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Tuesday, February 27

I sometimes wonder if anyone really cares anymore or if I should just go back to keep my mind as numb as possible?
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The last entry isn't supposed to make sense to anyone but me. I needed to let off some steam after having watched a certain program on TLC tonight. And nope it's the one about D-Cups.
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Why is it that I seem to be drawn to things which I know will not be any good for me? I'm not talking about food or anything like that, but things, events, happenings which I know will get my mood to ride an emotional rollercoaster until I manage to get myself going again? I know a few very specific triggers in my life, but yet I keep searching and "enjoying" things which will trigger the hell out of it and leave me to nothing but a aching heart. Sometimes it almost feels like it's some kind of self punishment, but in the specific case I'm thinking about I know that I cannot personally do anything about the circumstances which led me to get triggered. Yes I can stop doing things which I know will be a trigger, but the original problem I cannot do anything about without help from another person, and that person has clearly stated the unvillingness to be my aide in this matter. Sometimes I have to work so hard not to throw a fit of blame, but I really feel that it is unfair to be subjected to this when I haven't had any say in it. The dicision was taken long before and now I'm just expected to go along like I'm in total agreement with everything said and done. No I do not agree and never will, buit I guess I just have to follow along unless certain things somehow changes. Damnit!
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Monday, February 26

I've been working a lot with Terragen lately and I don't seem to be able to not do anything which doesn't have water in it. Maybe because I haven't seen the kind of water which reaches further than the eye can see for more than 3 years and I really long for a trip to the coast and for the wind to sweep through me.

Click image to see bigger version.

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Every new day is the beginning of the rest of your life, On each day
you can make new choices on how to live it.
Thought A Day (c)1999, JAM
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Ohhh Mizz Kitty have set up a postcard center over at FullMoon Graphics :) I've seen a few I want to send already *snicker*
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What did you end up doing. Family business or Flash? I also wish you would put permalinks up so it's easier to link to an individual entry :)
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Ahh an all new keyboard to break in :) I kinda spilled a good dose of iced tea on my old one sunday morning (Ok it was a whole glass of iced tea), but we had to see if we could salvage it. No luck in doing so, despite pulling it apart and cleaning and drying. That is the 2nd keyboard I've managed to kill in 3 years and Bob is letting me hear about it too. Though I had to remind him that he actually helped killing the first one *g* It's kinda weird having a new one because the keys are way too sensitive and does much more than what I ask it to.
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Saturday, February 24

That picture really hurts my eyes.
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Friday, February 23

Crunch full of Rod Stewart lyrics :)
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Hand painted caskets. Who would have thought that. Opens up for some possibilities. Hmm........
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For the last couple of days I've started to wake up somewhere between 8 and 9 am, but 5 or 6 hours of sleep (do your own math) just really isn't enough for me to get through the day and get everything done that I want to get done. At least my sleep is getting more regular now and I don't spend all day sleeping while being awake at night.
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I was a kid of the mother described in Knocked senseless.
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Thursday, February 22

A webserver with feelings. Found at Lucid Confusion
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Enough trouble for today, so I think I'll keep my comments about the Browser Upgrade Campaign to myself. (Who died and made these people god anyway?)
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Geee sure did stir up some emotions in different places, but obviously not eveyone think it's positive and constructive to get information about where things can be obtained legally. Think I'll just do the company thing next time instead og giving people a chance to get things straightned out. Their loss and saves me some time.
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I am so tired of people and their bad excuses for not checking their sources before posting a tutorial online. In this case someone posted her very first PSP tut. In it she listed a specific font to use and said it was either shareware or freeware. I pointed out that it was a commercial font for sale by as part of a package. It didnt take long for the vultures to come out of hiding and accuse me of flaming and other delightfull (sarcasm people, it's called sarcasm) nasties. If I had wanted to do that I wouldn't even have bothered to let them know about the font creator and where a license could be obtained. Instead I would have gone straight to to let them know that one of their fonts is being destributed as free/shareware. Granted I have done that in a few other cases where people have been made aware of the facts but chosen to ignore them.
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Wednesday, February 21

