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Wednesday, January 31

WTF is wrong with blogger these days. Seems to get worse by the hour :( Anyone who know if it's possible to set up Greymatter on Tripod and would be willing to help me do so? Would be nice to have it as an alternative.
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Tuesday, January 30

I don't see anything wrong in this. Think it's about time some start to loosen up a little.
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Our youngest kitten Shadow is a real pottymouth. I was just cutting some smoked sausage for dinner and just because I didn't share with her, she let me have a big piece of her mind. I can't stop laughing at her when she's in that kind of mood, because she looks so serious when she's doing that.
Sara wrote on 11:11 PM - Link - Comments oughta be interesting when it goes public. via
Sara wrote on 9:04 PM - Link - Comments just made it even more confusing navigating the site.
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Look, new SMG Design - Goodies. A Bow and a Pencil tube. Have been ages since I've been dealing with tubes.
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I'm having these great ideas about things I want to do graphically, but I'm having such a time translating ideas to reality. It seems like I never come quite close enough to what I had pictured in my mind.
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I will gladly take the snow.
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Arggggggh Don't you just love those sites where either right-click have been disabled or they have disabled the filemenu in a frutile attemt to keep people from lifting stuff off the pages. It doesn't work, because all the pictures are already in my browsers cache in order to display them and the no right-click script are so dead easy to get around.
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Monday, January 29

I know this is not California, but we sure are starting to feel the times here too. The electric bill was higher than normal for this time of year and we also got notification about a rent increse. Makes me wonder if there's other surprises in the future...
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Wow I found DLT Graphics Studio in my referrers for SMG Design and I have to say I'm very honored to be put in the same group as Ann, Moyra, Mizz KItty, 7 Rings and the few others listed on that page. Those are the very same designers who I admire more than anything and whose sites I visit on a regular basis to seek inspiration, learn new tips and tricks and for plain old enjoyment when I need visual treats.
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I was playing around with various filters and this is what came out of it. Somehow it reminds me of flaking paint on a concrete wall.

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Darn I had a great post all typed up and the I click a link somewhere and the link opens in the "Blog This" window. I'm a little peeved, but maybe it was better not to publish it. I do that a lot. Type a lot but never publish because it is too personal or all I really needed was to get it out.
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Sunday, January 28

Allright Blog Voices have been readded. Now get the comments going. :)
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I wish I had had The Heart Knows Something Different : Teenage Voices from the Foster Care System : Youth Communication when I was studying Social Work or had the chance to write my story way back when.....

I think these kind of books are extremely important for a couple of reasons. Not only are they an extremely good way of educating Social Workers, legislators and everyone else who is contact with with kids in foster care or residential settings. It's also important for these kids to tell their stories, whether they're good or bad and let their voices be heard where they rarely have a chance to be heard.
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I don't like when things don't turn out the way I want. Seems like whenever it finally happens and I try to apply the framework to other situations which are equal in nature and content, something has changed and I'll be damned if I can figure out where.
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Crap, this is not what I had intended but I guess I have to be satisfied since I can't get it to work any other way.
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There is something I don't understand regarding domains and how some people seems to be addicted like druggies looking for their next fix. What is the use of having a blue million domains which you might not use, but just want because the name is cool?

Yes I'm speaking out of envey here, because I'm constantly struggling to find a socalled free host which is reliable and doesn't screw around with the users and their content all the time. Don't tell me to go out and buy my own domain, because I'm not able to do so. Yes I know they're cheaper than snot, but you don't know my circumstances and why I can't purchase.
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Gawd I'm tired, so I'll be heading to bed soon and hopefully I'll be able to get a good night of uninterrupted sleep. I've been lacking that a lot lately, but my sinuses are acting up and I do prefer being dead tired to not being able to breathe and coughing my lungs out every time I lie down.
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Saturday, January 27

BlogVoices are not going down and out. The kind people at Pyra have offered some spareroom for it :)
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I do not like being in situations where it's absolutely best to be as clueless as possible. It makes my head start spinning and the thoughts racing here and there where they really shouldn't be. ANd yes I am talking about a specific situation here, but I cannot talk about it more than I have and probably shouldn't have said what I've said.
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BadBlog is a new project a couple of online friends and I are trying to get going.
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Friday, January 26

Looks like I have it fixed for now, but I'm far from satisfied so expect yet another remake as soon as my head works again and I've gotten some rest.
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Darn it. This layout doesn't work with the archive date format. Looks like I have to figure out something else.
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The more I look at and work with this version of Crunchblog, the more I'm getting to like it. Just isn't too sure about the colors yet.
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Ack one of the cats just threw up their food (Yes I know you didn't need to know that). Makes me wonder how the heck I managed the work in kindergarden, changing diapers etc, when I can't even hold my own food down while cleaning up after that.
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An ode to Charlie. Click image to see bigger version in a new window.

