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Processing power. I need more processing power, specially for fractal and 3d rendering. It's painfully slow right now.
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Friday, December 29

Ahhh what a joy of an almost empty inbox. Only have one mail sitting which needs my attention, but I need to think about my reply a little before I do it. Everything else have been replied to and moved off to be archived or deleted. If any of you feels I owe you a mail, please mail me because either I haven't got the mail or it got lost in the shuffle.
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Hubby finally made the fudge he's been talking about for the last 3 years and boy is it good. Very, very rich in taste, but so good. One of those kind of fudge you can only stand eating max 2 pieces at a time. Wonder how it would be with a little bit of added brandy. Am gonna find out next year :)
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This is very important. Go and donate a Mammogram for Free. And please help spread the word.
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Is the year 2000 not over yet?
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Thursday, December 28

Ack the cats are hyper active and are racing around like there is no tomorrow. Sure hope we can prevent them from trashing the house totally. :)
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Being discouraged will sabotage your goals. Be open and stay positive.

I wish that was as easy as it sounds, but I'll be damned if I cannot let myself get a little more dark in the mood every now and then. How will I be able to see what is good for me if I don't know what isn't good for me? I think, that sometmes you have to get to the buttom to be able to look up and get up.

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FUFM. Changing the feel of communication. This got to be a joke.
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New design on my personal space is done. Nothing fancy or outstanding, but a lot better than my previous look.
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New Design It looks good though I do miss the orange look.
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Ahhh they have promised snow for the next two days. I'm happy, but Bob is not. Wonder why? ;P
On another note, I finally came up with a design for the personal pages, so I'm working on getting everything moved over. Might take a little while but should be done by the end of the day since copy/paste is so handy when you do a redesign.
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Wednesday, December 27

Christmas come and gone, food eaten, hubby working. Just another row of ordinary days. Would be nice to be made feeling a little special every now and then.
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Monday, December 25

Link to "Up Personal" has changed. I decided against continuing having my page hosted at Xoom or NBCi or whatever they call themsleves these days aint much better, but then not a whole lot of people are visiting the personal pages anymore so probably doesn't make much of a difference. It's also in a badly need of a redesign, but that has to be later I think.
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Ahhh it turns out my page at Angelcities had been put on hold because I had used the big and scary F word on a page which have been live for months without any problems. Nitpicking.
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Hmm it appears that the security isn't as good as you could expect from a webhost such as Someone has been in messing with my site and if it is the one I think it is I'll say this... May she ROT in HELL. Now back to your regular Christmas schedule.
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Merry Christmas, Ględelig Jul :)
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Sunday, December 24

Someone sent this to me and it's Iowa alright :)


When it's Christmas time in Iowa
And the gentle breezes blow,
About 70 miles per hour
And it's 52 below.
You can tell you're in Iowa
'Cause the snow 's up to your butt
And you take a breath of Christmas air
And your nostril holes freeze shut.
The weather here is wonderful,
So guess I'll hang around;
I could never leave Iowa,
My feet are frozen to the ground
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