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PersonalArchivesLinksHome Saturday, November 25
Finally home after a looooooooooong day on the road. Am tired and will write more tomorrow or when I'm able to make connected thoughts :)
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Wednesday, November 22

Dishes done, laundry done, dinner done. Anyone mind doing the packing while I get some sleep?
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Tuesday, November 21

Still need to do the dishes (ewwwwww) but at least the laundry is done. Just need to start packing stuff. Thank god we'll only be gone for a couple of days and don't need a whole lot. I'm so envious of the weather in Buffalo, NY and all the snow they've got the last couple of days. Guess I have to be patient and hope it'll come to Iowa too sometime.
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I watched Emergency Vets on the Animal Channal tonight and have been crying my eyes out since. There is something about dying animals (specially cats) that really touches the heartstrings in a mighty way.
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Last load's on, but now the dishes are waiting. I hate it.....
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Murton Library by Paul, age 10

What's it like now?

It's like you're sitting in your won house. They give you half an hour on the Internet. You are allowed to rent four or eight books at a time.

What will it be like in 2150?

I think it will have been knocked down because it is already thirty years old.

What will librarians be like in 2150?

I think that they will be dead because they are already in their twenties and forties.
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Geee sounds like the Demorats and Republicans forgot to invite the Libertarians over for the recounts. Oooops Do we have yet another recount in the air?
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Second load of laundry is on and only one to go :) But why do I always have to do it the day before we're leaving?
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You know your apartment complex isn't in the best shape when, you have to chop off big chuncks of ice before opening the windows.
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Monday, November 20

Sorry I'll go a dig a hole and burry myself so you don't have to see.....
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Sometimes I wonder why I even keep trying. Maybe because I cannot live without the hurt that used to be a big part of my life for so long.
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I was so excited about finding that link in my referrers yesterday and wanted to share with those I thought were my friends, but they surely showed who wasn't by plainly ignoring my news. :~( So much for finally having any news to share. Screw them.
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Sunday, November 19

Obviously someone is still reading my personal page. I didn't know about this one until I was going through my site counter and noticed that I've got a large number of hits from one site in particular. WOW I'm a little besides myself right now.
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Naughty or nice? I'm nice :)
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I am really living a very boring life. Get up in the morning, turn on the beast, do a little "housework", sends hubby off to work, waiting for hubby to get off work and finally go to bed when he is back home again. And the next day it happens all over again and the day after that etc. Every couple of weeks I'm actually lucky to get out of the house to go grocery shopping or if Bob and I go out for dinner.

You see I'm an immigrant to the US and while waiting for the whole process I can't do anything but playing a tourist and that is hard to do when you do not have independent transportation. Yes I could take another walk round the neighborhood, but I think they would call the cops on me if they saw me walking around the neighborhood one more time. No immigrants do not get pampered or get everything payed by the government. At least not all of us who just want to live a quiet life with our families and maybe hold a job to have some kind of independent feeling. But I cannot do that yet and I have no idea how many more years I have to wait. :(

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