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It's snowing, so I'm a happy camper until it melts :)
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This search result keeps popping up at least once or twice every day. Hmmm....
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Think my body is finally demanding the sleep it has been lacking so much, the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately it is happening when I shouldn't be sleeping, but up and awake and do business around the house. I guess some day, some where I'll get my sleeping patterns turned around to where they oughta be.
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Thursday, January 25

Pristine is part of Mousies/Jemas presence on the web. A very good read and worth spending time looking through.
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Welcome among the active bloggers Mousie :) Glad you found your way round ;P
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I'm starting to have the feeling of cabin fever. I really want to get out, meet people, see and learn new things, make new experiences but unfortunately the fact is (For my area) that unless you have a car or other means of transportation you're stuck untill someone is willing to take you somewhere. I can't wait until the day I can make my own little trips and discoveries and in general be more independent. Bob knows all this. Thank god he is great at getting me out of the house when he senses that the cabin fever are getting too bad.
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Missing the ocean and its sights and sounds and smells so much tonight, Living too far inland for my taste :(
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Wednesday, January 24

This is the one I was talking about further down the page.

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I have a wishlist.
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Why do I get so many creative ideas just when I've gone to bed and am trying to get some sleep? Am I the only one? Mail Me and let me know. I had one idea tonight I just had to get out and down on the digital canvas. Nothing fancy or really great, just needed to get it out before I was thinking it to death (You'll see it later). There's another one but it's one which takes a little more work and planning. Anyway I'm going to try and see if I can get some sleep.
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If you haven't seen Ron's Toons you're missing out on a great site. And it's fun too :)
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Tuesday, January 23

I'm subscribed to a news group for and about tutorials for Paint Shop Pro, where people also can post their results of working with different tutorials. However all people do is to pat eachother on the back for great work, even though it might be terrible looking. I have yet to see anyone giving any piece of constructive criticism such as "you should try a little soften here or there", "those colors doesn't work well together", "try using the smudge brush", "I see a couple of stray pixels", "you should try to cut down on the texturizing to give it a more natural look". I know what will happen if I started to give that kind of advice, I would be knocked up side down from left and right. It has happened before in regards to the copyright issue. People say they're just there to play, have fun and learn, but how can they learn if they don't get some feedback about how to improve their skills? I do not claim to be the best one at doing webgraphics, but I do hope that people would be honest enough to let me know if there is anthing that is totally out of whack. Maybe I should make my own "Top 10 Graphics Peeves" on my graphics site. I'm just afraid that it would be a lot longer than just 10 items.
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I'm thinking of merging New Horizons into this page since Crunchblog seems to be the place where most things are happening besides the Graphics page and the Galleries. It would be one place less to maintain and doesn't take up much more than 4 or 5 MB of space which hardly would make a dent in the amount of space I have here at the CrunchBlog account. Hmm decisions, decisions.
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Do you remember these people?
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What's your Real Name? Mine's Misinterpreted Samba Teacher. Who would have known. :)
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For your enjoyment:

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Am going to remove BlogVoices. Hopefully I can find another way to get comments.
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This is good news (I think). Pyra got another Server in donation from Web Techinques Magazine.
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Hmmm BlogVoices are going belly up, because Hostrocket have decided the service is a violation of terms. Hmm one could hope that the Pyra crew would include something similar in a Blogger Pro version.
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Can you feel the love
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Design your own shoes I've got a design already. Anyone in gift certificate giving mood? ;P
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I almost forgot to mention that I've got something coming in the mail and I can't wait. I managed to persuade Bob to order The Commitments which is a great movie with some really great music and with a good story too.

