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Knock, knock and knock some more. This aint working very well today. Grrrrrrrrr Looks like it doesn't work at all. :(
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"Hi. I'm calling to say that I accidentally punched in the wrong numbers in the lottery. I should've won."
Listener at KGO radio
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What is it gonna take to make either one of them accept the result even though it might not be in their favour? Are we going to see recounts of the recounts of the recounts etc? And no I do NOT believe the poll that CNN and Time released saying that 63% of the Americans wants the president to be elected by direct election. Imagine what will happen if we get a close race there too. Then they will not only have to make statewide recounts but nationwide recounts.
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Sorry about that.
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There is a great distance between said and done.
-- Puerto Rican Proverb
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Ooooooo now that's a nice new design. :)
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Somewhere I saw someone arguing that Gore should win the election, because it would be best for Europe and rest of the world. Scuse me, but that is a load of bull sh*t. The USA, the president (whoever it's going to be) and the military is not supposed to be the worlds saviour and peacekeeper. Maybe it would be a welcome change to get a president who isn't so fast to send the military around the world and do tasks which the military has never been supposed to do.

Read the constitution, there is no mandate there.

Maybe it would also be a wlecome change that the rest of the world try to deal with problems on their own instead of calling on the help of the US everytime someone farts and it becomes too smelly.
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Friday, November 10

There is nothing wrong about Orange. Some even say it's healthy for you.
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And I hate when I'm having an allnighter and then sleep through the day and not being there to send Bob of to work :(
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For some reason I'm feeling sad today. Not because of any particular thing, but just a general sadness which makes you want to curl up under a heavy blanket and let the rest of the world continue it's insane doings.
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I am SO proud of myself right now. I finally got it work the way I wanted it to. *Doing dance of joy* Don't ask me how I managed to do it, but it works and I'm not going to moose around with it again anytime soon. Only took me a day or so and I almost think I can hear the Halleluja Chorus blasting in the background. (Actually it's one of the kitties snoring)
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Crossing my fingers that it actually works.

And yes even Bob liked them too :)
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She's got a way with words.
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Thursday, November 9

Slamming heading into the wall. Argggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
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Puhhhh seems to be a lot of little adjustments which needs to be done here and there.
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They're still not done and the prgnosis says it won't be finished today either. This is going to go on and on and on and on forever and ever and ever, if you catch my drift. And now there's also talk about possible recounts in other states as well. Thank God it's not all stations which is covering the election. Funny enough a Danish newpaper called the US in general and Florida in particular, a Banana Republic and I could tend to agree with them.
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Ok I got the counter and now I think it's time to do the archive dance and see if I can make that work too. Again wish me luck.
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Counter, counter give me a counter. The net must be awful slow today or my connection is a total mess, but everything seems to be sooooo slow. Mail is not getting where it's supposed to, browser is crashing, Shadow insists of digging around the trashcan and distracting me from getting this set up and it's a freezing rain outside.
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Geeesh I've just been looking down the page and I sure have posted a lot of nonse throughout the day :) Ahh well I gotta do something to test it out and I'm sure more will be posted the next couple of days too.
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I think I finally have the basics down. Is starting to look a little bit like I want to to, but can't tell yet where it all ends up.
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Ok working with the archives and trying to get the links to look like everyone else have 'em.
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This is going to give me my first grey hairs if I haven't got them already. At least I'm getting there tho it's moving a little slow right now.
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Arggggggg Angelcities didn't work out for me. I'm now trying my old account at Xoom/NBCi, but right now it doesn't look much better? Why does it have to be so diffecult to do something which seems to be so simple? And it doesn't look like Xoom/NBCi have improved any since I left. Wonder if Tripod is going to work any better?
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Ok I am not going to try and publish this to my account at Angelcities instead of being hosted by Blogspot. Please wish me luck.
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This is going to be a long process, but at least it has begun and I'm on my way. Just wondering how people manage to find their way round and at the same time maintain all those really nifty layouts? Guess I just have to keep playing in the hope of finally getting it.
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Forgot to mention that I really like new toys such as those found here, and I'm waiting to start my new love affair when my long awaited :) is arriving.
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Ok so I'm trying to get the Blog to work this way round. But it would be nice if it would had done so a couple of days ago. Oh yeah don't forget to visit this place and this place to see what this is also about.
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