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Thursday, November 30

Housework, housework and more housework. Anyone wanna do it for me while I take a nap?
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Tuesday, November 28

Big time mixed feelings here. Bob is thinking of taking the overtime he has been offered during the christmas holiday. The money is good and we could use them, but it also means that we won't be going anywhere or see the family this christmas. I don't know if I should look forward to spend the time alone with Bob, even he'll be working, or if I should dread not getting out of the house much during that time and maybe feel even more lonely during those days.
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Monday, November 27

Question of the day:

Does a brainfart come out your ears?
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Sunday, November 26

This is very weird. I was checking the counter for my personal page and someone had used babies born in motel room in largo, florida to search and my page came up as one of the results. HUH?
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I need to loose weight.
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*Sigh* Seems to be my poor luck that I cannot fall asleep tonight despite having been on an all day car ride through a couple of states.
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Saturday, November 25

Finally home after a looooooooooong day on the road. Am tired and will write more tomorrow or when I'm able to make connected thoughts :)
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Wednesday, November 22

Dishes done, laundry done, dinner done. Anyone mind doing the packing while I get some sleep?
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Tuesday, November 21

Still need to do the dishes (ewwwwww) but at least the laundry is done. Just need to start packing stuff. Thank god we'll only be gone for a couple of days and don't need a whole lot. I'm so envious of the weather in Buffalo, NY and all the snow they've got the last couple of days. Guess I have to be patient and hope it'll come to Iowa too sometime.
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I watched Emergency Vets on the Animal Channal tonight and have been crying my eyes out since. There is something about dying animals (specially cats) that really touches the heartstrings in a mighty way.
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Last load's on, but now the dishes are waiting. I hate it.....
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Murton Library by Paul, age 10

What's it like now?

It's like you're sitting in your won house. They give you half an hour on the Internet. You are allowed to rent four or eight books at a time.

What will it be like in 2150?

I think it will have been knocked down because it is already thirty years old.

What will librarians be like in 2150?

I think that they will be dead because they are already in their twenties and forties.
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Geee sounds like the Demorats and Republicans forgot to invite the Libertarians over for the recounts. Oooops Do we have yet another recount in the air?
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Second load of laundry is on and only one to go :) But why do I always have to do it the day before we're leaving?
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You know your apartment complex isn't in the best shape when, you have to chop off big chuncks of ice before opening the windows.
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Monday, November 20

Sorry I'll go a dig a hole and burry myself so you don't have to see.....
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Sometimes I wonder why I even keep trying. Maybe because I cannot live without the hurt that used to be a big part of my life for so long.
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I was so excited about finding that link in my referrers yesterday and wanted to share with those I thought were my friends, but they surely showed who wasn't by plainly ignoring my news. :~( So much for finally having any news to share. Screw them.
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Sunday, November 19

Obviously someone is still reading my personal page. I didn't know about this one until I was going through my site counter and noticed that I've got a large number of hits from one site in particular. WOW I'm a little besides myself right now.
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Naughty or nice? I'm nice :)
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I am really living a very boring life. Get up in the morning, turn on the beast, do a little "housework", sends hubby off to work, waiting for hubby to get off work and finally go to bed when he is back home again. And the next day it happens all over again and the day after that etc. Every couple of weeks I'm actually lucky to get out of the house to go grocery shopping or if Bob and I go out for dinner.

You see I'm an immigrant to the US and while waiting for the whole process I can't do anything but playing a tourist and that is hard to do when you do not have independent transportation. Yes I could take another walk round the neighborhood, but I think they would call the cops on me if they saw me walking around the neighborhood one more time. No immigrants do not get pampered or get everything payed by the government. At least not all of us who just want to live a quiet life with our families and maybe hold a job to have some kind of independent feeling. But I cannot do that yet and I have no idea how many more years I have to wait. :(

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Saturday, November 18

Finally got my butt to the hairdresser today and now I almost feel like I'm bald. At least there's not a whole lot of hair left. Bob wanted to get his hair cut too, but he bailed out and said he needed the hair to keep his ears warm through the winter *g*
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Friday, November 17

And even more tick tack, tick tack while patiently waiting for the miracle of blog.
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Tick tack, tick tack, tick tact, tick tack
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Owieeeeeeee we got some more of the toys we had ordered earlier this week, so now we're almost ready to start building the server and try to get it online. Bob had also ordered some memory for the old, old 486 who only had something like 12 MB in it. We just wanted to get enough to give it 32 MB because that machine are on it's last days of life, but the company threw in an extra stick so it now are running with 64 MB. Nice company. And they give you an excellent service too and are very fast at handling orders. :)
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Fat cat survives 200-mile mystery tour This is just one reason of many not to let your cat outside. This one was lucky but many are not.
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When is she going to shut up?
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Now I know it. And it still don't want to post my stuff. Darn Blog stop for new signups and get working what you already have.
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hehe If I said I took the purity test at the same place where I took the bitch test and it came out as 57% pure I don't think a lot of people who know me would believe the result.

