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Now I'm envious!! Got a mail from my brother about the new computer he's building. 1 Ghz AMD Thunderbird, 256 MB RAM and a harddrive capacity on atleast 110 GB. Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme. Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine. Here I'm sitting with a PII 350, 64 Mb Ram and a 10 GB harddrive and stuggling to get room for everything and at the same time have some free working space. Me want.......
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Why am I not participating in Day without WEBlogs ? and being a good little netizen like most other people are? Because I'm getting tired of all the causes that everyone is closing their pages down for. Why not just close the pages permanently instead? I mean one days it's one thing pages are being closed for and another day it's another thing. When are people starting to MAKE pages for the same causes to inform and educate people about said causes.
Today more than 400 weblogs have closed down to observe World Aids Day. 400 pages which could have been used to inform and educate people in the same amount of time these pages are sitting unused and dead for 24 hours. 400 pages which could have informed people about how to protect themselves. Maybe one person would have read one of those more than 400 weblogs and realised that there is something called AIDS but that it's simple to protect oneself against it. Maybe one of those 400 ages could have saved a life, a family, a future.....

I think we need to rethink the concept which, to my limited knowledge, was started by Greyday.

Maybe we need to think.....
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Finally the snow is falling here in Iowa and it's not melting faster than anyone can say "Voter fraud in Florida". I'm a happy camper now and starting to get in the mood for the season :)
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Thursday, November 30

Housework, housework and more housework. Anyone wanna do it for me while I take a nap?
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Tuesday, November 28

Big time mixed feelings here. Bob is thinking of taking the overtime he has been offered during the christmas holiday. The money is good and we could use them, but it also means that we won't be going anywhere or see the family this christmas. I don't know if I should look forward to spend the time alone with Bob, even he'll be working, or if I should dread not getting out of the house much during that time and maybe feel even more lonely during those days.
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Monday, November 27

Question of the day:

Does a brainfart come out your ears?
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Sunday, November 26

This is very weird. I was checking the counter for my personal page and someone had used babies born in motel room in largo, florida to search and my page came up as one of the results. HUH?
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I need to loose weight.
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*Sigh* Seems to be my poor luck that I cannot fall asleep tonight despite having been on an all day car ride through a couple of states.
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