A little bit more about being a Spiritual Straddler.
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I would love to own a Bengal cat (Yes there is such a cat, not to mistaken for the Bengal Tiger)
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I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate working with tables. It always take me so long to get everything to lign up right if I don't scrap it before I reach that far.
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I've been awake for more than 3 hours and I still can't keep my eyes open for more than about 10 minutes straight. Guess it's not my day to just camp out infront of the tv and expect to stay awake during the programs I want to see, but I'm too tired to try to stay awake. Zzzzzz
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Tuesday, February 20

There is just something wrong about a 14 year old having a baby. Think I need to stop watching those programs. They're affecting me too deeply.
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According to the "What's your spiritual type?" at Beliefnet I am a Spiritual Straddler. More about that later.
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Beliefnet looks like a great source of information.
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I'm playing around with an idea called Life Stories, but I'm not too sure if I have enough material to give it life of its own, if Crunchblog should give it lifesupport or if I should wait a while until there is more meat on the bone. Life Stories sorta is what I had hoped Crunchblog would be, but for some reason never was. On the other hand Crunchblog has taken a justified turn of its own with all the chitter-chatter that I also need to make every now and then. We'll see what the future holds.
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I feel like I should come up with something profound to say, but the truth is that I don't really have anything to say which haven't been said already or mentioned elsewhere.
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Monday, February 19

Like many other people I've taken BlogVoices off to make it load faster. Hopefully it will improve things.
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Sorry about the popup ads, but the page looks better without the ad taking up space.
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New layout coming soon :)
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A man is driving down the road.

A woman is driving down the same road from the opposite direction.

As they pass each other, the woman leans out the window and yells "PIG!!"

The man immediately leans out his window and yells, "BITCH!"

They each continue on their way, and as the man rounds the next curve he crashes into a huge pig in the middle of the road.

If only men would listen
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It seems like some people have been worrying about my state of mind after having read the entries for Saturday and Sunday. There really isn't any need to worry. I'm still the same old nutcase/fruitcake or whatever you prefer to label me *g* I've just had a couple of days where I have been feeling extremely grouchy for no apparent reason (Nope not that time of month either). It was specially bad Sunday when I woke up after a short nap. I could literally touch the thundercloud hanging over my head. I don't know what caused it, because I was in a fairly good mood when I went to take a nap. Anyway, there is no need to worry and everything is back to it's normal wacky self :)
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Sunday, February 18

I'll be in the blargle closet if anyone wants to talk to me.
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Saturday, February 17

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his rightiousness.
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Friday, February 16

It almost smells like Christmas again, now the cookies are out of the oven and cooling. :)

On another note: I really am trying not to be rude by not forwarding all of those "send this one on to show you're a true friend" type of emails. They are old and have made their rounds so many times that my email program almost screams every time it sees one of them. Friendships should not depend on whether or not your forward such a mail and/or send it back to the one you got it from. Can you imagine the caos it would be if we would have to sit there and send it back and forth or else we would be out of luck (Many of them says to forward within 5 mintes or you're out of luck). It would be like two autoresponders gone bad.
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Ahhh waiting for the cookiedough to taw enough to cut and bake. My stomac is rumbling already :)
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I would love to have the kind of money that enables me to go shopping for this piece of furniture.
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Uh Oh we just got mail from the health insurance handler. All I can say is that Bob is NOT going to be happy when he gets home tonight and see what it is. Dumbasses. Anyone got any good experiences with Aetna Health Insurance? We would sure like to hear if they can do anything good.
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I knew we were going to have a lot of "fun" when Bobs employer changed healthinsurance handler. It seems like they're having an awful time dealing with people for whom they're only going to handle the paperwork and nothing else. They cannot get into their little heads that we're not actually insured by them. Sure hope that neither Bob or I need any complacated treatment or need to go to the emergency room.
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Thursday, February 15

