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You know you have made some kind of impression on people when they start avoiding you and remove all traces that you ever was there. *snort*
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Elise which one of them?
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I should be sleeping and getting some rest, since Bob and I need to do so much running around later today, but as usual my sinuses acts up just as I'm trying to get all comfy under the sheets. I wish I knew why, so I could do something about it. I suspect it has something to do with the humidifyer we have running in the bedroom, but I cannot turn it off or else I'll be sneezing and itching even more than I do with it on.
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Lately I've been noticing how many things have changed since I got off Paxil more than a year ago. My hair used to be thick and easy to deal with, but now it's a pain in the behind to do anything with. At times I'm tempted to get it all cut off and start anew. It probably won't help, but at lest it'll save a little money not having to go to the hair dressers as often as I have to. My nails are so fragile and breaks just thinking about them. And my eyesight is wacked too and I can't wait until hubbys health insurance (through work) covers vision because it's badly needed. Might also help a little on my headaches and the tired feeling I have all the time (though I still cannot relax enough to actually get a full night of sleep.

There's a lot of other issues regarding me and paxil, but that has to wait until some other time because right now I have a hard time focussing on what I'm writing here.
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Friday, February 2

I hope everything is Ok. No I don't know April, but I've been reading her blog on a frequent basis and I'm a little worried.
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Geeesh what IS wrong with some people. Crying foul because one solution to the Blogger problem might be to make it a pay for service. And nope it is not about weeding out those blogs who is not "real" blogs (whatever that is), but to make sure that Blogger, Pyra and the people behind it can stay in business and keep developing the application. Some people on my daily reads are taking this very personally, as if all of this is just a consiracy to hurt them personally and financially. Get your heads out from where the sun don't shine and look at this in the greater perspective it was meant to.

Not that anyone will read or comment on this :)
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Having an answer to a problem doesn't guarantee that you have the solution. When you have the best solution, the answer will be clear.
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I really do sound like a whiner, don't I? (No need to answer) All I want and need is a place where I can be creative as I see fit.
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I don't think cgi and me, ever will be a good marriage so I guess I'll have to resolve to do it the old fashioned way by hand and ftp should things get to that point :(
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I wonder if those people who doesn't have access to their own server or cgi will continue to publish like they have done with blogger, should blogger go belly up for real? I'm not sure what I'll do. I used to have a sort of weblog/journal before I moved to blogger, but it was a pain in the *** launching my html editor and ftp program each time I had something to say. I've been playing with some of the alternatives out there, but somehow they don't really seem to be as flexible as Blogger is. And cgi, if I could manage to find a free server to host Greymatter, is like greek to me. I really would need someone, litterally, to hold my hand in the process of setting it all up and getting templates working etc. I wish someone would make a Greymatter for Total Dummies.

I will still hold on to Blogger for as long as they're fairly reliable and there's power to the servers, but I wish to get familiar with the alternatives in case the plug is pulled for good.
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Thursday, February 1

LMT Media - Scientology and the Clearwater Police is a very interesting read and view. Go look and take the time to look around a little further.
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HA! I've been nominated for the Anti-Bloggies :)
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For the first time in a long time, I havenít felt like saying a whole lot or being online either. There are times when I feel like it has become a bothersome task, instead of something which should be fun, easy to do and a break from normal day to day life with dishes, feeding the kitties, cooking, cleaning etc. But lately it has turned out to be more of a task to do all the online activities I normally partake in than all the offline stuff has been.

Hubby reminded me that we cannot expect to get anything for free and sometimes things will be buggy and slow, to which I only could say that I would gladly pay to have some of the resources which Iíve been using, if only I had the ability to pay. In a way Iím already paying by letting the misc. companies put ads on my pages and hopefully get a little revenue.

I guess mostly that Iím a little afraid to lose the medium, in which Iíve been able to express my fears, hope, dreams, artistic talents and sorrows. I donít know if I would be able to do without and just be a spectator. I have a need to feel like Iím a part of the virtual ďcommunityĒ by creating and contributing in the ways Iíve chosen to do so far.

