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Sunday, December 31

New Year Resolutions for the Computer User.

I will try to figure out why I "really" need 12 e-mail addresses.
I will stop sending e-mail to my wife (husband). A phone call every now and then would be appreciated.
I resolve to work with neglected children -- my own.
I will answer my snail mail with the same enthusiasm with which I answer my e-mail.
I will stop sending e-mail, ICQ, Instant Messages and be on the phone at the same time with the same person.
I resolve to back up my 12GB hard drive daily...well, once a week...okay, monthly then...or maybe... at least once a year.
I will spend less than one hour a day on the Internet - This, of course, will be hard to estimate since I'm not a clock watcher.
I will stop checking my e-mail at 3:00 in the morning... 4:30 is much more practical since my friends overseas already had time to answer me by then.
When I hear a funny joke, I will not reply, "LOL... LOL!"
I will read the manual... just as soon as I can find it.
I will think of a password other than "password."
I resolve... I resolve to... I resolve to, uh... I resolve to, uh, get my, er... I resolve to, uh, get my, er, off-line work done, too!

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And so it happened again. My personal page which used to be hosted at, but which were in the process of being moved offsite, has yet again being doomed family unfriendly. I'm beginning to think this person has something against me personally.
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Yikes I just checked the space I have at Tripod for my graphics page. I only have about 10 MB left. That calls for yet another serious reorganising or I'll ru out of space in a week or two. Hmmm
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I really, really detest people who are trying to push their faith/beliefs down my throat against my will. Go away people and let me do my own thing.
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Saturday, December 30

Processing power. I need more processing power, specially for fractal and 3d rendering. It's painfully slow right now.
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Friday, December 29

Ahhh what a joy of an almost empty inbox. Only have one mail sitting which needs my attention, but I need to think about my reply a little before I do it. Everything else have been replied to and moved off to be archived or deleted. If any of you feels I owe you a mail, please mail me because either I haven't got the mail or it got lost in the shuffle.
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Hubby finally made the fudge he's been talking about for the last 3 years and boy is it good. Very, very rich in taste, but so good. One of those kind of fudge you can only stand eating max 2 pieces at a time. Wonder how it would be with a little bit of added brandy. Am gonna find out next year :)
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This is very important. Go and donate a Mammogram for Free. And please help spread the word.
Sara wrote on 6:27 PM - Link - Comments

Is the year 2000 not over yet?
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Thursday, December 28

Ack the cats are hyper active and are racing around like there is no tomorrow. Sure hope we can prevent them from trashing the house totally. :)
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Being discouraged will sabotage your goals. Be open and stay positive.

I wish that was as easy as it sounds, but I'll be damned if I cannot let myself get a little more dark in the mood every now and then. How will I be able to see what is good for me if I don't know what isn't good for me? I think, that sometmes you have to get to the buttom to be able to look up and get up.

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FUFM. Changing the feel of communication. This got to be a joke.
Sara wrote on 8:37 AM - Link - Comments

New design on my personal space is done. Nothing fancy or outstanding, but a lot better than my previous look.
Sara wrote on 8:30 AM - Link - Comments

New Design It looks good though I do miss the orange look.
Sara wrote on 6:26 AM - Link - Comments

Ahhh they have promised snow for the next two days. I'm happy, but Bob is not. Wonder why? ;P
On another note, I finally came up with a design for the personal pages, so I'm working on getting everything moved over. Might take a little while but should be done by the end of the day since copy/paste is so handy when you do a redesign.
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Wednesday, December 27

Christmas come and gone, food eaten, hubby working. Just another row of ordinary days. Would be nice to be made feeling a little special every now and then.
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Monday, December 25

Link to "Up Personal" has changed. I decided against continuing having my page hosted at Xoom or NBCi or whatever they call themsleves these days aint much better, but then not a whole lot of people are visiting the personal pages anymore so probably doesn't make much of a difference. It's also in a badly need of a redesign, but that has to be later I think.
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Ahhh it turns out my page at Angelcities had been put on hold because I had used the big and scary F word on a page which have been live for months without any problems. Nitpicking.
Sara wrote on 5:01 PM - Link - Comments