Just looked at the Amazon page and it looks like we got the very last copy (WOAH never been that lucky before :), so don't bother trying to order it from them.
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From Now this story about a Christian theme park is amusing. Would I visit? Probably not, but everyone their own taste I guess.
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Ahhh danish meatballs in an insanely hot currysauce with rice. That's what I call a good dinner :) And the leftovers will be even better when the spices really have had time to blend in. Which reminds me.... Am I the only one who should cook the day before so spices have time to blend? It always ssems that whenever I'm cooking and we have for the second day, it tastes so much better than the day before.
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Monday, January 22

Ok got a temp mail link up, rest must wait until later. Rare thing to get mail from this page anyway *hint given with a clue x 4*
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Hmmm guess I should make a Mail Me link somewhere too, but it has to wait until later. Making dinner right now. Yes I know it's late at night but that's how our schedule are in this house.
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Darn I thought/had hoped HE would have stayed away a little longer, but obviously not.
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Ok New design, but I have the feeling there will be another new one pretty soon. Somehow the colors doesn't fit together really well. Anyway be nice to this one while it's here.
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Hmmm wonder if the socalled improvemts the blogger people supposedly have made in the last couple of days are for special bloggers only? Have had a hard time today.
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There are days where I really could use a "write it all out" kind of place which not everyone has access to, because there are things I really could use letting off steam about. Things of a very personal nature to me. *sigh* If I had a mood indicator on my page if would change status faster than the wind blows. *curling up and hugging myself* :(
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Maybe I should rename this to Heartache instead of Crunchblog. Seems to be better fitting of my mood and the content. Or maybe "Pit with a View".
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Sometimes I think I'm being way too emotional about certain things, but how can I not be so, when something so very close to my heart (like having kids) is way out of my reach and always will be unless a couple of major miracles happens?
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This story really makes my heart cry for various reasons which I will not describe here. Just wish I could curl up in a ball and let the world move on without me :(
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At least they supposedly changed the rules now. Just a little late for a lot of people. Ahh well I've got better things to do in better places.
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Sometimes when doing my round of reading blogs I feel like a peep who shouldn't be looking at or reading what I am looking at and reading. But there is something facinating about being allowed to get insight into certain parts of peoples lives. It's like reading a great book while the story is taking place, and you cannot get yourself to put the book down. But I still feel like I'm reading something I shouldn't be......
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Sunday, January 21

Ugh I've got so many Cd's I need to burn to free up some hd space, but just ain't got the patience to do it.
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Anyone know if the numbers here are true?

75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.
In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so weak that it is often mistaken for hunger.
Even MILD dehydration will slow down one's metabolism as much as 3%.
One glass of water shut down midnight hunger pangs for almost 100% of the dieters studied in a U-Washington study.
Lack of water, the #1 trigger of daytime fatigue.
Preliminary research indicates that 8-10 glasses of water a day could significantly ease back and joint pain for up to 80% of sufferers.
A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing on the computer screen or on a printed page.
Drinking 5 glasses of water daily decreases the risk of colon cancer by 45%, plus it can slash the risk of breast cancer by 79%, and one is 50% less likely to develop bladder cancer.

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Ohhhh pretty kitties Another one on the list of cats I would love to own
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100 miles just to get a 25 lb bag of kitty litter because no local shops has the kind both the kitties and we prefer. They've got us trained well :)
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Saturday, January 20

I feel the need for lots of treatments here. Sounds delecious in more than one way. Ohhh loooney one I need to talk to you....;P
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Am I the only one who do not wish to see or hear anything about politics, Bush, Gore etc for a good while? I know I should be interested and participating in the process, but right now I feel like a stuffed turkey who have had too much.
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SMG Design Galleries has a new section, abstract. Go take a look :)
Sara wrote on 7:25 AM - Link - Comments

Think I'm having a permanent case of CRS.
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She is getting good. Wish I had the imagination to write tutorials.
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We never got the phonecall, but maybe during th e weekend. Hmmm
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Friday, January 19