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I think Blogger is cursed.
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What the heck is wrong with Blogger this morning. Grrrrrrrrrrrr
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A few months ago I picked up a copy of the book "Hannibal" which is the sequel to "Silence of the Lambs". And for the first time I've never been able to read a book in one go like I normally do. This book is so filled of hints about what could and could not happen to Agent Starling while investigating the case of Doctor Lector. This is scaring the sh*t out of me and I cannot read more than a couple of pages at a time and specially not while I'm home alone. Still I cannot wait to see what they do about the movie. Hope they manage to catch some of that atmoshere.
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I woke up this morning thinking I was in the middle of a retake of the original version of "The Exosist" and I was playing Megan. The whole bed was shaking. It turned out that Shadow was just having a moment of impersonating the devil himself while trying to kill all the bedbugs under the blanket and playing race horse at the same time. Of course now that I'm out of the bed she's looking totally innocent while getting her sleep.
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Oil Shortage

There are a lot of folks who can't understand how we came to have an oil
shortage here in the USA. Well, there's a very simple answer ...
Nobody bothered to check the oil. We just didn't know we were getting low.
The reason for that is purely geographical. All the oil is in Texas, Oklahoma,
Alaska, etc.

All the dipsticks are in Washington, D.C.
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Thursday, November 16

Wonder what's up with Blogger today. Either things are slow or not working at all.
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Look out for pictures of the hairy critters :)
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If only it would stay on the ground this time instead of melting faster than a horse can run.
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I just found this blog. Please go and read. It's worth it.
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Wednesday, November 15

Whew disappeared for a moment, but is back now. I hope
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If money and distance wasn't a problem I would do all my furniture shopping here. Just got the catalog today and I'm drooling. I'm also kind of surprised to discover that they still have items they had when I was a kid and hardly could look over the top of the kitchen counter :)
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The two little critters have certainly perfected the art of staying in their carrier even if it's being turned upside down and there should be no way they should be able to stay inside. I don't know how they do but they did *g* I wonder if it has anything to do with them being at the vet for their booster shots?
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Tuesday, November 14

So weird watching a funeral online, but that is what I've been doing this morning, to pay the last respect to the Queen mother Ingrid of Denmark who passed away last week.
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Monday, November 13

I really need a new design here. Something much lighter and elegant than what is there right now. I don't know what I was thinking when putting it together. Anyone who's got an idea?
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Someone get their foot off the connection and let me through!
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How did it turn out for you?
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Child advocates blast Yahoo! I really hope they find a solution which can satisfy everyone and make it safe for kids online.
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Positives of the day:

Homecooked Chili.
Bob for working so hard to get all the parts together for the server.
Me for getting the connection up and running again. (Geekette in the works)
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Why is that when you finally get around to visit a site, which you've been putting off for a while, the site is down?
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Did I mention that we're having homecooked chili tonight?
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Bob is soon going to regret the day we got the first snow of the season. To see it live look right here. Winter really is my season. I don't care much about spring, summer or fall because my sinues always seems to be messed up, but give me winter and loads of snow and I'm a very happy camper :)
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I cannot wait to get the Linux server setup, then maybe we wont have as many problems as we have right now. Have two machines but only one can use the DSL line no matter what we do. Grrrrrrrrrrrr
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Sunday, November 12

My dishwasher is working. He is doing them as I write this *g*
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Krispy Kreme rocks. They've opened their first store here in my area and Bob and I just had to visit today. Yep they are as good as promised. I'm just happy I don't live across the street from them or within walking distance *g*
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Saturday, November 11

Knock, knock and knock some more. This aint working very well today. Grrrrrrrrr Looks like it doesn't work at all. :(
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"Hi. I'm calling to say that I accidentally punched in the wrong numbers in the lottery. I should've won."
Listener at KGO radio
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What is it gonna take to make either one of them accept the result even though it might not be in their favour? Are we going to see recounts of the recounts of the recounts etc? And no I do NOT believe the poll that CNN and Time released saying that 63% of the Americans wants the president to be elected by direct election. Imagine what will happen if we get a close race there too. Then they will not only have to make statewide recounts but nationwide recounts.
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Sorry about that.
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There is a great distance between said and done.
-- Puerto Rican Proverb
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Ooooooo now that's a nice new design. :)
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Somewhere I saw someone arguing that Gore should win the election, because it would be best for Europe and rest of the world. Scuse me, but that is a load of bull sh*t. The USA, the president (whoever it's going to be) and the military is not supposed to be the worlds saviour and peacekeeper. Maybe it would be a welcome change to get a president who isn't so fast to send the military around the world and do tasks which the military has never been supposed to do.