I am finally starting to get more regular sleep than I have gotten for the last couple of months. It is nice, being able to go to bed and fall asleep instead of tossing and turning for a couple of hours before getting back up. Now I just need to also have a good sleep and actually be rested when I wake up. It haven't happened yet, but I hope it will come soon because it takes much of my day trying to wake up and get started on what I need to do.
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Lots of newness in the Terragen section of SMG Design Galleries. Go take a look :)
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I sometimes have my doubts about our youngest cat. It seems like she is spending a lot of time either trying to break into the cupboard where the food is stored, beating up the big kitty (rarely succeeds) or showing her nose up his butt.
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Wednesday, February 14

Another year and another missed/forgotten/ignored aniversary. *sigh*
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Why is it so hard to find a text color which will work with a dark minty greenish background? Black and white are the only ones which I can get to work, but I would rather that I could use a darker greenish shade of my background. Hmmm looks like I have to go back to the drawing table and see if I can come up with something else.
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This is the sad reality of the 1 child only policy practiced in China. The reports says this child was eventually put in a cardboard box and dumped in a trash can.

Damnit I wish I could.......... but that is never to be :(
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Discouraged, but trying to hang on to the last strand of hope........
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Damn my computer lamp just went and of course it's one of those types of lightbulbs where you don't have a spare lying around for cases like this. :(
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And she is out there digging some more. Seems like she is spending a lot of time just digging and digging and digging and digging without doing anything. She is just digging for the sake of digging and to spread littler all over the place. Makes me wish that we weren't living in an apartment building, so we could make an enclosure for the cats and at the same time give her room to dig all she wants. I wonder if we could teach her to dig for gold or some other valuables.
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Sure looks like Blogfinder is going to be a good one. Am already getting a good deal of hits from it :) Yes I'm one of those people who is aiming for as many hits etc as possible. *g* Call me a link'n'hit ho if you must.
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This is my hometowns website. Could have been done a lot better. They even have a forum set up and it looks like you might even get an answer.
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Tuesday, February 13

I am getting less and less from being online. Granted there are a few things I would miss if I weren't, but the net and being online have lost the feel of magic and excitement I had when I first got online. In the beginning it was easy to get to know people and get help (if that is what you needed), but now it seems like most are more concerned about protecting their own little sphere and celebrating the few instead of being open to new and different experiences. There were a lot of talk about the internet/blog community some time ago, but to be honest I don't see it much anymore. What I see is a community based on how well you stand in with a certain crowd or a community based on how much you're willing or able to produce or how controversial you can be. It's a community made up of individuals by individuals and there is less and less space to embrace those who for one reason or another doesn't fit in or do not want to fit in.

I'm not sure why I do spend time thinking of this. Because somewhere I have a hope that there is more room than most or many people want to admit there is, because somewhere I have a hope that people every now and then would be less concerned about their own little sphere and what they personally can get from letting people share or experience a fragment of that space and realise there IS more to the world than their own little confined space.

I want to make a prediction, that I'll get no responses to this other than from those (two) who usually make a comment when I make a commentworthy entry.
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If this isn't going to help raise the literacy level I don't know what. I see a future where this country is ruled by a bunch of illiterate nincompoops (Worse than the ones we have already).
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Monday, February 12

For those who is devestated that Google might not be offering posting abilities I give you this list over web based reading and posting possibilities. But you do get what you pay for :)
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I'm disappointed by people who claim that I am hiding things by commenting on them in this blog, and yet they cannot see fit to respond to me when I give (per their request) further explanations to why I wrote as I did. Who is in hiding now? Ahh well the ball is in their corner and it's their play.
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Oh honey....... ;P
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This announcement Google acquires Deja's Usenet service is probably one of the best things which could happen for usenet :) YEHAWWWWWWW
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*sigh* I hope I'm the only one who is having a slight problem getting access to Cruchblog at Tripod. Posting and all of that fun stuff seems to be without problems, but actually getting the page to load is totally different. Looks like Tripod is starting to have a lot of the same problems which Xoom/NBCi is/was suffering from. One can just hope they will do something about em instead of acting like nothing is wrong.
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Shoot. Didn't get to see Hannibal this weekend because of the snowstorm we got the other day, so Bob wouldn't drive. I hope we manage to get to the movies before they take it off.
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Sunday, February 11