Still waiting for that phonecall, but don't expect it to happen :( Damn it I wish I knew what was going on. Makes me nervous not knowing. Still trying to figure out if I should call Bob at work and let him know something is up with Crystal, but then there isn't much he can do rom there anyway.
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Someone please remind me that she is grown up and should be able to be responsible for herself. Darn it girl make that call already so we can find out wha the heck is going on.
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Added BlogVoices. Feel free to comment or not to comment.
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I can identify with what Brooke is saying, but as it also is said later on it really depends on how much you're giving out and willing to give out. Yes I do often feel like a lonely fish in the sea and wonder why I see and hear nothing from people, except a select few but that's because I haven't reached out myself. Granted I'm not good at reaching out and shaking hands with people. I much more prefer to sit back and look, but that doesn't work either. Yes there are all those people I would love to communicate with (Some of whom I'm linking to in the sidebar), but it kinda scares me a little bit too because I have such a deep respect for them and the work I see they're doing. I don't feel I have anything whatsoever to offer and that I'm operating on a much more simplistic level and never will be able to rise to the hights they have done. I think it's partly a selfesteem issue and I have had way to many downs recently to dare cultivating the community which could be there for me too, at least not right now...
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I don't blame people for trying to make a few bucks, but sometimes it seems like some people don't have any pride in providing the best quality and content. Seems like anything is game these days or maybe it's just me who is a little miffed that I cannot set a price but has to consume at the mercy of those who can't (But in some cases shouldn't).
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Another one I wanted to log Idea-l-og for the future.
Sara wrote on 3:11 AM - Link - Comments

They must be busy these days which is a good sign, but I still miss the updates :)
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Thursday, January 18

I'm sitting here and can hardly keep ny eyes open for longer periods of time. Think the last couple of weeks lack of sleep are finally biting my heels. WIsh I coould go to bed a just sleep until I have got what I need, but it will not happen. I have things to do before Bob gets off work, dinner to make and if I did manage to get a couple of hours more I would wake up around midnight and not be able to sleep through the night again. And please don't tell me to go watch tv, because that it the best sleeping pill ever made.
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Poetic Justice at its best :) Enough said!
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Sometimes I have so much to say, of a non commentary nature, but I cannot get the letters and words come together into something which can be read and thought about. I need to, but I can't right now.
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Somewhere I feel the urge to try and take this journal/blog in another direction, to get more personal and to be more me. Not that it haven't been me in what has been happening here, but I want it to be even more and less the cutesy comments.
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I wonder if I should set up a memory fund. Yep know this is old but so easy to take a cheap shot at it when I haven't got much else to talk about unless you want to know all about how the computer is lacking memory and lots of it. Can hardly do anything in PSP right now before it crashes. It's a wonder I have managed to use any of the other more memoryhungry rendering programs today. Ahh well, at least I got the pictures saved I've been working on for the abstract gallery :)
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Wednesday, January 17

Do they have your Nursery Photos online?
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Robin made me cry by her entry in the words section for the 1/17-2001. I still have a few kids I wonder about, but I have no chance of finding out. Also go and read the rest of the words section and explore what else Robin has to offer at both and Talent at its best and such an inspiration.
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Why are the things I need/want the most, always way out of my budget?
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Tuesday, January 16

The only thing I miss from the old aprtment is the dishwasher.
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You know it really worries me when I read about people like Martha Sandoval who is suing her local government for an english only driving test. It's people like that who insists on not adapting to their new country who is making it more diffecult for those of us who just want to live and work and become a normal part of the American society, because people become more reluctant to accept immigrants because some refuse to adapt to American society and culture but instead expects America to serve their every need on a whim. I'm still sitting here 3+ years later and am still not able to either work, partake in my local community as more than just a tourist or even try to perfect my language skills partly because of people like that.
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Something is not right here. According to Internet Explorer, system requirements I should be able to run Win95 or 98 on a 486DX/66 and a minimum of 16 MB of RAM. The mind boggles and I wonder if my old 486DX/66 knew that it could run said applications? It sure as hell couldn't without a lot of problems.
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I really detest people and webpages which uses the famous open multiple windows, and all you can do is sit there and push a button and open more windows until your computer goes belly up. It is NOT funny or great entertainment or clever website content. Personally I rank it up there with DOS (Denial of Service) attacks. Boneheads.....
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Monday, January 15

It is not about what you do but who you know and what that makes you.
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At least I'm feeling better today, but I still need to catch a whole lot more sleep.
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Yes I know I'm slower than everyone else, but I haven't ben feeling well lately so that's why it doesn't come up until now. I'll let you who know what I really look like be the judge of this one. :) The feature which come closest is probably the hair. Everything else is far from the truth, but I wish.
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After having looked high and low for a very long time (read couple of years) I finally found the first album by Beverl(e)y Craven. I've only ever heard one song from that album "Promise Me", but that song is worth the money and who knows rest of it might be good too :) Of course the album was sold out here in the US so I had to find a UK supplier who were willing to ship to us :) So now I'm waiting for that to happen. If everything goes well I should have it by the end of next week.
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Counting down the days until Hannibal shows. If it's anywhere near the book it's going to be scary as hell :)
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Sunday, January 14