Someone wrote something about people having to set their goals after what is possible and not for what their dreams and wishes are, but is it really wrong to have big dreams and trying to realize them at the same time?
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I am still here, just not able to blog much these days due to either Blogger being fixed or Tripod being a pain in the butt.Am gonna hang on a little while yet, but will kep my eyes open for other possibilities.
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*banging head against keyboard* Enough said!
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Ev of Pyra and Blogger fame explains a little about what is going on at Blogger/Pyra and why things have gone from worse to .... I really hope that he and Pyra/Blogger does manage to pull it off in the long run. Would hate to see this being yet another .com dead horse :(
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I really hope those people who donated to the server fund didn't expect to get too much in return for their money. I'm still interested to find out if anyone has managed to get Greymatter to run on Tripod or if anyone is willing to help me give it a try. I realise that getting my own domain for this purpose would be far the best, but that is not a financial option right now.
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Wednesday, January 31

WTF is wrong with blogger these days. Seems to get worse by the hour :( Anyone who know if it's possible to set up Greymatter on Tripod and would be willing to help me do so? Would be nice to have it as an alternative.
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Tuesday, January 30

I don't see anything wrong in this. Think it's about time some start to loosen up a little.
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Our youngest kitten Shadow is a real pottymouth. I was just cutting some smoked sausage for dinner and just because I didn't share with her, she let me have a big piece of her mind. I can't stop laughing at her when she's in that kind of mood, because she looks so serious when she's doing that.
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Typed by Sara . on 9:04 PM - Link - Comments just made it even more confusing navigating the site.
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Look, new SMG Design - Goodies. A Bow and a Pencil tube. Have been ages since I've been dealing with tubes.
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I'm having these great ideas about things I want to do graphically, but I'm having such a time translating ideas to reality. It seems like I never come quite close enough to what I had pictured in my mind.
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I will gladly take the snow.
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Arggggggh Don't you just love those sites where either right-click have been disabled or they have disabled the filemenu in a frutile attemt to keep people from lifting stuff off the pages. It doesn't work, because all the pictures are already in my browsers cache in order to display them and the no right-click script are so dead easy to get around.
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Monday, January 29

I know this is not California, but we sure are starting to feel the times here too. The electric bill was higher than normal for this time of year and we also got notification about a rent increse. Makes me wonder if there's other surprises in the future...
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Wow I found DLT Graphics Studio in my referrers for SMG Design and I have to say I'm very honored to be put in the same group as Ann, Moyra, Mizz KItty, 7 Rings and the few others listed on that page. Those are the very same designers who I admire more than anything and whose sites I visit on a regular basis to seek inspiration, learn new tips and tricks and for plain old enjoyment when I need visual treats.
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I was playing around with various filters and this is what came out of it. Somehow it reminds me of flaking paint on a concrete wall.

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Darn I had a great post all typed up and the I click a link somewhere and the link opens in the "Blog This" window. I'm a little peeved, but maybe it was better not to publish it. I do that a lot. Type a lot but never publish because it is too personal or all I really needed was to get it out.
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Sunday, January 28

Allright Blog Voices have been readded. Now get the comments going. :)
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I wish I had had The Heart Knows Something Different : Teenage Voices from the Foster Care System : Youth Communication when I was studying Social Work or had the chance to write my story way back when.....

I think these kind of books are extremely important for a couple of reasons. Not only are they an extremely good way of educating Social Workers, legislators and everyone else who is contact with with kids in foster care or residential settings. It's also important for these kids to tell their stories, whether they're good or bad and let their voices be heard where they rarely have a chance to be heard.
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I don't like when things don't turn out the way I want. Seems like whenever it finally happens and I try to apply the framework to other situations which are equal in nature and content, something has changed and I'll be damned if I can figure out where.
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Crap, this is not what I had intended but I guess I have to be satisfied since I can't get it to work any other way.
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There is something I don't understand regarding domains and how some people seems to be addicted like druggies looking for their next fix. What is the use of having a blue million domains which you might not use, but just want because the name is cool?

Yes I'm speaking out of envey here, because I'm constantly struggling to find a socalled free host which is reliable and doesn't screw around with the users and their content all the time. Don't tell me to go out and buy my own domain, because I'm not able to do so. Yes I know they're cheaper than snot, but you don't know my circumstances and why I can't purchase.
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Gawd I'm tired, so I'll be heading to bed soon and hopefully I'll be able to get a good night of uninterrupted sleep. I've been lacking that a lot lately, but my sinuses are acting up and I do prefer being dead tired to not being able to breathe and coughing my lungs out every time I lie down.
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