Hmm it appears that the security isn't as good as you could expect from a webhost such as Someone has been in messing with my site and if it is the one I think it is I'll say this... May she ROT in HELL. Now back to your regular Christmas schedule.
Sara wrote on 12:45 PM - Link - Comments

Merry Christmas, Ględelig Jul :)
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Sunday, December 24

Someone sent this to me and it's Iowa alright :)


When it's Christmas time in Iowa
And the gentle breezes blow,
About 70 miles per hour
And it's 52 below.
You can tell you're in Iowa
'Cause the snow 's up to your butt
And you take a breath of Christmas air
And your nostril holes freeze shut.
The weather here is wonderful,
So guess I'll hang around;
I could never leave Iowa,
My feet are frozen to the ground
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Saturday, December 23

Now I gotta cry. This world is a darker place. :(
Victor Borge, clown prince of classical music, dead at 91 - December 23, 2000
Sara wrote on 5:35 PM - Link - Comments

Bryce Gallery First thing I've done in Bryce/Poser in a very long time. Kinda like the way the shadow of the woman turned out.
Sara wrote on 8:37 AM - Link - Comments

From the intro I'm working on to the rewamp of my personal pages:

I have gotten quite a few questions about and reactions to why I'm so open about some personal matters and closed about other areas of my life offline as well as online. I believe I can be an example and inspiration with some of my personal stories and maybe let people know that it is possible to come out on the other side with a somewhat sane mind. It has also been, and continues to be, very therapeutic for me to write about my depression as well as the happenings surrounding the divorce between my mom and dad. I have managed to bring closure to some areas and realisation and acceptance to others.
Sara wrote on 3:00 AM - Link - Comments

Friday, December 22

I'm in a terribly grouchy mood today. Probably better stay offline before I say something I'll regret for a long time after.
Sara wrote on 1:28 PM - Link - Comments

Is Iowa really that far a drive?
Sara wrote on 1:26 PM - Link - Comments

Christmas tree banning Wonder what is going to be next?
Sara wrote on 1:44 AM - Link - Comments

Thursday, December 21

Don't really know why I'm here today, because I don't really have anything intelligent to say. I've been thinking about my mom a lot lately. Always happens when I've been on the phone with her. Everytime I talk with her it sounds like she is disappearing from the world a little bit more. I think they're trying to prepare her for the nursing home without actually telling her. Wish I could be there for her more than I'm able to from this side of the Atlantic. Somewhere in the back of my mind I know it won't be long for her, the day they move her to a permanent place at the nursing home. It would kill her being there and I'm afraid I will not manage to get a trip back to Denmark before it happens.
Sara wrote on 7:50 PM - Link - Comments

Sinus headache. Ugh
Sara wrote on 2:37 AM - Link - Comments

Wednesday, December 20

Ahhh Go figure
Sara wrote on 4:13 PM - Link - Comments

I forgot to backup my cresendo plugin for both Netscape and IE when I reinstalled and now I cannot for the life of me remember which company that makes said plugin. Help?
Sara wrote on 4:10 PM - Link - Comments

All play and no work today. Can't be much better :) Oh yeah almost forgot have a box of chocolate sent to me from a good friend which also needs some attention. hehe
Sara wrote on 4:08 PM - Link - Comments

Who Would Buy That? Auction oddities from all over the web.
Sara wrote on 3:53 PM - Link - Comments

Where do you find all those quotes?
Sara wrote on 3:44 PM - Link - Comments

YAY :) Talked hubby into making a to die for fudge this weekend.
Sara wrote on 3:29 PM - Link - Comments

I wish I had a webcam so I could show you all how pretty it look outside right now, but then most of you probably already know what it looks like outside with the snow coming down :)
Sara wrote on 3:23 PM - Link - Comments

The point at which you think you have "it" all figured out is the most important point at which to remain open to surprises.
Thought A Day (c)1999, JAM
Sara wrote on 3:21 PM - Link - Comments

Tuesday, December 19

Hate rollercoasters, the emotional kind that is.
Sara wrote on 10:56 PM - Link - Comments

I'm so not looking forward to it this year :( Amazing how some can just drain you for what you used to like.
Sara wrote on 10:48 PM - Link - Comments

Awwwww :)
Sara wrote on 9:40 PM - Link - Comments

Excuse me, but which part of "No Solicitng" do you not understand?
Sara wrote on 7:36 PM - Link - Comments