*thinking* *thinking* *thinking* .............................. but nothing happens
Sara wrote on 10:37 PM - Link - Comments

*coughing lungs out yet again* bleagh
Sara wrote on 4:54 PM - Link - Comments

Look who is back. And it's looking good too. (*hint* Think bindi)
Sara wrote on 7:51 AM - Link - Comments

Darn it. Only a load of icy sleet and not very much at that. Hope it will be better later in the day and that I'm awake to see it.
Sara wrote on 3:52 AM - Link - Comments

Slowly close your eyes and feel the sleepiness flodding your mind like an ocean. Let yourself follow the waves, gently rocking back and forth..... Darn ain't helping one bit. Someone grab something hard and knock me out.
Sara wrote on 3:43 AM - Link - Comments

Friday, January 12

Ahhh the fragile, vulnerable artists mind....
Sara wrote on 10:50 AM - Link - Comments

Julie's Art Tips and Tutorials Blogging this one to have it on record for later investigation.
Sara wrote on 9:45 AM - Link - Comments

Petition to strengthen laws toward preventing and protecting against Domestic Violence Petition Please consider to sign this petition. Unfortunately I cannot personally do it because of the immigration thingie, but please take a look.
Sara wrote on 9:23 AM - Link - Comments

I love quiet mornings such as today when the kitties finally have settled down and everyone else is going about their business without the big crash, bang booms. Every morning should be like that, cos it gives me time to actually wake up before I have to preyend being able to make responsible decisions.
Sara wrote on 9:18 AM - Link - Comments

Thursday, January 11

If only it had snowed instead of raining.......
Sara wrote on 11:33 PM - Link - Comments

Not a good idea to try and handle family affairs long distance, but that's what I have to do right now.
Sara wrote on 5:31 PM - Link - Comments

Just talked to my mom and obviously she still haven't made a decision about whether or not she want to move and I don't really blame her. On the other hand it will mean a better feeling of security for her. There will be people close by if anything happens and she needs help. I still wish I could be there back home, helping her making that decision, but I can't.
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Wednesday, January 10

I might be a glutton for punishment or....Is it really a moot point trying to get Netscape (4.7x) to recognise margin values in CSS as well as font family?
Sara wrote on 6:33 PM - Link - Comments

MizKitty makes it look so easy.
Sara wrote on 8:41 AM - Link - Comments

Tuesday, January 9

Note to self: We do NOT have a shakertop on the currypowder. Hope hubby has a good stomac tonight ;P
Sara wrote on 11:45 PM - Link - Comments

It's going to be an interesting year "Health Insurence" wise this year. Bobs employer changed paperhandlers at the beginning of the year. His employer actually pays for the bills but have an insurence company to handle all the paper work. ANyway we were supposed to be able to keep the PCP's we've had the last couple of years, but upon reserching who was or wasn't working with the company that handles the paperwork now, we found out that none of our old doctors want to work with the new paper cruncher. I don't blame either one of those doctors because while researching "Aetna Health Insurance" we found out that they have a very nasty habbit of not paying the bills on time if at all. It was also quite interesting to see just how many class action lawsuits against Aetna there had been. It's going to be a very interesting year indeed.
Sara wrote on 9:44 PM - Link - Comments

You know it's kinda weird how being online can make people feel so lonely. I mean with so many other people being online too it shouldn't be too diffecult to actually get to know just a few. But maybe I'm just not good enough at doing it or maybe I'm just not interesting enough. I dare you.
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There are many things worth fighting for but the trick is to be sure that your beliefs are founded in Truth.
Thought A Day (c)1999, JAM
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Hopefully my galleries have found their final home. I don't know if I want to deal with much more moving the pages around and trying to find a place to host them.
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Monday, January 8

*sigh* I'm so very confused right now about what is or isn't going on with my mom. According to my brother my mom don't want to move etc, but when I talked with her she said she had accepted the offer. I hate this feeling of being so utterly helpless and only knowing half of going on back in Denmark. Would be nice if I could go back and get things straightned out, but no chance there.
Sara wrote on 10:28 PM - Link - Comments