Read the constitution, there is no mandate there.

Maybe it would also be a wlecome change that the rest of the world try to deal with problems on their own instead of calling on the help of the US everytime someone farts and it becomes too smelly.
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Friday, November 10

There is nothing wrong about Orange. Some even say it's healthy for you.
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And I hate when I'm having an allnighter and then sleep through the day and not being there to send Bob of to work :(
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For some reason I'm feeling sad today. Not because of any particular thing, but just a general sadness which makes you want to curl up under a heavy blanket and let the rest of the world continue it's insane doings.
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I am SO proud of myself right now. I finally got it work the way I wanted it to. *Doing dance of joy* Don't ask me how I managed to do it, but it works and I'm not going to moose around with it again anytime soon. Only took me a day or so and I almost think I can hear the Halleluja Chorus blasting in the background. (Actually it's one of the kitties snoring)
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Crossing my fingers that it actually works.

And yes even Bob liked them too :)
Sara wrote on 6:16 AM - Link - Comments

She's got a way with words.
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Thursday, November 9

Slamming heading into the wall. Argggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
Sara wrote on 7:03 PM - Link - Comments

Puhhhh seems to be a lot of little adjustments which needs to be done here and there.
Sara wrote on 6:00 PM - Link - Comments

They're still not done and the prgnosis says it won't be finished today either. This is going to go on and on and on and on forever and ever and ever, if you catch my drift. And now there's also talk about possible recounts in other states as well. Thank God it's not all stations which is covering the election. Funny enough a Danish newpaper called the US in general and Florida in particular, a Banana Republic and I could tend to agree with them.
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Ok I got the counter and now I think it's time to do the archive dance and see if I can make that work too. Again wish me luck.
Sara wrote on 3:48 PM - Link - Comments

Counter, counter give me a counter. The net must be awful slow today or my connection is a total mess, but everything seems to be sooooo slow. Mail is not getting where it's supposed to, browser is crashing, Shadow insists of digging around the trashcan and distracting me from getting this set up and it's a freezing rain outside.
Sara wrote on 3:35 PM - Link - Comments

Geeesh I've just been looking down the page and I sure have posted a lot of nonse throughout the day :) Ahh well I gotta do something to test it out and I'm sure more will be posted the next couple of days too.
Sara wrote on 2:37 PM - Link - Comments

I think I finally have the basics down. Is starting to look a little bit like I want to to, but can't tell yet where it all ends up.
Sara wrote on 2:35 PM - Link - Comments

Ok working with the archives and trying to get the links to look like everyone else have 'em.
Sara wrote on 1:05 PM - Link - Comments

This is going to give me my first grey hairs if I haven't got them already. At least I'm getting there tho it's moving a little slow right now.
Sara wrote on 12:33 PM - Link - Comments

Arggggggg Angelcities didn't work out for me. I'm now trying my old account at Xoom/NBCi, but right now it doesn't look much better? Why does it have to be so diffecult to do something which seems to be so simple? And it doesn't look like Xoom/NBCi have improved any since I left. Wonder if Tripod is going to work any better?
Sara wrote on 11:20 AM - Link - Comments

Ok I am not going to try and publish this to my account at Angelcities instead of being hosted by Blogspot. Please wish me luck.
Sara wrote on 10:45 AM - Link - Comments

This is going to be a long process, but at least it has begun and I'm on my way. Just wondering how people manage to find their way round and at the same time maintain all those really nifty layouts? Guess I just have to keep playing in the hope of finally getting it.
Sara wrote on 8:03 AM - Link - Comments

Forgot to mention that I really like new toys such as those found here, and I'm waiting to start my new love affair when my long awaited :) is arriving.
Sara wrote on 7:37 AM - Link - Comments

Ok so I'm trying to get the Blog to work this way round. But it would be nice if it would had done so a couple of days ago. Oh yeah don't forget to visit this place and this place to see what this is also about.
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