Everyone has a photographic memory. Some don't have film.
-- Dave Tyson Gentry
Sara wrote on 5:05 PM - Link - Comments

*ugh* I'll never survive with just Linux and Gimp. Can't even make a f**** sphere the looks right, much less a straight line. Have been looking around for tutorials and I need something like "Gimp for absolute dummies".
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Monday, December 18

Way too long a nap :(
Sara wrote on 11:04 PM - Link - Comments

Reputation is what you are in the light; character is what you are in the dark.
Sara wrote on 4:24 PM - Link - Comments

Buckle Up!! :)
Sara wrote on 1:21 PM - Link - Comments

ROFLMAO Specially the last two pictures.
Sara wrote on 1:10 PM - Link - Comments

Pickled Tink
Sara wrote on 10:16 AM - Link - Comments

YEEEEEEEHAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW SMG Design is back online, at least when I'm done uploading it :) :) :) :)
Sara wrote on 2:47 AM - Link - Comments

I feel so naked without my graphics page online, but I will get it back online eventually :) Wouldn't surprise me that if I tried to reupload it to Tripod everything is ok.
Sara wrote on 12:22 AM - Link - Comments

Sunday, December 17

We have this recipe for chocolate chip cookies in the family, from which the quality of all cookies and cooks are measured. I've been afraid of trying out this recipe even I've had since I got ot the US because of the high expatations. Well I braved myself today and made just 2 dozens of them and obviously I passed the cookie test with flying colors :) because hubby said that grandma would have been proud of me. This granma was the grandma and cook of the family from where the recipe came from, so I know a complment like that is worth a lot :)
Sara wrote on 4:59 PM - Link - Comments

I do
Sara wrote on 1:43 AM - Link - Comments

Saturday, December 16

I can log into the filemanager at Tripod and see my files. They're all there, listed by name and filesize etc, but for the life of me they don't want to load the files. And since Tripod have showed no intentions of helping me resolve the problem I thought it better to close the site down until I eventually find another host with room enough for the site to grow further than it is right now. :(
Sara wrote on 9:24 PM - Link - Comments

How can they cancel events at an "Ice Arena" just because the weather is on snow?!?!
Sara wrote on 9:23 AM - Link - Comments

Hmmm I might have an easier solution to my problems than I thought I had, but I'm not holding my breath just yet.
Sara wrote on 8:52 AM - Link - Comments

Ok obviously it works if I pull the pictures from an account I have on another server, but that is not optimal for either me or you. One word... Bandwidth
Sara wrote on 6:14 AM - Link - Comments

Friday, December 15

A little scary to think that something like this: Woman who fell out of plane identified can happen, but I guess so....
Sara wrote on 11:26 PM - Link - Comments

Am I the only one who is seeing just a purple/bluish background on this page and 4 broken images on the top left of this page? Please let me KNOW if you see or do NOT see broken images here. Also take a look at my Graphics Page and let me know if you see broken images all over the place there or see nothing unusual there. I cannot figure out if it's just me or not. And NO I still haven't heard a beep from Tripod. Sad there really isn't any free hosts left to try out :( DAMNIT!!!!!!!
Sara wrote on 10:35 PM - Link - Comments

Did I mention that this will also be the first time in 28 years there will be neither a christmastree or decorations of any kind? I wonder why I bother worrying about christmas dinner at all. Would probably fit DH well if we just got a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich or maybe even raman noodles. :(
Sara wrote on 9:28 PM - Link - Comments

I think I should rename to "Pityparty" instead. Seems more fitting these days.
Sara wrote on 8:49 PM - Link - Comments

What the fuck is wrong with Tripod? Nothing but the background and their stoooopid banner loads for me these days. And it's not better at my graphics page either which unfortunately also is hosted at tripod. Sent them a request for support a couple of days ago, but have heard nothing.