I really could use some positive thoughts and energy (or whatever you believe in doing) for both my mother and myself. They are now going to move her to protected living, but not nursinghome. This will mean quite a difference in living conditions for my mom and I'm not quite sure she can manage it for very long. I, on the other hand, am far from ready to let her go yet. I'm expecting the worst :(
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I am not surprised at this new message from the Pyra people. But what is the goal and for how long are they going to ask for "donations"? After being around and reading various comments from Pyra folks as well as non Pyra folks I am not going to contribute until I'm sure I get something for the money.
Sara wrote on 8:12 AM - Link - Comments

Something just dawned on me. I could put those two pictures on an adult hosting site and then charge $9.95 or something like that a month for people to look at ass and tits, but somehow I don't think people looking for those kind of things would appreciate those two pictures at all.
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Sunday, January 7

This hosting plan is really all I need, but I also need the money for it which I don't and won't have for a while yet.
Sara wrote on 8:48 PM - Link - Comments

And so it happened yet again. Thought there would be no problems in hosting my galleries at Angelcities, but there is. Two pictures featuring poser figures in a bryce setting could be looked at as nude and as such I was asked to either censor them or remove them. Looks like I have to go househunting yet again.
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It is not fair. We haven't had one single flurry of snow for about a week. Everything is just grey in grey and very blegh. Colors and atmosphere which could send you back down to the pits of depression if it wasn't because you were already there. I'm hanging on to the edge tho. At least I'm trying.
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Pork Fat covered in Chocolate That's what I call misuse of chocolate. Ewwwww
Sara wrote on 9:13 AM - Link - Comments

Don't you just hate it when you can't get comfy in bed?
Sara wrote on 7:03 AM - Link - Comments

Personal Fit Patterns Wish I had a sewing machine, cos this would be the ideal solution for me.
Sara wrote on 3:19 AM - Link - Comments

I have the worst cramp at the lower right side of my back and I can't do a damn thing about it. Painkillers doesn't work, heathingpad doesn't work and the cramp is in such a place where I can't get the muchles to strech out like I normally would do if it was in my leg or foot. Hope it decides to go away after a good nights sleep, but right now it doesn't feel like it :( Ouch
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Saturday, January 6

Found the link to Bejeweled via Patti and it is more than just addicting.
Sara wrote on 7:19 PM - Link - Comments

Geesh what is it with spammers these days. For the last two weeks I've gotten so many copies of "Sex in a Bottle" or "Great Sex in a Bottle" all from different people. I don't want to have sex with a bottle. I prefer hubby in bed (or elsewhere), thankyouverymuch :)
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Friday, January 5

They finally got a new server and should be installing it right now. Good luck :)
Sara wrote on 10:06 PM - Link - Comments

Just had to change things around a little bit. Hope you like it :)
Sara wrote on 10:05 PM - Link - Comments

I knew it was too good to be true. The sh*t just crashed again.
Sara wrote on 7:50 PM - Link - Comments

I've changed the archiving frequency to once a month. I kinda like having the archive link list a little shorter than it was. Started to take up a lot f room. Maybe I need to redesign again. Wonder if I could make something that would take and put the archive links in a drop down box of some sort. Unfortunately I have no clue about coding and can barely get around with what is here now.
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Sh*t did someone kick the Blogger servers in the butt. They're flying right now.
Sara wrote on 7:23 PM - Link - Comments

Would love to help make Blogger faster and much more stable, but right now all funds have to be put into the immigration pot. But maybe next year around this time I'll be able to work and actually not be so dependent on Bob for money.
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Wow looks like it actually made it through this time. Just a shame I've lost so much good writing the last couple of days. :(
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I'm still here and I would have plenty to say if it wasn't because that either I cannot log into Blogger or if I manage to get in, it makes my browser crash and burn.
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Wednesday, January 3

It's not because I haven't had stuff to blog about the last couple of days, but Blogger is having problems and need their equipment upgraded. Read more about it on the front page.

In other news: I've finally come up with a layout for a seperate SMGD Galleries, but it's going to take a while to get everything moved around. Really would have liked to keep everything in the same place, but as I've mentioned earlier I'm running out of space so I have to move some things out on their own.
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Tuesday, January 2

I got a nice email from Linda Roeder ( Personal Webpages) this morning. She wanted to feature my personal pages, so obviously they cannot be too family unfriendly ;P Tank you Linda for the encouragement and honor.
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Monday, January 1

I should be used to it by now, but it obviously still comes as a surprise to me that shit happens. 2001 wasn't even 6 hours old before the first piece happened. Feels like it's going to be a long year.
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