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I feel the need for lots of treatments here. Sounds delecious in more than one way. Ohhh loooney one I need to talk to you....;P
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Am I the only one who do not wish to see or hear anything about politics, Bush, Gore etc for a good while? I know I should be interested and participating in the process, but right now I feel like a stuffed turkey who have had too much.
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SMG Design Galleries has a new section, abstract. Go take a look :)
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Think I'm having a permanent case of CRS.
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She is getting good. Wish I had the imagination to write tutorials.
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We never got the phonecall, but maybe during th e weekend. Hmmm
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Friday, January 19

Still waiting for that phonecall, but don't expect it to happen :( Damn it I wish I knew what was going on. Makes me nervous not knowing. Still trying to figure out if I should call Bob at work and let him know something is up with Crystal, but then there isn't much he can do rom there anyway.
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Someone please remind me that she is grown up and should be able to be responsible for herself. Darn it girl make that call already so we can find out wha the heck is going on.
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Added BlogVoices. Feel free to comment or not to comment.
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I can identify with what Brooke is saying, but as it also is said later on it really depends on how much you're giving out and willing to give out. Yes I do often feel like a lonely fish in the sea and wonder why I see and hear nothing from people, except a select few but that's because I haven't reached out myself. Granted I'm not good at reaching out and shaking hands with people. I much more prefer to sit back and look, but that doesn't work either. Yes there are all those people I would love to communicate with (Some of whom I'm linking to in the sidebar), but it kinda scares me a little bit too because I have such a deep respect for them and the work I see they're doing. I don't feel I have anything whatsoever to offer and that I'm operating on a much more simplistic level and never will be able to rise to the hights they have done. I think it's partly a selfesteem issue and I have had way to many downs recently to dare cultivating the community which could be there for me too, at least not right now...
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I don't blame people for trying to make a few bucks, but sometimes it seems like some people don't have any pride in providing the best quality and content. Seems like anything is game these days or maybe it's just me who is a little miffed that I cannot set a price but has to consume at the mercy of those who can't (But in some cases shouldn't).
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Another one I wanted to log Idea-l-og for the future.
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They must be busy these days which is a good sign, but I still miss the updates :)
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Thursday, January 18

I'm sitting here and can hardly keep ny eyes open for longer periods of time. Think the last couple of weeks lack of sleep are finally biting my heels. WIsh I coould go to bed a just sleep until I have got what I need, but it will not happen. I have things to do before Bob gets off work, dinner to make and if I did manage to get a couple of hours more I would wake up around midnight and not be able to sleep through the night again. And please don't tell me to go watch tv, because that it the best sleeping pill ever made.
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Poetic Justice at its best :) Enough said!
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Sometimes I have so much to say, of a non commentary nature, but I cannot get the letters and words come together into something which can be read and thought about. I need to, but I can't right now.
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Somewhere I feel the urge to try and take this journal/blog in another direction, to get more personal and to be more me. Not that it haven't been me in what has been happening here, but I want it to be even more and less the cutesy comments.
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I wonder if I should set up a memory fund. Yep know this is old but so easy to take a cheap shot at it when I haven't got much else to talk about unless you want to know all about how the computer is lacking memory and lots of it. Can hardly do anything in PSP right now before it crashes. It's a wonder I have managed to use any of the other more memoryhungry rendering programs today. Ahh well, at least I got the pictures saved I've been working on for the abstract gallery :)
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Wednesday, January 17

Do they have your Nursery Photos online?
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Robin made me cry by her entry in the words section for the 1/17-2001. I still have a few kids I wonder about, but I have no chance of finding out. Also go and read the rest of the words section and explore what else Robin has to offer at both and Talent at its best and such an inspiration.
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Why are the things I need/want the most, always way out of my budget?
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Tuesday, January 16

The only thing I miss from the old aprtment is the dishwasher.
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You know it really worries me when I read about people like Martha Sandoval who is suing her local government for an english only driving test. It's people like that who insists on not adapting to their new country who is making it more diffecult for those of us who just want to live and work and become a normal part of the American society, because people become more reluctant to accept immigrants because some refuse to adapt to American society and culture but instead expects America to serve their every need on a whim. I'm still sitting here 3+ years later and am still not able to either work, partake in my local community as more than just a tourist or even try to perfect my language skills partly because of people like that.
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Something is not right here. According to Internet Explorer, system requirements I should be able to run Win95 or 98 on a 486DX/66 and a minimum of 16 MB of RAM. The mind boggles and I wonder if my old 486DX/66 knew that it could run said applications? It sure as hell couldn't without a lot of problems.
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I really detest people and webpages which uses the famous open multiple windows, and all you can do is sit there and push a button and open more windows until your computer goes belly up. It is NOT funny or great entertainment or clever website content. Personally I rank it up there with DOS (Denial of Service) attacks. Boneheads.....
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Monday, January 15

It is not about what you do but who you know and what that makes you.
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At least I'm feeling better today, but I still need to catch a whole lot more sleep.
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Yes I know I'm slower than everyone else, but I haven't ben feeling well lately so that's why it doesn't come up until now. I'll let you who know what I really look like be the judge of this one. :) The feature which come closest is probably the hair. Everything else is far from the truth, but I wish.
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After having looked high and low for a very long time (read couple of years) I finally found the first album by Beverl(e)y Craven. I've only ever heard one song from that album "Promise Me", but that song is worth the money and who knows rest of it might be good too :) Of course the album was sold out here in the US so I had to find a UK supplier who were willing to ship to us :) So now I'm waiting for that to happen. If everything goes well I should have it by the end of next week.
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Counting down the days until Hannibal shows. If it's anywhere near the book it's going to be scary as hell :)
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Sunday, January 14

*thinking* *thinking* *thinking* .............................. but nothing happens
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*coughing lungs out yet again* bleagh
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Look who is back. And it's looking good too. (*hint* Think bindi)
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Darn it. Only a load of icy sleet and not very much at that. Hope it will be better later in the day and that I'm awake to see it.
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Slowly close your eyes and feel the sleepiness flodding your mind like an ocean. Let yourself follow the waves, gently rocking back and forth..... Darn ain't helping one bit. Someone grab something hard and knock me out.
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