty stuff without having a host which supports it :)
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Sunday, February 4

No real surpises seeing the Anti-Bloggies Winners!.
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It's going to be one of those days where I have a really hard time breathing. I hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it and wish there were something more I could do to help it.
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While we were at the petstore we picked up some catnip spray to see if Flash would react any differently from what he does to the dry stuff (basically no reaction or like a very mean drunk) and boy did he surprise us. We had put some on the new scratching post we also got them, and within 5 minutes he was almost on his back, juggling away with the scraching post like he have never done anything else. Shadow kept on a safe distance, not really knowing what the heck got into him or how to deal with him, cos she'd never seen him act like that before.
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