Some days or should I say most days I really wonder if it's worth all trouble trying to maintain a webpage or two. Unstable hosts, bad ftp connections for upload etc. Just don't know if it's worth it anymore.
Sara wrote on 4:25 PM - Link - Comments

So often I say I need to take a break, but the truth is that I don't have anything to take a break from or anywhere to take a break.
Sara wrote on 4:20 PM - Link - Comments

I knew it was too good to be true at least for now. Just hope I can keep people coming to where the sites are at right now.
Sara wrote on 2:25 PM - Link - Comments

Thursday, December 14

I just came to think about something I read in an online journal awhile back. The journal belonged to a young Danish woman who was in the US as an aupair to work and learn the language. Most of not all of her free time was used together with other aupairs, drinking and going to nightclubs. She seemed very surprised that her host families didn't approve much of this behaviour.

Honey you were hired to do a certain job for a certain amount of money. No wonder that you had to change host family a couple of times.
Sara wrote on 11:56 PM - Link - Comments

I am starting to feel a sense of panic in regards to christmas shopping and cooking and making lists for this and that. Bob and I have loosely talked about what we want to eat for christmas dinner, but we have yet to make any firm plans much less any shopping list. The gift giving thing is easily done since Bob doesn't really believe in the season and I have to ask for money from him, so all of this equals to zero gifts other than the traditional bouquet of flowers being sent to my mom. Yes it does make it so much easier not having to think about it, but I still like the tradition of going shopping and giving. Maybe when and if I ever get a working permit I can go shopping without having to ask Bob all the time.

I'm still feeling that sense of panic tho :)
Sara wrote on 8:13 PM - Link - Comments

Good Luck with the move. Hope the standards for the toilets are better at the new digs *g*
Sara wrote on 7:39 PM - Link - Comments

*crossing fingers* I might have found something which will work. Just need answers to a couple of questions and then have to present it for the better half to hear what he has to say :)

On another and completely different note... Is it scarey to like watching all the disaster type programs while cooking dinner? Some people seems to think so, but what do one do when they're showing at the same time? *scratching head*
Sara wrote on 7:35 PM - Link - Comments

I've been looking around for a possible solution to my webhost problem, but I've come to realise that having a paid host for my graphics site is almost impossible right now I'm not able to work. Almost every host I've been looking at have big red letters in their AUP's about hosting galleries, zip files and large amount of graphics files. All I really ned for a host is the ability to host these kind of files, 10 - 15 GB of bandwidth per month (not including uploads to the account if possible), 100 - 150 MB of server space and preferred a Unix/Linux host so I can experiment with scripting languages for those platforms.
Sara wrote on 4:40 PM - Link - Comments

How the heck do you know just much bandwidth you're going to need? And what is the use of offering 100MB+ of space if you don't provide the bandwidth to go with it? *sigh* it is all so confusing.
Sara wrote on 2:16 PM - Link - Comments

Gayle got your mail yesterday. I'll be looking into what PP has to offer.
Sara wrote on 12:56 PM - Link - Comments

bleah I'm just having two minor things to do today (dishes and dinner) but I feel more like hiding in bed. So tired
Sara wrote on 12:49 PM - Link - Comments

Anyone who is having a good suggestion for a good, reliable webhost who offers good bandwidth and space please MAIL me. Tripod is about to go belly up on me together with the other places where I'm hosting other parts of my site.
Sara wrote on 1:46 AM - Link - Comments

Wednesday, December 13

I already see the democrats running around like headless chickens yelling, "Oh No the new depression has begun* because NASDAQ dropped slightly by the announcement that Gore's recount commission had been ordered to stop all activity. What they fail to see or mention is, that said NASDAQ also have been dropping in the previous weeks with each new dirty trick that Gore and his team tried to pull. It's like the US have dropped off the end of the world just because it looks like Bush is becoming the next president. I have yet to hear any valid argumnets as to why he shouldn't. All I hear is that Bush is an Ass, a sleasebag and more like that. Yes his daddy have been president in the past, but to my knowledge that is not a disqualifying qualification according the the US Constitution. And frankly I don't think that eithr Bush or Gore will or would have managed to get anything significant done while in office becaus of this circus of an election. So why the scare...?
Sara wrote on 6:17 PM - Link - Comments

Not too far into the past, our "esteemed" leader, Monica's boyfriend, insisted that "if there was no penetration, there was no sex" seems like it should therefore follow: If the ballot is not penetrated, there is no vote.
Sara wrote on 9:40 AM - Link - Comments

