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Ahhh the fragile, vulnerable artists mind....
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Julie's Art Tips and Tutorials Blogging this one to have it on record for later investigation.
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Petition to strengthen laws toward preventing and protecting against Domestic Violence Petition Please consider to sign this petition. Unfortunately I cannot personally do it because of the immigration thingie, but please take a look.
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I love quiet mornings such as today when the kitties finally have settled down and everyone else is going about their business without the big crash, bang booms. Every morning should be like that, cos it gives me time to actually wake up before I have to preyend being able to make responsible decisions.
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Thursday, January 11

If only it had snowed instead of raining.......
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Not a good idea to try and handle family affairs long distance, but that's what I have to do right now.
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Just talked to my mom and obviously she still haven't made a decision about whether or not she want to move and I don't really blame her. On the other hand it will mean a better feeling of security for her. There will be people close by if anything happens and she needs help. I still wish I could be there back home, helping her making that decision, but I can't.
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Wednesday, January 10

I might be a glutton for punishment or....Is it really a moot point trying to get Netscape (4.7x) to recognise margin values in CSS as well as font family?
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MizKitty makes it look so easy.
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Tuesday, January 9

Note to self: We do NOT have a shakertop on the currypowder. Hope hubby has a good stomac tonight ;P
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It's going to be an interesting year "Health Insurence" wise this year. Bobs employer changed paperhandlers at the beginning of the year. His employer actually pays for the bills but have an insurence company to handle all the paper work. ANyway we were supposed to be able to keep the PCP's we've had the last couple of years, but upon reserching who was or wasn't working with the company that handles the paperwork now, we found out that none of our old doctors want to work with the new paper cruncher. I don't blame either one of those doctors because while researching "Aetna Health Insurance" we found out that they have a very nasty habbit of not paying the bills on time if at all. It was also quite interesting to see just how many class action lawsuits against Aetna there had been. It's going to be a very interesting year indeed.
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You know it's kinda weird how being online can make people feel so lonely. I mean with so many other people being online too it shouldn't be too diffecult to actually get to know just a few. But maybe I'm just not good enough at doing it or maybe I'm just not interesting enough. I dare you.
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There are many things worth fighting for but the trick is to be sure that your beliefs are founded in Truth.
Thought A Day (c)1999, JAM
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Hopefully my galleries have found their final home. I don't know if I want to deal with much more moving the pages around and trying to find a place to host them.
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Monday, January 8

*sigh* I'm so very confused right now about what is or isn't going on with my mom. According to my brother my mom don't want to move etc, but when I talked with her she said she had accepted the offer. I hate this feeling of being so utterly helpless and only knowing half of going on back in Denmark. Would be nice if I could go back and get things straightned out, but no chance there.
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I really could use some positive thoughts and energy (or whatever you believe in doing) for both my mother and myself. They are now going to move her to protected living, but not nursinghome. This will mean quite a difference in living conditions for my mom and I'm not quite sure she can manage it for very long. I, on the other hand, am far from ready to let her go yet. I'm expecting the worst :(
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I am not surprised at this new message from the Pyra people. But what is the goal and for how long are they going to ask for "donations"? After being around and reading various comments from Pyra folks as well as non Pyra folks I am not going to contribute until I'm sure I get something for the money.
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Something just dawned on me. I could put those two pictures on an adult hosting site and then charge $9.95 or something like that a month for people to look at ass and tits, but somehow I don't think people looking for those kind of things would appreciate those two pictures at all.
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Sunday, January 7

This hosting plan is really all I need, but I also need the money for it which I don't and won't have for a while yet.
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And so it happened yet again. Thought there would be no problems in hosting my galleries at Angelcities, but there is. Two pictures featuring poser figures in a bryce setting could be looked at as nude and as such I was asked to either censor them or remove them. Looks like I have to go househunting yet again.
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It is not fair. We haven't had one single flurry of snow for about a week. Everything is just grey in grey and very blegh. Colors and atmosphere which could send you back down to the pits of depression if it wasn't because you were already there. I'm hanging on to the edge tho. At least I'm trying.
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Pork Fat covered in Chocolate That's what I call misuse of chocolate. Ewwwww
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Don't you just hate it when you can't get comfy in bed?
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Personal Fit Patterns Wish I had a sewing machine, cos this would be the ideal solution for me.
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I have the worst cramp at the lower right side of my back and I can't do a damn thing about it. Painkillers doesn't work, heathingpad doesn't work and the cramp is in such a place where I can't get the muchles to strech out like I normally would do if it was in my leg or foot. Hope it decides to go away after a good nights sleep, but right now it doesn't feel like it :( Ouch
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