Only I can manage to wake up at 7.15am on a sunday. Of course I cannot go back to bed like nothing has happened. Someone pass the matches so I can keep my eyes open. Trying to keep them otherwise open is way too much work until I've got the first couple of gallons of tea :) *thud*
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Saturday, February 10

I am doomed to dream of floorplans tonight and forever. No, Bob and I do not have any actual plans (or money (but I wish we had)) to build our own house, but we do spend a lot of time talking about expectations to a house and the individual rooms. For a long time I have been surfing online real estate agents, as well as homebuilder sites, in search of interesting floorplans and virtual tours to get ideas of what we want and don't want in a house when the day comes when we do get to build our own. Tonight I found a free CAD program and since I downloaded I've been buried deeply in trying to visualise basic plans for what we want. :)

The kitchen, livingroom and master bedroom/bathroom are those rooms, both of us are going to give extra special attention because to us they're the most important ones.
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I'm getting tired of this look already. The stripes in the background is totally confusing to my eyes. Ahh well it looked good in the beginning. I think I need something minimal instead of big with bold colors just screaming at me and asking me to turn away from it. Hmmm.... if only I had the inspiration to do anything.
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Friday, February 9

Uh oh the light has started to blink, so maybe I'll get the chance to become totally and utterly disconnected from rest of the world for a while. It's kinda an attractive idea, but as Bob says "It's a pain in the ass", with so much being out that we can do nothing but curl up on the bed and hope the kitties doesn't decide to go horseracing across it.
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I don't have my own webcam, but SkyEye2 from one of the local Tv Stations shows what it's like here right now :)
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And now we have a shitload of snow and ice, but of course Bobs employer doesn't see fit to close the plant even everyone else in the area has done so. Bastards.
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We don't have a single speck of snow yet, but they're closing schools left and right.
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If you thought Bejweled was addicting, then you should try JT's Blocks at Yahoo Games. I take no responsebility for lost time.
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We're always happy to put a little crunchness into life :)
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Thursday, February 8

Someone needs to take the guys in this Smile, burglars, you're starring on a Web site - - Page One story out of the genepool. hehehe How stupid can they get? Link from Metafilter.
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The Face of a Pedophile who has recieved many sentences for sexual abuse of children between the age of 6 to 11 years old. Unfortunately Denmark doesn't have a life sentence for abuse like this and therefore he has been able to do it over and over again. :( Link is in Danish.
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Did a little cleanup here and there :)
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Since when was it written into law, that everything MUST have a fat shiney inner bevel? It gives me nightmares looking at it.
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Life is good when friends who have been LTNS are reappearing again :)
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Men are like kids. They only hear and do what they want. Off to empty the dishdrainer that I asked him to empty 2 days ago, so I could get dishes done instead of having to do them on the spot when I need something.
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I'll never get to understand what drives people to make an action like this. It makes me sick to my stomac, knowing that some people are treating innocent kids like this when there's so many people willing to adopt or take care of an unwanted child.
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You know if you don't want a reply to your email, don't write me in the first place complaining about what I have written online. And this time I aint mentioning any names.
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Wednesday, February 7

If I didn't know better I would have thought I'd been in California for a couple of hours with the long power-out we just had. Thank god I wasn't doing anything when it went, but we do need to have some candles or a flashlight ready for next time this happens.
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For all you Mac fans :)
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The world seems to be slow as of late. Either that, or my sense of time and movement have been redefined to something else or my expatations and patience are not what they used to be.