Did you know that the Mocking Bird is the official state bird of Texas? Quite fitting these days :)
Sara wrote on 5:21 AM - Link - Comments

Tuesday, December 12

*Shaking Head* Wonder what will be next.
Sara wrote on 9:33 PM - Link - Comments

I just picked up the mail (We actually got it today) And there was a small package for me with a CD by Dixie Chicks (Wide Open Spaces). I have no idea who has sent it to me and why they have sent to me because there was no letter in the package. Just the CD and nothing else. And why Dixie Chicks? I have never to my knowledge expressed any interest in Dixie Chicks. I guess it could have been much worse like someone sent the last book by Al Gore *g*

Whoever sent this please fess up, so I know if I can actually pull the wrap off the CD and listen to it.

Sara wrote on 6:36 PM - Link - Comments

*sound of banging head against keyboard and annoyed screams sounding all over the net* AIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Sara wrote on 2:03 PM - Link - Comments

Wow we cannot look out the windown on one side of our apartment, because the snow has piled up so high :) Was nice with a real snowstorm for a change, but damn it was and still is cold.
Sara wrote on 1:39 PM - Link - Comments

Monday, December 11

Thank you Ann for saying this about the whole geek thing or movement.
Sara wrote on 9:01 PM - Link - Comments

It's a sad day for the graphics community and those just venturing out into the world of making their own graphics. 5 or 6 big tutorial sites closed their doors due to theft and blatant copyright violations. From now on you might be lucky to get some of those tuts on a pay for CD and others are lost for the net forever (Hopefully not). Damn you thieves.
Sara wrote on 8:29 PM - Link - Comments

Wow DH's employer has graciously applied snow policy for today which means if people can come it's great, if not they'll just get a temp layoff. So Bob is home today :)
Sara wrote on 2:07 PM - Link - Comments

Ahhh snow and lots of it. Looks like it'll continue all day long and into the night :) Just wish it wasn't so damn cold.
Sara wrote on 7:55 AM - Link - Comments

I'm trying so hard to make something out of this christmas for hubby and I, but it aches my heart knowing that my mom will be with others but family this year and that really makes it diffecult to make it all 100% the way both hubby and I want it. Maybe next year, or the year after or...... maybe never
Sara wrote on 2:41 AM - Link - Comments

Sunday, December 10

*sigh* This page should have had Tripods popup ads, but for some reason they're not compatible with the string I'm using to include the archive links. :( Wish I had a domain for the blog so I don't have to worry about ads or no ads.
Sara wrote on 11:17 PM - Link - Comments

Wondering if the archives will be included this time?
Sara wrote on 9:47 PM - Link - Comments

And now back to regular crunchness.
Sara wrote on 9:39 PM - Link - Comments

Crossing fingers for the new look to work from the go.
Sara wrote on 9:35 PM - Link - Comments

Grrrrr looks like there's problems somewhere online
Sara wrote on 8:38 PM - Link - Comments

Soup done and cookies are baked. *burp* :)
Sara wrote on 8:06 PM - Link - Comments

Do you know how long it takes to download a full CD-image of Linux (The Mandrake flavour)? Glad we didn't have to do it on anything less than DSL.
Sara wrote on 3:27 AM - Link - Comments

This orange look was something I just threw together when setting up the blog for the first time. It's ok, but I think I need to change it. I feel like it and I need more room to unfold my wings :)
Sara wrote on 2:51 AM - Link - Comments

Did I tell you that I finally decided on a new design?
Sara wrote on 2:41 AM - Link - Comments

So many blogs and journals, so little time. Lost time yet again and there is still more to read, people to get to know a little bit more. I think I'm addicted.
Sara wrote on 2:39 AM - Link - Comments

Saturday, December 9

Isn't this vote for Gore?!?!

