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Now I gotta cry. This world is a darker place. :(
Victor Borge, clown prince of classical music, dead at 91 - December 23, 2000
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Bryce Gallery First thing I've done in Bryce/Poser in a very long time. Kinda like the way the shadow of the woman turned out.
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From the intro I'm working on to the rewamp of my personal pages:

I have gotten quite a few questions about and reactions to why I'm so open about some personal matters and closed about other areas of my life offline as well as online. I believe I can be an example and inspiration with some of my personal stories and maybe let people know that it is possible to come out on the other side with a somewhat sane mind. It has also been, and continues to be, very therapeutic for me to write about my depression as well as the happenings surrounding the divorce between my mom and dad. I have managed to bring closure to some areas and realisation and acceptance to others.
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Friday, December 22

I'm in a terribly grouchy mood today. Probably better stay offline before I say something I'll regret for a long time after.
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Is Iowa really that far a drive?
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Christmas tree banning Wonder what is going to be next?
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Thursday, December 21

Don't really know why I'm here today, because I don't really have anything intelligent to say. I've been thinking about my mom a lot lately. Always happens when I've been on the phone with her. Everytime I talk with her it sounds like she is disappearing from the world a little bit more. I think they're trying to prepare her for the nursing home without actually telling her. Wish I could be there for her more than I'm able to from this side of the Atlantic. Somewhere in the back of my mind I know it won't be long for her, the day they move her to a permanent place at the nursing home. It would kill her being there and I'm afraid I will not manage to get a trip back to Denmark before it happens.
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Sinus headache. Ugh
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Wednesday, December 20

Ahhh Go figure
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I forgot to backup my cresendo plugin for both Netscape and IE when I reinstalled and now I cannot for the life of me remember which company that makes said plugin. Help?
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All play and no work today. Can't be much better :) Oh yeah almost forgot have a box of chocolate sent to me from a good friend which also needs some attention. hehe
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Who Would Buy That? Auction oddities from all over the web.
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Where do you find all those quotes?
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YAY :) Talked hubby into making a to die for fudge this weekend.
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I wish I had a webcam so I could show you all how pretty it look outside right now, but then most of you probably already know what it looks like outside with the snow coming down :)
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The point at which you think you have "it" all figured out is the most important point at which to remain open to surprises.
Thought A Day (c)1999, JAM
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Tuesday, December 19

Hate rollercoasters, the emotional kind that is.
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I'm so not looking forward to it this year :( Amazing how some can just drain you for what you used to like.
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Awwwww :)
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Excuse me, but which part of "No Solicitng" do you not understand?
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Everyone has a photographic memory. Some don't have film.
-- Dave Tyson Gentry
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*ugh* I'll never survive with just Linux and Gimp. Can't even make a f**** sphere the looks right, much less a straight line. Have been looking around for tutorials and I need something like "Gimp for absolute dummies".
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Monday, December 18

Way too long a nap :(
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Reputation is what you are in the light; character is what you are in the dark.
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Buckle Up!! :)
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ROFLMAO Specially the last two pictures.
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Pickled Tink
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YEEEEEEEHAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW SMG Design is back online, at least when I'm done uploading it :) :) :) :)
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I feel so naked without my graphics page online, but I will get it back online eventually :) Wouldn't surprise me that if I tried to reupload it to Tripod everything is ok.
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Sunday, December 17

We have this recipe for chocolate chip cookies in the family, from which the quality of all cookies and cooks are measured. I've been afraid of trying out this recipe even I've had since I got ot the US because of the high expatations. Well I braved myself today and made just 2 dozens of them and obviously I passed the cookie test with flying colors :) because hubby said that grandma would have been proud of me. This granma was the grandma and cook of the family from where the recipe came from, so I know a complment like that is worth a lot :)
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I do
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