On another note. I talked with my mom on the phone today and for the first time in a while she actually sounded like she was doing great. The only thing she had to complain about was, that she had to go to the hospital tomorrow for the annually checkup on her heart. She had to get up already at 6am (her time) to be ready when the transportation was there to pick her up at 7.20 am. I really feel for her, because neither of us have liked to get up that early in the morning.
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Darn it. Wiped all passwords from my machine :( Supposedly McAfee and ZA caught a virus in my mail yesterday, but the computer is acting funny today. If anyone is getting funny looking email from me, please leave a comment at the blogvoice thingie.
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I wonder if my mail is broke again?
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This proposed bill SF 54 ...establishing an age ceiling for hiring fire fighters an... is flat ass discrimination.
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Tuesday, February 6

*tapping fingers on the table* Going to be interesting to see if anything comes out of that. ;P
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Thank God for a good firewall and Virus scanner which catches everything :)
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Woof Woof
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Fact of the day: It is impossible to make a straight selection when sneezing.
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If you don't feel like going Greymatter there is also The Journaling Script. Haven't tried it, but it looks simpler than Greymatter (at least to me).
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Please let me know if there is any problems with this layout.
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It's a shame that some people don't understand and respect the power they, themselves have in regards to certain matters.
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Ahhh they finally got the dryer fixed, so we don't have to run everything through two cycles to get it dry :)
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Same shit on a different day.
Sara wrote on 5:06 PM - Link - Comments

A beautiful day, but with a windchill of only 2 so I'm staying put inside even though I would love to get outside every now and then.
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Yikes. Waking up in the middle of a program about mosquitos is just too freaking scary, especially when they've have done their best at zoomin on on those little SOB's. I'm itching just by there mere thought of them.
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Monday, February 5

A beautiful woman loved growing tomatoes, but couldn't seem to get her tomatoes to turn red. One day while taking a stroll she came upon a gentleman neighbor who had the most beautiful garden full of huge red tomatoes.

The woman asked the gentleman, "What do you do to get your tomatoes so red?"

The gentleman responded, "Well, twice a day I stand in front of my tomato garden and expose myself, and my tomatoes turn red from blushing so much."

Well, the woman was so impressed, she decided to try doing the same thing to her tomato garden to see if it would work. So twice a day for two weeks she exposed herself to her garden hoping for the best.

One day the gentleman was passing by and asked the woman, "By the way, How did you make out? Did your tomatoes turn red?"

"No" she replied, "but my cucumbers are enormous."
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Not even 9am here and I've already got quite a lot done(Not housework *g*) Life is good and the backpain ain't too bad right now.
Sara wrote on 8:37 AM - Link - Comments

Advil the painkiller, is my very, very good friend. Ouch!
Sara wrote on 5:58 AM - Link - Comments

Ahhh I love having new toys to play with and now I can learn SSI and all the other nifty stuff without having a host which supports it :)
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Sunday, February 4

No real surpises seeing the Anti-Bloggies Winners!.
Sara wrote on 11:03 PM - Link - Comments

It's going to be one of those days where I have a really hard time breathing. I hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it and wish there were something more I could do to help it.
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While we were at the petstore we picked up some catnip spray to see if Flash would react any differently from what he does to the dry stuff (basically no reaction or like a very mean drunk) and boy did he surprise us. We had put some on the new scratching post we also got them, and within 5 minutes he was almost on his back, juggling away with the scraching post like he have never done anything else. Shadow kept on a safe distance, not really knowing what the heck got into him or how to deal with him, cos she'd never seen him act like that before.
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Saturday, February 3

You know you have made some kind of impression on people when they start avoiding you and remove all traces that you ever was there. *snort*
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Elise which one of them?
Sara wrote on 11:21 AM - Link - Comments

I should be sleeping and getting some rest, since Bob and I need to do so much running around later today, but as usual my sinuses acts up just as I'm trying to get all comfy under the sheets. I wish I knew why, so I could do something about it. I suspect it has something to do with the humidifyer we have running in the bedroom, but I cannot turn it off or else I'll be sneezing and itching even more than I do with it on.
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Lately I've been noticing how many things have changed since I got off Paxil more than a year ago. My hair used to be thick and easy to deal with, but now it's a pain in the behind to do anything with. At times I'm tempted to get it all cut off and start anew. It probably won't help, but at lest it'll save a little money not having to go to the hair dressers as often as I have to. My nails are so fragile and breaks just thinking about them. And my eyesight is wacked too and I can't wait until hubbys health insurance (through work) covers vision because it's badly needed. Might also help a little on my headaches and the tired feeling I have all the time (though I still cannot relax enough to actually get a full night of sleep.