Got it from my hubbys uncle Les. :)
Sara wrote on 11:01 PM - Link - Comments

This makes sense.
Sara wrote on 10:25 AM - Link - Comments

Can't you hear me crying?
Sara wrote on 2:12 AM - Link - Comments

Right now I feel like I'm loosing myself and noone's there to find me :(
Sara wrote on 2:11 AM - Link - Comments

Friday, December 8

Shit it's cold. Can't be as high as 16F as the clever weather heads says it is. Glad I don't have to go out until tomorrow. Wonder if Bob remembered to get his longjohns on today? Probably not but we'll deal with that when he comes home :)
Sara wrote on 8:03 PM - Link - Comments

I feel like a mashed potatoe.
Sara wrote on 6:41 PM - Link - Comments

*banging head against keyboard* I thought I had checked and double checked everything in both Netscape and IE, but then I take another look while redsigning and discover a big clusterfu*k in some of my sets. bah. Thank God it has been fixed now (I hope).
Sara wrote on 9:18 AM - Link - Comments

Am I the only one who is afraid to mix up Fractal with rectal?
Sara wrote on 5:36 AM - Link - Comments

I was sitting in a chatroom tonight and they were talking about how laughter is the best medicine if you have lost someone and how it's better than crying. But I got to think... Sometimes crying the tears are better because they soften the ground you have to walk in dealing with a loss.
Sara wrote on 1:11 AM - Link - Comments

Wednesday, December 6

All done and caught up with the different email accounts. Took me long enough, but at least I got some of them removed so I don't have as many next time (Yeah right).
Sara wrote on 11:15 PM - Link - Comments

I think the hardest thing was to realise that the education I spent 3 1/2 years working on, will never be the field I'm going to work within. Sometimes it feels a little bit like a waste of time, but on the other hand I've got some valuable tools and knowledge to take with me wherever I go in the future.
Sara wrote on 5:15 PM - Link - Comments

Tuesday, December 5

Ok I lied. I do need some input on the design/layout. Take a look here and tell me what you think. I kinda like it, but it's like something is missing and I don't know what it is. Please mail me and let me know what you think. Only the websets section is working right now.
Sara wrote on 3:47 PM - Link - Comments

Uhhh working on a new design for SMG Design but I dunno if I can manage to pull it off tho. Right now it seems to be too different from what I have ever done before, but I'm going to try. And nope, no sneakpeaks yet. Maybe after christmas.
Sara wrote on 1:21 PM - Link - Comments

Monday, December 4

Todays fluff goes to my DH, who worked all day yesterday to try and get a lousy Maxtor hd to work and then ended up getting me a Western Digital instead with more space.
Sara wrote on 3:07 PM - Link - Comments

I'm back and the comp is running so smoothly until I again get it cluttered up with more or less usefull junk :)
Sara wrote on 11:13 AM - Link - Comments

Sunday, December 3

You know something is wrong when: You cannot burn your homepages to a cd because it reports there's not enough memory.

Huh? Comeon. What's a couple of 1000 files between friends. And I need to get all of it off so I can get the new harddrive installed and get everything else reinstalled.
Sara wrote on 10:07 AM - Link - Comments

Friday, December 1

Now I'm envious!! Got a mail from my brother about the new computer he's building. 1 Ghz AMD Thunderbird, 256 MB RAM and a harddrive capacity on atleast 110 GB. Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme. Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine. Here I'm sitting with a PII 350, 64 Mb Ram and a 10 GB harddrive and stuggling to get room for everything and at the same time have some free working space. Me want.......
Sara wrote on 2:06 PM - Link - Comments

Why am I not participating in Day without WEBlogs ? and being a good little netizen like most other people are? Because I'm getting tired of all the causes that everyone is closing their pages down for. Why not just close the pages permanently instead? I mean one days it's one thing pages are being closed for and another day it's another thing. When are people starting to MAKE pages for the same causes to inform and educate people about said causes.
Today more than 400 weblogs have closed down to observe World Aids Day. 400 pages which could have been used to inform and educate people in the same amount of time these pages are sitting unused and dead for 24 hours. 400 pages which could have informed people about how to protect themselves. Maybe one person would have read one of those more than 400 weblogs and realised that there is something called AIDS but that it's simple to protect oneself against it. Maybe one of those 400 ages could have saved a life, a family, a future.....

I think we need to rethink the concept which, to my limited knowledge, was started by Greyday.

Maybe we need to think.....
Sara wrote on 10:25 AM - Link - Comments

Finally the snow is falling here in Iowa and it's not melting faster than anyone can say "Voter fraud in Florida". I'm a happy camper now and starting to get in the mood for the season :)
Sara wrote on 10:02 AM - Link - Comments

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