There's a lot of other issues regarding me and paxil, but that has to wait until some other time because right now I have a hard time focussing on what I'm writing here.
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Friday, February 2

I hope everything is Ok. No I don't know April, but I've been reading her blog on a frequent basis and I'm a little worried.
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Geeesh what IS wrong with some people. Crying foul because one solution to the Blogger problem might be to make it a pay for service. And nope it is not about weeding out those blogs who is not "real" blogs (whatever that is), but to make sure that Blogger, Pyra and the people behind it can stay in business and keep developing the application. Some people on my daily reads are taking this very personally, as if all of this is just a consiracy to hurt them personally and financially. Get your heads out from where the sun don't shine and look at this in the greater perspective it was meant to.

Not that anyone will read or comment on this :)
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Having an answer to a problem doesn't guarantee that you have the solution. When you have the best solution, the answer will be clear.
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I really do sound like a whiner, don't I? (No need to answer) All I want and need is a place where I can be creative as I see fit.
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I don't think cgi and me, ever will be a good marriage so I guess I'll have to resolve to do it the old fashioned way by hand and ftp should things get to that point :(
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I wonder if those people who doesn't have access to their own server or cgi will continue to publish like they have done with blogger, should blogger go belly up for real? I'm not sure what I'll do. I used to have a sort of weblog/journal before I moved to blogger, but it was a pain in the *** launching my html editor and ftp program each time I had something to say. I've been playing with some of the alternatives out there, but somehow they don't really seem to be as flexible as Blogger is. And cgi, if I could manage to find a free server to host Greymatter, is like greek to me. I really would need someone, litterally, to hold my hand in the process of setting it all up and getting templates working etc. I wish someone would make a Greymatter for Total Dummies.

I will still hold on to Blogger for as long as they're fairly reliable and there's power to the servers, but I wish to get familiar with the alternatives in case the plug is pulled for good.
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Thursday, February 1

LMT Media - Scientology and the Clearwater Police is a very interesting read and view. Go look and take the time to look around a little further.
Sara wrote on 7:29 PM - Link - Comments

HA! I've been nominated for the Anti-Bloggies :)
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For the first time in a long time, I havenít felt like saying a whole lot or being online either. There are times when I feel like it has become a bothersome task, instead of something which should be fun, easy to do and a break from normal day to day life with dishes, feeding the kitties, cooking, cleaning etc. But lately it has turned out to be more of a task to do all the online activities I normally partake in than all the offline stuff has been.

Hubby reminded me that we cannot expect to get anything for free and sometimes things will be buggy and slow, to which I only could say that I would gladly pay to have some of the resources which Iíve been using, if only I had the ability to pay. In a way Iím already paying by letting the misc. companies put ads on my pages and hopefully get a little revenue.

I guess mostly that Iím a little afraid to lose the medium, in which Iíve been able to express my fears, hope, dreams, artistic talents and sorrows. I donít know if I would be able to do without and just be a spectator. I have a need to feel like Iím a part of the virtual ďcommunityĒ by creating and contributing in the ways Iíve chosen to do so far.

Someone wrote something about people having to set their goals after what is possible and not for what their dreams and wishes are, but is it really wrong to have big dreams and trying to realize them at the same time?
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I am still here, just not able to blog much these days due to either Blogger being fixed or Tripod being a pain in the butt.Am gonna hang on a little while yet, but will kep my eyes open for other possibilities.
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*banging head against keyboard* Enough said!
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Ev of Pyra and Blogger fame explains a little about what is going on at Blogger/Pyra and why things have gone from worse to .... I really hope that he and Pyra/Blogger does manage to pull it off in the long run. Would hate to see this being yet another .com dead horse :(
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I really hope those people who donated to the server fund didn't expect to get too much in return for their money. I'm still interested to find out if anyone has managed to get Greymatter to run on Tripod or if anyone is willing to help me give it a try. I realise that getting my own domain for this purpose would be far the best, but that is not a financial option right now.
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